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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Be Patient With God

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was on the road again yesterday, this time in the Phoenix area. As usual, Laura accompanied him. But so did his daughter Audra and son-in-law Chris. Additionally his elder Ralph Dowd from the Cincinnati area was there. Perhaps Weinland didn't want to give his own closing prayer again. With elder Don Edwards covering the opening prayer, Dowd was there to handle the closing. Probably Don got chewed out later because he failed to ask God to bless the Internet connection and there was a connection loss for several minutes during the middle of the sermon. I wonder if the travel expenses of all these extra people was paid for with the tithes and offerings of the False Profit's followers.

Next weekend is the not one, but two-day fast. Weinland cautioned his followers to be cautious about how they end the fast. Growing up in Armstrong's WCG, I was expected to fast on the Day of Atonement and other special occasions such as when HWA's wife Loma was dying because Herbie wouldn't take her to the doctor to get a simple bowel obstruction taken care of. Maybe if it had been a two-day fast she would still be alive despite this neglect. I never had to go a second day without food and water. A second day without water could be medically dangerous in my inexpert opinion, I hope none die or suffer permanent effects. But his caution on how to break the fast should be considered. I understand that some Nazi prison camp survivors died because their rescuers gave them too much food too quickly. After a period of fasting your stomach shrinks and delirium sets in. Dehydration should be taken care of first, drinking water or at most taking in a broth. Avoid temperatures and activities that make you sweat. Consider at least drinking water on the second day.

It will be interesting to see what message the Insane Liar comes up with next Saturday for his members to ponder on Sunday during their delirium from dehydration and lack of nutrition.

Ron mourned the recent loss of a new member in Australia. Congratulations to that Aussie for breaking free of this predatory false prophet. I hope he didn't give Weinland his life savings before he did.

Weinland's sermon topic continued from last week with the book of Esther. His main point seemed to be that Esther was "given great favor" as will Weinland's followers when the Germans take over the US during the 5th trumpet. Ron kept getting the actors in Esther's story mixed up, with the Silent Witness keeping him straight. God influenced King Xerxes to spare the Jews and it had nothing to do with Esther being a hot babe.

"W", a PKG ex-member who left back in April when he saw Ronnie backing off on prophecies, has broken radio silence to post the latest rumor on the Ironwolf forum and elsewhere on this blog. Back in the Spring "W" broke a rumor for a Plan B to be used just-in-case on the off chance that Ronnie's first timeline failed. Ron was to have a series of sermons explaining his failures, repent, and stop preaching, turning the COG-PKG over to Johnny Harrell and Wayne Matthews. But we all know how it really played out, with Weinland instead bringing out his 50th truth and his second timeline back in June. The latest rumor is that Weinland is using the fast to setup for a change to yet a third timeline later this year.

Could "W" be right this time? Possibly, but I think it will be awhile before being implemented. Weinland set up his second timeline to be more durable, by not sabotaging it with specific prophecies such as the 45-90 day "nukular" thing that he did to the first timeline. I think there will be a third timeline, but probably not for at least 6 months. At a minimum I expect his second timeline to last longer than two months into the 1260-day period as did the first timeline. But whether the third timeline is rolled out this year or the next, most of his followers will believe whatever lame excuse Weinland comes up with and continue to follow him. Perhaps Weinland puts out test ideas to see how they'll be accepted as he continually schemes to move past his prophetic failures, and "W" has only heard a couple of them.

Maybe Weinland's third timeline curse on me for my speedy death will have more efficacy than did those of the first two timelines. It's now 5 weeks since he cursed me and yet here I am still blogging about False Prophet Ronald Weinland.


Purple Hymnal said...

"Dehydration should be taken care of first, drinking water or at most taking in a broth."

Oh, that brings back those horrifying memories of that godawful lentil soup!!! I think every wife in the church had a copy of that "macrobiotic" recipe. Ugh ugh yuk bleeeeech.

If you're not lactose-intolerant the way I am, most kids were given half a glass of milk to break their fast. (Certainly not a two-day one, 24 hours with nothing by mouth was bad enough.) Milk being touted as "a whole food" and all that.

Dunno if I agree with that part of the schtick, but when I got older, I found that drinking a glass of (goat's) milk really did help settle the stomach, prior to eating.

By the time dairy producers started making lactose-free milk available, I had happily long since stopped fasting.

Anonymous said...

I think the fast is merely The False Prophet's way to control his followers and see how far they will actually go. No COG, that I can recall, has asked its members to fast for 48 hours. I also guarantee you that The False Prophet will find a reason to excuse himself from the fast.
How long can you live without water? Maybe 7 days? He is asking his followers to kill themselves 30% (some may die anyway since I've also read 3 days).

The truth is that only those who truly believe his load of garbage will put themselves through a painful slow death. If they do this, then they are very likely to follow him into eternal damnation at a later time when his world implodes on him. (Jim Jones, Jim Jones, Jim Jones, Jim Jones, Jim Jones)

If any of his followers aren't familiar with Jim Jones, just Google his name. If your leader is insisting that you get yourself at least 30% closer to death next weekend, what will you NOT do for him. If anyone dies, this man, Ron Weinland, should be convicted of manslaughter in addition to the IRS laws he has probably broken.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that people could very well die next weekend because of this false prophet's pride and arrogance, not to mention his followers' ignorance and gullability.

Dill Weed said...


Lentils are good eating. I'm having some tonight spiced with cinamon and topped with coconut curried chicken. MMMM

Dill Weed

jack635 said...

It's now 5 weeks since he cursed me

It's obvious the die speedily from the inside curse didn't work. Ron will have to come up with a new one. Isn't pronouncing curses on others witchcraft, sorcery, or something out of the satan worshippers bible?

Anonymous said...

You know, the football coach in Kentucky is charged with negligent homicide in the death of one of his players who died of heat stroke. Weinland better watch out that no one dies as a result of his mandatory 2-day fast.