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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Things to Happen Fast

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke today in Cincinnati. But for the next three weekends he will be out of town, to Los Angeles, then Columbia MO, and finally Phoenix.

Starting in February, his followers are no longer required to turn in second tithe but are permitted to keep it for themselves. That does not mean that this money is out of Weinland's grasp -- he could just demand that it be sent in at any time. Maybe even be sent in to a different location, like Germany.

The False Prophet mentioned the possibility that it could be a year and a half before the Second Trumpet blows (but the Thunders would have to get very powerful). He speedily said "We backed off on some time here ....". He asked if their pride would be injured, if they would be embarrassed to those whom they've warned of the Great Tribulation. He said they should be petitioning for a delay.

Let's review this. Last June the False Prophet said he was changing the timeline but his book was still correct. The book says that the first five trumpets will deal their effect on the US by June 21, less than 6 months from now. Then last week Weinland says that the book has to change because the timeline changed. Now he says it could be up to 18 months for just the first two trumpets to sound. Hmmm. Let's see now. The second timeline was delayed by just under 8 months. The original under 6 months from the book plus under 8 months for the delay is under 14 months, but that's for 5 trumpets, compared to his new story of 18 months for only two trumpets. Now I don't have a math degree by Weinland. But I'm sure that he'll explain his new arithmetic throughout the coming sermons.

Today was a fast which had been announced last Saturday. Latitude was given as when exactly to take it. The Insane Liar claimed that he had already finished his fast and apologized for drinking water in front of them. But this was only a practice fast as the real fast is to be on the 31st of this month, AND the first day of February. That's right -- a 2-day fast, but only for able-bodied adults.

The point of the fast seems to become humble so they can ask for even more than a tithe of a third to be saved. Saved in duality, both spiritual and physical. Somewhat timely to the comment from "rj" who said that the fifth thunder prophecy failed so that the prophecy of the "tithe of the third" would not. Now members are to pray that a tithe of all, not just a tithe of one-third, be saved. The physical aspect is that 10% of the US survive the Great Tribulation, not just 3.33%. The spiritual aspect would be that 10% (not just 3.33%) of all those baptized into WCG as of Joseph Tkach's apostasy of Dec 17, 1994 be converted into COG-PKG.

Perhaps if the COG-PKG members fast often enough and long enough each time and petition God humbly enough, then even more than 10% of all can be spared the Great Tribulation. Conceivably even 100% -- think about it. Wouldn't that be a great blessing?
Brain on Ronald Weinland
Now 14 days since the Spokesman Witness cursed me to die speedily from the inside. Yet I'm still here mocking away.


Anonymous said...

Yep, the only way to keep his sinking ship afloat is to start pushing out the dates, something that Weinland adamantly said on record the he would NOT do. He scoffed at and mocked Ellen G. White for doing it. Now Ronald is doing it. Hard to understand how anyone can believe anything coming from this liars mouth.
Somehow I don't believe his "fasting for humility" is going to produce any for Ron Weinland.

Dennis said...

Ron's sermons are just talk full of I, we, me and enormous generalities. It "blows" his mind that anyone in God's true church could not get along. Obviously hasn't read the New Testament lately.

Anonymous said...

It's a sad thing to watch this man get sicker and sicker, more and more demented as his lies eat away his brain. He has no conscience as he sucks the life (what life they have left after following this vampire) out of his followers week after week. It's so obvious to those who haven't allowed his fangs to pierce their own common sense. So sad, so sad.

Anonymous said...

I have little desire to follow his nonsense for another year and a half. He's just going to continue more of his bait-and-switch tactics on his followers, ad nausem, like he said he wouldn't do. He obviously has no intentions of declaring himself a false prophet, now or ever. That will have to be left to others to do.
May he have a speedily slow quick end to his propheteering.

Byker Bob said...

Yes, in going over possible New Years' resolutions, one most definitely comes to mind: No more time in 2009 spent fussing over little Ronnie Weining Pussy. He sold himself a bit differently from your typical ACOG false prophet, in that he appeared to be establishing standards of accountability for himself as he went into this thing. Not that this made me believe him in any way, as Armstrongism has a 75 year failure record in the prophecy field. No valid prophecy is ever going to come out of the Armstrong movement!

But, now, he's cast all accountability standards aside, and is backpedalling, as do the rest of the franchisees of "O.G." (original gangsta) HWA, and Old School WCG. There is truly nothing there worth wasting time over.


Anonymous said...

Anybody who reviews history will see similarities with other false prophets down through history. It's a shame people don't research what they are believing!

If RW group fasts enough, the only thing they will receive is losing a few pounds.

Byker Bob said...

Agreed, Anonymous. If a sincere Christian wanted to fast at this point, I'd recommend that they aquire some of Jentezen Franklin's books. He's an advocate of fasting, but has a much more realistic focus on the topic.


Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Byker Bob:
While Aggie would probably have deleted your comment, I'll leave it stand. But I'm really do not want to promote religious exploiters, and am changing my comment guidelines to make that clear.

I define a religious exploiter as someone who does not contribute to our economy but rather is a drain on it. I recognize that you will take exception to that, and will allow from a brief perusal of Franklin's website that he probably is nowhere in the same league as Weinland.

If you'd like, I could send you a Google invitation and you could use it to set up your own blog on Blogspot. Just send me an email and I'll email the invitation back to you.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, a two-day fast? That might present a viable opportunity for family members of PKG members to make some calls to Childrens' Services, especially if (as in the original WCG of the 80s) children 10 and older are expected to fast as well.

Strange that Weinland should claim he ended his 24-hour fast in the middle of services, since a "traditional" WCG fast MUST (no exceptions) take place from sundown to sundown.

Maybe ILFPRW figures daylight savings time will be on his side, for a two-day fast? I don't think Childrens' Services would agree at all. Especially since a WCG fast entails nothing by mouth - not even water.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Let me correct a couple of points. ILFPRW did say that the second day of the fast was not for children. I've updated my post to make that point clear.

Also, he didn't necessarily end his fast in the middle of the sermon, he would have had water available from the start. Rather, I expect that his claim is that he accomplished it during the week.

Byker Bob said...

Thanks for the latitude and understanding, Mike. I'm not one of Franklin's people, don't send tithes or offerings to him, and am not evangelizing for him. It just occurred to me that some of the ACOG people are believers in fasting as a concept, but are only familiar with the Armstrongite teachings on this topic. In my mind, my suggestion was kind of like suggesting that someone look up a topic in the encyclopedia to gain more or different understanding of it. As a general principle, I know better than to evangelize for specific teachers on any of these sites. (or politicians, for that matter). People are better off finding their own solutions, because such solutions then have more meaning.

Thanks also for the suggestion on setting up my own blog. There are already so many blogs, though, and I don't have anything really unique to share that would justify a new blog.

For the new year, I've resolved to get back into some of the core activities that I enjoyed throughout my past, such as hiking and motorcycling. Forum and blog discussions over the past 7 years have been very educational to me, but I think they've taken me about as far as they're going to go. It's really been like graduate level studies, considering the incredible pool of knowledge which so many have shared.

Also, I have nothing bad to say about Aggie, in spite of the bans.


PoorRichard said...

RW's fast was originally scheduled for sundown, but sundown that day was changed in order to fool Satan.

jack635 said...

Something tells me the timeline will be changed again to mercifully allow more time for others to join the "work".

And Mike, that brain picture is on all the Canadian cigarette packages eh. Health Canada wants us to quit Weinland.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Weinland has nothing to fall back on (yet) financially and must keep his charade going until such time. You know he is socking money away somewhere knowing that his time is short as a minister and his predictions are an utter failure. Maybe Flurry will hire him. The seem to be cut from the same cloth.

xHWA said...

"But rather than accepting personal responsibility, elders and administrators are more willing to make excuses or criticize and condemn their own membership. Is it any wonder brethren seek elsewhere for nurture and care?"
Ron Weinland, "News Watch", p. 3, July 1998

"Is the purpose of fasting to seek God's blessings on something we have already decided for Him? ... We do not decide first what His will is and then seek His help to bless our decisions so we can get our way."
Ron Weinland, "News Watch", pp. 2-3, July 1998

Sounds like RW was kicked in the head pretty hard sometime in 1999. Cause what I read now and 10 years ago don't mesh well.