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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Spiritual Idolatry

The following is transcribed from notes taken by a member of The Church of God Inc. during one of Ron Weinland's sermons a few weeks before the split that happened in February of 2000 and Weinland's later changing the dba name to Church of God - PKG. I found some of the statements ironic considering what happened in the weeks and years following. Disclaimer: these may not be exact verbatim quotes, but again were notes taken during the sermon.

You can speak what the truth of God is in doctrine, yet lie about what is true. True doctrine does not make you spiritually true because you can possess the truths of God and still be a false witness.

Too many today are lifting themselves up, kidding themselves that they are doing God's bidding, yet all the while denying the true evidence all around them. To lift ourselves above what is true and falsely esteem an organization, or a ministry, and its efforts while ignoring the truth, is the epitome of Laodicea.

Many brethren are going to be found guilty of working against God's will, not for it. They are not actually doing His work, but they believe they are. Lifting up our own efforts, as being God's, is idolatry. Stubbornly supporting things that are false and lifting up an organizations or a ministry that denies the true evidence is idolatry. Spiritual idolatry was the great sin, and sin separates us from God.

Idolatry is the result of pride. It is mixed with attitudes of haughtiness, complacency, apathy, lying and deceit. It results in blindness to the true will and purpose of God.

We are first and foremost the work of God, His first fruits. Any who deny this and seek to make God or His work something different is deep in idolatry.

Now is the time to flee idolatry! Now is the time to repent of pride. Have some organizations and brethren, who started out by helping others, now turned to spiritual idolatry all over again? Can one remain in such an environment and not become weaker? Or are you waiting for some big doctrinal change before being committed to flee again? Spiritual idolatry comes long before spiritual fornication. If you wait for a doctrinal change in order to justify yourself, you risk not being alert enough (instead of asleep), much less strong enough to resist it. Do you have a higher opinion of yourself?

Weinland used to publish a periodical called "Newswatch". A few months earlier, in the August-September 1999 issue, Weinland wrote:
You might believe that a decision to sever such a fellowship is easy to make. If your were confronted with this same decision on the issue of tithing, perhaps it might be an easy decision for you. But what about other false doctrines that are floating around the Church? What about other difficult choices that have to do with integrity, truthfulness, righteous financial stewardship, spiritual idolatry, or harsh rulership of a minister or an organization?

I couldn't resist bolding the parts I found particularly ironic. Ron changed the doctrine on the origin of Jesus Christ in 2005. Later he solicits funds from his congregation to "help others" by promoting his books of false prophecy. Then when his prophecies fail, he denies the evidence around him and convinces his followers to do the same.

I urge all to flee the spiritual idolatry of False Prophet Ronald Weinland.


Whisper said...

Irony indeed...

xHWA said...

Oh yeah, I've dealth with Weinland alright - that porta-potty slinging Christ peddler.

These words you point out are ironic indeed!
But it fits his overall pattern, and walks the Herbert Armstrong tradition like a seasoned pro. Lie, cheat, steal, say whatever you need to at the time to get whatever outcome you want.. then, when circumstances change, change your story and bury the past. If challenged, blame your followers or God.
He's got it down pat!

I hope he enjoys his plunder while it lasts. It's all he's got... and all he's ever going to have.

Kirrily said...

XHWA says it all.

I believed Ron, wholeheartedly. When the timelines changed, I gave him the benefit of the doubt - after he preached it was a 'test' and how would we respond.

I thought my doubt was weakness, I thought my doubt was caused by sin. I thought my doubt was caused by my not being close enough to God.

I thought my doubt was weakness, lack of faith - lack of belief.

Ron's sermons backed up the reasons for my doubt.

I gave myself a 'spiritual' kick up the butt, and continued with Ron.

Second timeline failed. I finally left.

Ron does blame those who leave. He turns everything around on his followers instead of ADMITTING TO HIMSELF THAT HE IS FALSE.

So terrible - evil.

As Dill Weed says - tick tock, his time runs short.

Vaughn said...

Looks like ron convicts himself and is left with no excuse.

He is a symptom of the disease that is Armstrongism.