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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weinland's Flexible God Re-explained

During False Prophet Ronald Weinland's Last Great Day sermon less than three months ago, on October 21, he stated with great emphasis: "There will not be a Feast of Tabernacles held next year, not even half of one. Please hear that one." That was at about 1 hour and 35 minutes into the sermon file which is church website tucked away in the "Holy Days" subfolder on the Audio page.

During today's sermon, Weinland read from an update to the FAQ page topic about second tithe on his church website, which includes: "Beginning in February of 2009, all members have been asked to stop sending in any portion of their 2nd tithe in order to keep it for the observance of any of God's annual holy days that some or most may yet have the ability to observe. Since the revelation of the 50th Truth, the fulfillment of all things has moved forward by eight months. God has not revealed the specific timing or exact location for the actual fulfillment of the destruction that will result from the blowing of the Second, Third and Fourth Trumpets. How future events affect the ability to observe holy days is not now known, so we will seek to be as wisely prepared as we can be for any eventuality." I predict that there will be an organized assembly for the Feast of Tabernacles for PKG members this fall, after all.

Weinland repeated his guidelines for participating in his 2-day fast at the end of the month. It seems that he's concerned that someone may suffer medically and bring attention on the church. He added that children and young teens are not to participate at all, even for one day.

He also spent a good deal of the sermon re-explaining his point from last week's sermon about more than 10% of a third being saved, that the flexible God could increase that to 10% of each third, or 10% of a whole. Seems that some did not understand that. Well, I guess I've been listening to Ronnie too long because I understood that and put it down on last week's post. A few PKG members read my website, the rest should also read it.

It's now 4 full weeks since Weinland cursed me and yet I'm still not dead. This week I got an inquiry from Bob Thiel who blogs "Church of God News" asking if the curse was specific to me. I told him that no, it applied to him also.

It's now less than 64 hours until the inauguration of Barack Obama and the next failed Weinland Prophecy.


Anonymous said...

There's no stopping this guy, and that keeps his monthly income rolling in with money from his converts. He's gone from self-proclaimed prophet to false prophet to scam artist extrordanaire. He's a false prophet in full swing! And, just think, you get to blog about his extortions for the next 5 years or so!

angel said...

I agree,what would motivate him to stop? His people have bought excuse after excuse, apparently the Flavor Aid went down smooth.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

I agree that many will continue to follow Weinland through lie after lie despite contradiction after contradiction for year after year.

But I also think that a few are starting to question. And hopefully even more will also do so.

Jamey said...

"It's now 4 full weeks since Weinland cursed me and yet I'm still not dead."

Mike, have you been hungry sometime in the last 4 weeks? Sometimes I am so hungry it feels like I am going to die from the inside.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Yes, I have been hungry in the past 4 weeks. When I am, then I eat and the feeling goes away.

The curse wasn't that I'd feel like I was dying from the inside. The curse was that I'd actually die from the inside. And not slowly. Rather I would die speedily. I'm asking what Weinland means by "speedily". Should I be hit by a bus 20 years from now, he'd point to my death as a fulfillment of his prophecy.

Jamey, are you a PKG member? If so, then I imagine you have felt that way when you participated in the church-wide fast earlier this month. And you will feel even more like you are dying from the inside when you participate in the 2-day fast at the end of the month.

Anonymous said...

"It's now 4 full weeks since Weinland cursed me and yet I'm still not dead."

Well, given Weinland's track record for being a "profit" and not a "Prophet", then it can be assumed that you will probably live for a considerably longer period of time than Weinland desires or wishes, unless of course he uses some of those tithes to hire an assassin in order to provide you with a “speedy” death. His timeline keeps moving by the minute, next week, the 2nd Trumpet may be pushed back until January of 1212. Weinland stated that it could be up to a year for the 2nd Trumpet to sound (last week it was 2 years – make up your mind “Prophet Weinland”, even though the first Trumpet sounded on December 14 and Weinland supposedly received his "witless" powers. Oh, by the way, how are those 2 witness powers working out for you, Weinland? Have you figured them out and did your god give you an instruction manual on how those special powers work? Have you turned any water to blood in order to prove to yourself that you are indeed god’s special prophet? Oh, maybe that instruction manual is a bit to detailed and complicated and it will take you anywhere from one-to-two years in order to figure out how those powers work (damn – I hate when an instruction manual says that there is some assembly required, ah.ah.ah). According to the book of Revelation, you are suppose to have these special powers for the entire duration of the last 3 and one-half years, not the last year or when ever your god feels that you’re ready or deserving of such power.
Why do you need this 2 day fast coming at the end of January, if everything is going according to plan? Usually a fast has something to do with repentance, being humble and asking for forgiveness. Do you believe that you have sinned (or more importantly – your followers are living in sin) in the sight of your god and that is the reason for him to withhold these special witness powers? Do you honestly believe that a “group” fast will encourage your god to give you these “Powers” that you so desperately desire? Ronnie, I hope you will not be too disappointed when your petition is rejected.
Ronnie – don’t you get the feeling that you are the one who is doing all the work, praying, sermonizing, and fasting? It doesn’t look like your god of Abraham is coming to your rescue. I can understand that if you wagered everything and this venture does not pan out, than you are going to be crushed emotionally. Just look at all the time you have wasted! Better yet, you do not have total resolve like some of your followers. In your past sermon, it was quite obvious that one of your followers who was retired will have to go back to work in order to survive, because he donated all of his retirement savings. This is the unfortunate calamity – the ruined lives of those who have been misled.
Ronnie, do you still have your home? Why didn’t you sell it and throw all of that equity into your venture? If you had total resolve – you would have done it. Actually, if you had total resolve, then you should be close to bankruptcy, and it would be unfortunate, if you maxed out those credit lines and stiffed the banks. Weinland reasoning – were in the end-times and the dollar will be worth nothing, so it is justified to spend other people’s money without ever paying them back.
Tick Tock – Time is running out. Oh, that’s right, that was the title for a magazine that you published in the early 2000’s.

Purple Hymnal said...

"I told him that no, it applied to him also."

LOL! What was Bobboleh's reaction to that?!

Purple Hymnal said...

"I agree,what would motivate him to stop?"

The IRS sending him to Club Fed.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

To Anon 9:48:
From the details in your comment, you are quite familiar with Weinland. And I suspect that familiarity comes from a personal association.

It should have been apparent long ago that Weinland lacks total resolve. Immediately after he gave his "Total Resolve" sermon on the Last Great Day of 2007, Ron and Laura took off for an expensive Mediterranean cruise. If he needed to recover from 8 days of giving sermons, he could have done that just as easily in his Kentucky mansion while contacting a real estate agent to sell it.

As far as sending an assassin after me, I'm trying to figure out how he could make me die speedily from the inside. No matter, Weinland will spin it after the fact -- I died spiritually bla bla bla.

PH: Thielogical Bob had no reaction. I imagine he's just as frightened by the curse as I am.

rj said...


You said the Last Great Day sermon was removed from the church website, but it's still there. Just look under the heading 'sermons covering special topics', and click on God's Holy Days, and all of the sermons of the 2008 Feast of Tabernacles are there.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Thanks, RJ. I have corrected my post.

Stephanie said...

Anonymous ....Wow you obviously have a ton of pent-up something going on for RW.....And ya know??? He will have his day, not a very agreeable one, I'm sure...., at least I hope. This man (RW) is a terrible human being being, if that's what we should call him? The jury is out on that one. My understanding was he was supposed to be in Jeruselem the day after 12/14???? No???
So, members of the COG DO actually come here and read the blogs? Why? So RW can track what's being said? I suppose that has some credence.

Mike, Keep doing what you are doing! This man needs to be stopped!!!!!!!!

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Weinland has left a trail of followers along the way. Some left in 2000 when he made his power play to seize financial control. Others left when he declared that Jesus did not exist before being married to Mary. Others left when Ronnie announced that he was to be an end time witness.

Yes, Weinland's followers and even some of his elders read my blog. And I don't mind a bit.

Ronnie was in Jerusalem on Dec. 14th, after a tour of the pyramids of Egypt on the tithes and retirement savings of his followers. Please see It has rebegun




jack635 said...

"Ronnie was in Jerusalem on Dec. 14th, after a tour of the pyramids of Egypt on the tithes and retirement savings of his followers."

That's one of the reasons some of the formerly retired members of the COG package have to go back to work.
And regarding the members not sending in 2T, Did we really think Ron would let them keep their money? I remember hearing him add subtly and in a quiet tone "for later use".