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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weinland Fails Again, We're an Obamanation Now

I just checked a couple of news websites and they say that Barack Obama took the oath of office as our 44th president.

Back in December of 2007, False Prophet Ronald Weinland participated in a radio interview, and immediately claimed to be a prophet of God. Later in the interview when asked who would be the next president, he stated that "if we have the ability to elect someone, they will not take office…our country will be down the tubes by then". In the last few months he has backed off on that claiming that wasn't a prophecy. Hmm. When someone claims to be a prophet of God and then makes a prediction, sure sounds like a prophecy to me.

I didn't vote for Obama. But just like John Wayne I'll say that "he's my president and I hope he does a good job." While I have high hopes, I also have low expectations. And this has nothing to do with anything that Weinland says or what's in the book of Revelation.

It was one month ago today that Weinland cursed me to die speedily from the inside. And Thielogical Bob as well. Yet we're both alive and blogging away.


Richard said...

Yup, I saw him take the oath. I'm seeing the inaugural address now -- including that reference to the apostle Paul.

I prayed this morning that God would give Mr. Obama wisdom. I also prayed that God would convict Mr. Weinland, so he puts an end to all the foolishness he's brought on himself and the COG movement.

Anonymous said...


Recently I had the opportunity to purchase and read both of Mr. Weinland's books, The Prophesied End- Time and God's Final Witness. I watched hesitantly while remaining hopeful as I watched Barack Obama take the Oath of Office. I hesitantly awaited a potential gunman or gunmen take liberty to prevent the swearing in of our future incumbent. It did not happen!

As much as I took in all Mr. Weinland’s knowledge of the bible, prophecy, and his own personal belief's I wondered about this day and was very apprehensive that he may indeed be accurate in his prediction. I also have recently read and studied Revelations in the bible and have come to a much better understanding about what the "End Times" are about.

Despite what Mr. Weinland has predicted, I did learn much about the Holy Scripture from his books that I didn't know or understand beforehand. I am disappointed that his knowledge, wisdom and understanding have not been more accurate and in fact quite disturbing. It clearly has me wondering if his inspiration has come from an evil source through his own personal desire for advancement, prestige and or power.

Whatever the point and purpose from both of Mr. Weinland’s books it has spurned more of my own curiosity and desire to read and study the bible on a more regular daily basis; In fact I am currently taking a bible study course because of those books. Having said this I will thank Mr. Weinland for his two books which inspired and led me to the "real truth".... The Holy Biblical Scripture!

There obviously are many mysteries we just will not have a clear date and time for when these occurrence’s will take place; And I believe it is just as it is written in the biblical text that the time which we await will be clear for all who see the signs and know that that time which we await is ripe.

So in ending I want to say on a positive note God prevails in leading one potentially lost of His sheep to Him through the writings of Mr. Weinland. I believe that God often allows evil intent to bring home some of his sheep. I am but one.

MLT ( :

jack635 said...

"It clearly has me wondering if his inspiration has come from an evil source through his own personal desire for advancement, prestige and or power. "

If he is not a con artist making a profit, he has definitely been deceived by his "spirit world".

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Anon 2:25 Your statement was somewhat ambiguous as to what you were hoping for. I'm assuming you were hoping that Obama would NOT be assassinated. In any case it wouldn't have mattered because there are succession laws and someone would have taken office today to fail Weinland's prophecy.

Weinland's inspiration did indeed come from an evil source. Herbert Armstrong cobbled together a religion plagiarized from a number of others. Weinland idolizes Armstrong, and has expanded his theology based on a foundation of Armstrongism. However it appears that he has not copied other aspects of Armstrong, such as raping his own daughter. For more details, follow the link on the sidebar to the Painful Truth website.

Hopefully you will also not let others take advantage of you as Weinland would have.

Anonymous said...


Please allow me to clarify/rectify my initial response above.

I was NOT hoping for the assassination of Barack Obama. I am elated and overjoyed that he is indeed our President! We are BLESSED!

My apologies to you Mike and anyone else who viewed my response as ambiguous.


Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

MLT, no problem. I didn't really think that you were hoping Obama would be assassinated.

And glad you escaped Weinland's grasp.

Keep questioning. Question everything.

jack635 said...

"Weinland idolizes Armstrong"

I'm glad I am not the only one who thinks this way. If Ron was not agains idols there would be a statue of HWA up on stage during his sermons.

As for the trumpets, I saw and heard trumpets sounding today in Washington, but they had nothing to do with RW's prophecies. Unless you consider those trumpets were sounding another failed prophecy.

I hope Obama can live up to the words he has spoken to get into office. He is now the leader of the free world power.

Anonymous said...

MLT - nice to hear "one potentially lost of His sheep was led to Him through the writings of Mr. Weinland." Continue in your search for the truth and study of the scripture.

The aforementioned comment reminds me of a story I once heard about in class - It's the story of Pope Vigilius. It's believed that he had a hand in the deaths of the two popes which preceded him as part of a deal he had with the Empress Theodora. You might want to check it out. It's pretty interesting.

Peace be with you!


Anonymous said...

Usually you're really good at subtly twisting & distorting things but your comment on 1-20-09 at 6:48 pm about HWA raping his daughter was cruel. Repeating that lie is as ridiculous as repeating the lie that Jesus fathered a child with Mary Magdelin.
"And it will come to pass that they will love the lie more than the truth; even unto death.'

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Anon said: Usually you're really good at subtly twisting & distorting things but your comment on 1-20-09 at 6:48 pm about HWA raping his daughter was cruel.

We're both being too categorical here, both you and I. What I should have said was that unlike Armstrong, Weinland has not been accused of raping his daughter.

Because I don't know 100% for sure that Armstrong did this. At the same time, I don't know 100% for sure that Weinland hasn't. But also at the same time you equally do NOT know that it's a lie.

Before what I've just said is distorted into something I haven't said, let me say that while I believe that it's more likely than not that Armstrong is indeed guilty of this, I also believe that Weinland is NOT guilty of this. Unlike the Armstrongs (father and son), his personal failures do not appear to be gambling, whoring, drinking, etc. But his failures do include falsely prophesying and substituting lame excuses for keeping his word. Maybe also evading taxes, but can't say for sure until the IRS completes its investigation and he is convicted in a court of law.

As far as "twisting and distorting", the only case of that going on relative to Weinland is the twisting and distorting he does to reality and that needed by his followers to swallow his failures, contradictions, lame excuses, and broken promises.

As far as this being cruel, it can't be cruel to Armstrong since he's dead. If it's cruel to anyone, it's those who have illogically chosen to elevate this seriously flawed individual to the status of a biblical character.

RJ, if I've said something that's incorrect please feel free to point it out. I do want to be accurate in what I present here and appreciate your having pointed out the location of that sermon file. But if you're going to defend Weinland's failures, present a better case than Weinland has with his lame excuses.

Repeating that lie is as ridiculous as repeating the lie that Jesus fathered a child with Mary Magdelin.

I don't know what brought the possibility of Jesus having descendants into this discussion, I haven't mentioned it. I rather doubt the topic is even mentioned in a credible source, but am not interested in debating the topic. The fact that you point it out as an equivalent example is telling.

"And it will come to pass that they will love the lie more than the truth; even unto death.'

You haven't identified the source of this quote. I going to take this as implying that my death will result from this alleged lie. Speaking of death threats, when is my speedy death from the inside going to happen? It's now over a month since Weinland cursed me. Let's put a time frame on "speedily".

Anonymous said...

Weinland could still be correct.If Phil Berg-or one of the others-wins his case,the election will be null and void and Pelosi would be the President.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

No, it's too late for Weinland. As you describe, even if Obama is disqualified there would still be a president. And it wouldn't be Pelosi, it would be Biden.

angel said...

Not only that, but Weinland has denied having prophesied this so he shouldn't get any credit even if it DID happen. If he doesn't even know when he's prophesying and when he's not, he's even more lame than I thought.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon,
It is good that you have a new desire to read and study the bible. Just hold on to your money while you do it. Guys like RW....they want it.

JP said...

"Weinland could still be correct.If Phil Berg-or one of the others-wins his case,the election will be null and void and Pelosi would be the President."

No, Ron came up snake eyes - he said NO president would take office, period.

rj said...

You correctly assumed that anonymous 12;45 was rj

You irritate me when you bash Armstrong or Weinland with your fallacious accusations, and ridiculous innuendos [like the name of this site].

Yes; Ron Weinland was wrong in his interviews, but there are many examples of other servants of God being wrong. One example; Moses- when the Israelites badly needed water, Moses became filled with self-importance and he was goimg to give the Israelites water by stricking the rock with arod. But Moses was punished for taking the glory of providing water, instead of giving God the credit.

Perhaps Ron Weinland was filled with self-importance when he gave those interviews, and needed to be more humble.

Even though Moses was wrong, he still was the leader of physical Israel then, and even though Ron Weinland was wrong, he is still the leader of spiritual Israel now. I mostly believe this because I beleive in the 50 thruths as posted on the COG-PKG website.

Now and especially since dec 14, Ron Weinland and the Cog-pkg are greatly humbling themselves and turning to God in humility and prayer.

No,I don't think you are going to die because you repeated a lie about Armstrong, but I thought that the quote from Frank Lamply And it will come to pass that they will love the lie more than the truth; even unto death" applied to you because you are so set in your ways, against Armstrong or Weinland that you won't change no matter what, until after you die.

My prayer for you is that you will repent, if not in this life, then after you are resurrected. That is Ron Weinlands desire for you too. Your my fellow human being and I wish the best for you.

As for when you're going to die, eventually you will. Since time is relative, the adjectives, slow speedily or whenever will work, but not the adjective "never".

By the way, I am not a member of COG-PKG nor was I a member of WWCG. These are just some of my thoughts, if I was a member of COG-PKG, I wouldn't make comments in your blog.

I know you won't agree with me, you will probably ridicule what I wrote. Perhaps you will agree with this. The god of this world satan has done a masterful job of deceiving the world and causing massive confusion and pain.

PS Smoking, drinking to much and reading your blog are bad habits. I don't smoke or drink, but I need to stop reading your blog!

PSS Since you get satisfaction with people commenting and reading your blog, I'm not going to comment anymore and I'm going to wean myself of reading it too.

angel said...


Men like Moses may have acted wrongly at times, but none of God's prophets failed the test of a prophet. EVER. When godly men in the Bible sinned they repented, something Weinland failed to do when he presumptuously spoke for God.

Weinland is not fit to stand in their company.

Anonymous said...

What does Weinland do when he gets it wrong? Repent? No way. He blames God for the error! That really is all you need to know about this man. He thinks he is serving God. His special right hand man, a second messiah if you will.
If rj believes Weinland's "50 truths" but isn't a member of his church, that screams of out and out lunacy. Also, if you believe those "truths", then you will believe anything at all. Even if Weinland goes to jail, people will still follow him. There are plenty of examples of that in our modern time.

Richard said...

If Ron was not agains idols there would be a statue of HWA up on stage during his sermons.

Did you know a small bust of Herbert Armstrong was put up in the ground flood of Ambassador Aud. after he died? I was in Pasadena for the 1986 Feast, and saw it as I helped with daily vacuum duty.

I wonder if it's still there -- and if not, what happened to it.

jack635 said...

Pobably in Ron's living room beside his favourite chair.

angel said...

Doesn't Weinland teach that to be saved you have to, among other things, be a member of and pay tithes to, his church? I'm not sure if I remember that correctly.

Anonymous said...

rj most certainly was a member from what he/she said and how he/she said it. Much too serving of the church and defensive not to be.
This brings to mind two separtate issues with rj. 1)if this is a member, what is he/she doing looking at these types of web-sites? Is he/she fighting back some doubt? 2)if this rj was indeed a member then rj lied upon stating that he/she was not a member!

Anonymous said...

It amazes me when people can call themself(selves) prophets and then when their prophesies do not come true, they keep going on as if nothing is wrong. As if no one should question what they have said. God's own word says to do this! God says to test a prophet! It also says not to fear him if waht he says does not come true when it is in the name of the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Something that just came to me is this...
RW preaches that Mr. Tkach was the "Man of Sin"/"Son of Perdition"
My thinking now is (and I am not saying it is true-just making an assessment of the situation)
Could the "False Prophet" spoken of in Revelation be the one and same as the "Son of Perdition"? I ask this because if it is then keep in mind that though Mr. Tkach destroyed WWCOG, he never claimed to be a prophet. Only after that did people start popping up in the COG's claiming to be prophets. Only RW has come to the forefront unless I am mistaken - maybe some others have, I don't know for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hey all, W back to pass on a little bit of information to those I learned from The Church of God-PKG's baptized members. I cannot reveal my sources(unfortunately), but Ron Weinland will be changing his date for Jesus Christ return for a second time later this year. Ron is trying to use the new 10% of the whole one-third idea(check into church doctrine on one of web sites to understand what I mean)to explain that God will give mankind a little more time because God's church two day fast on January 31st and February 1st. This is specifically why Ron is focusing on this two day fast in this upcoming week. I can also confirm that there will be a feast of Tabernacles, but I do not know the location as of yet.

jack635 said...

Doesn't Weinland teach that to be saved you have to, among other things, be a member of and pay tithes to, his church? I'm not sure if I remember that correctly.

Yes and also in order to be baptised one must be 18 and tithing. You cannot be baptised without sending in a "cashiers check".

Also it does not surprise me that he is changing the date of Jesus's return. I commented that he would eventually say May 2012 is when the tribulation starts.

It will be another case of inserting his own understanding into the date. This is turning into the never ending story.

Anonymous said...

In one of RW's interviews, the man asked RW if the outcome could change if people started to repent. RW said no because this is just the time we are in (end of 6000 years for man)
This sounds like he is going back on that too and saying God is having mercy and letting things go longer because people are responding in a favorable way. He said that won't happen. He said this is just the time we are in and there is no way to change it.

Anonymous said...

"Only RW has come to the forefront unless I am mistaken - maybe some others have, I don't know for sure."

Spanky Meredith's been on the "three to five to ten years possibly" bandwagon ever since Living got off the ground from Global, for over a decade now. Bob Thiel, Meredith's Internet mouthpiece, holds fast to these predictions, rolling the timeline expertly, as time goes along. (I note that Thiel has allegedly been a member of Meredith's sect since at least 1996. His "ten to twelve years" is growing awfully short.)

William "The Holy Days According to Bill's Annual Trips to Jerusalem Paid For by the Tithe Slaves" Dankenbring is on the "penultimate generation" schtick that Herbie used successfully, from 1933 until 1986. Wacky Willie, mmmm, not so much.

Dave Pack is.....Well, I'm not sure what dates the Packatollah is setting/has set. He's too busy trying to run damage control, and get his members to start kicking it like it's 1953.

Weinland, as we all know, has switched from "2011 in Prophecy" to "2012 in Prophecy", a belief shared by not a few others in the wacky world of CoG-dom, thanks to that damned Mayan calendar.

UCG (United) is pretty much "holding fast" and partying like it's 1984......I would guess that means they have "penultimate generation" tattooed on their foreheads as well. Must be why the kids are leaving in droves.....Something about being a third generation member of "the penultimate generation" has just got to drive the cognitive dissonance off the scale.....

No one has any clue what David ("Look at my trophy wife!") Hulme is saying, and that's exactly the way he wants it.

I think that covers the major groups. That's not counting the multitude of others.

I think a few words from Mark are appropriate at this juncture, don't you?

Anonymous said...

"I cannot reveal my sources(unfortunately)"

Yeah, "w", and they'll be just as "accurate" as "plan B".

Between you and Tony Wilson, the church's disinformation leaks have been busted, pal.

Anonymous said...

I did not know that so many were out there on the "wagon". So much for the non-prophet organizations, right?
I was reading Mark chapter 13 and when you read Jesus' words of that chapter and compare it to our modern day, we are only at the point where Jesus called "the beginning of sorrows".
Also, the Julian Calendar has us at the year 5769 leaving 231 years left before we reach the end of the 6 thousand year timing that Ron is speaking of.
Even if you figure in the possible 169 year discrepancy that may exist(no one can be sure) it still leaves 62 years before these things can occur.
This discrepancy which is said to stem from the Ancient Jews not knowing the true meaning of the 490 years between the first and second destructions of the Temple. This is why NO ONE can possible know the day nor the hour since NO ONE but God can even know truly what year it really is!!!

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

"W" has responded to Purple Hymnal's point over on the Ironwolf Forum

Actually I consider W's scenario quite plausible, and had been speculating somewhat in that direction myself.

To the last Anon commenter, I do know what year this is: it's 2009 CE. And that's good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mike, I agree. It is 2009 and that is good enough for me too. I was merely speaking to all who want to try and throw a prophetic year as an end time. I know what year it is too. When speaking on terms of 6000 years of man? No one knows the real timing - this was my meaning.

Washtay said...

I am the anonymous who has been writing so much recently. I decided that if I am going to write so much I should take on an ID, eh?
In response to "W" and perple hymnal and that responce on Ironwolf...
That type of information would have had to originally come from an Elder of Ron's. I say this because I know that Ron would not give this to anyone lower than an Elder until it is given to the church - he doesn't work that way. If this is true then this indicates that there may be an Elder who is defecting soon. This is not unlikely because Ron made mention of some possible problems with "even elders" during the time of the last Elder's meeting.

Anonymous said...

Pelosi would be President.Obama and Biden's Electors would be disqualified.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

To Anon 10:17 PM:

I understood the point you clarified. I was making a statement about the general idea of prophetic years. And totally agree that no one knows what prophetic year it is.

To Anon 10:57 PM:

I doubt you are correct. Biden would have become President. Do you have a source for the presidential succession law that says differently?

Stephanie said...


I just logged on and saw all of the comments! My comment to you is: why are you blogging on here? Ah, you obviously are questioning your "leader"????? He would not be very happy about this, unless????
Personally, I think you should keep questioning. Your leader is ruining a lot of lives and using the Bible to do it!!

Anonymous said...

Could "r" of rj be Ron, and the "j" be a made up letter to throw people off? Could this be a phsycology stunt where it is thought that if the initials are so similar to rw that noone would believe it could really be him?