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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where's Ronnie?

Yesterday morning was to have been False Prophet Ronald Weinland's 20 minutes of fame as he spoke at ideaCity. Since I have to work for a living and wouldn't have spent $99 for the streaming feed in any case, I don't know how he was received. Ron's promised post has not appeared on his blog. Maybe it will appear in the next two minutes after I publish.

What does the silence mean? Did Ron speak so eloquently and convincingly that he is counseling and baptizing hundreds of the audience members who were sufficiently well heeled to spend $4000 on admission? Or is he barricaded in his hotel room fending off scores of people repenting of having spent their money to hear him? Or is he attending the legendary parties mentioned in this press release? And dare I risk the wrath of the Spokesman Witness by wondering if he'll be partying tomorrow night after sundown (the sabbath)?

We'll just have to wait to see if he shows up at 3:30 PM Eastern time (or maybe later) on Saturday in Toronto to deliver his sermon and his version of events. Maybe Moses Znaimer will be so impressed with Ron that he'll give him free airtime on the religious TV channel he just purchased.

Or maybe the effects of the first 4 trumpets will suddenly come into effect so that we will not have another failed prophecy, the one on the last page of his book that states the United States will not be an independent nation within 6 months after the 2008 Fall season, which expires on Sunday morning.

Or maybe Ron's curse on me to die speedily from the inside will finally materialize and I won't know in any case. So much exciting stuff to happen in the next few days.


Dill Weed said...

Buyer's remorse

I'm thinking a lot of those people are squirming in their seats thinking *sheesh* it better get better than this.

Ron may interpret the weeping and wailing as the beginnning of a End Time revival.

Perhaps, Ron is belching fire out of a certain orifice.

I hope they have a loud clock so he can hear Tick Tock.

Dill Weed

Richard said...

A Google news search for "ideaCity" didn't bring up Ronald Weinland's name. So perhaps the "Armageddon forecaster" (as ideacityonline.com labels him) didn't say anything newsworthy.

Whisper said...

Ok, I don't get Ron's desire to be on a "intellectual" discussion forum if that forum is a closed arena. If there is no news about the spearkers and what they spoke about then why accept a speaking invitation if you are attempting to get your word out to the people?
Now as a private engagement amount fellow intellectuals (Rons a fellow?) this is all well and good but if the asperations are low of evangelizing the rather small amount of people whom are there then what is Ron gaining? The people there are bright bulbs, they are not gonna drop thier lives to join Rons doomsday cult me thinks? So where is the "gain" in all this for Ron if they are not going to spread the news of the discussions and goings-on as it where???

Mark said...

Just as the whole prophet/two witnesses thing was hatched for Ron to bring glory to himself, this speaking engagement is just another way to keep him in the spotlight. It strokes his ego.

Atrocious said...

Personally, I think this was just another "bigwig shindig" Ronnie wanted to go to simply to say he'd been there. Just like Armstrong going to different countries, speaking to heads of state (about nothing) just to say that he'd been there. And, it's another way to spend the money and call it "God's work". This "man" is a piece of work, he is.