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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Other Weinland Blogs

Back in January of last year, Weinland Watch started up and was well trafficked. Aggie has decided to move on to other things and has stopped posting to it. However the blog is still up and is a valuable resource for Weinland history during the first few months of 2008 as well as earlier history from comments left there. I wish Aggie well on the next endeavor.

In the last few months a couple of other bloggers have picked up the slack left by other bloggers who've tired of Weinland's antics. Jack Said by Jack and The Prophet Who Failed by Dill Weed have a somewhat humorous take on Weinland. Just for the information of COG-PKG members and wannabees who make assumptions about the background of Weinland's critics, Jack does not have any past association with either Armstrongism or Weinland. Dill Weed does not have a past association either, but is interested in End Times. Despite this area of interest, he recognizes Ron as a False Prophet.

Another blog of interest Escaping Armstrongism. As you might surmise from the blog title, the author xHWA has a former association with Armstrongism. He left after reading sites such as the Painful Truth (which also hosts the Ambassador Report) and the Exit and Support Network. While the focus of his blog is Armstrongism in general, xHWA has occasionally mentioned his interaction with the False Prophet (before COG-PKG).

Escaping Armstrongism has a couple of recent posts which focus on Weinland and the topic of government and how Weinland changed his tune. About 10 years ago, Weinland paid lip service to the idea of "servant leadership", and also wrote some things which were pretty ironic considering that God had supposedly already made him a prophet in 1997. xHWA has some interesting quotes from Weinland's "News Watch" published intermittently from 1998 to 2002. Here's an additional quote to add to the collection.

"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they
are ravenous wolves" (Matthew 7:15, NKJ). These are God's words! He is talking
about the church! What has our history taught us? How many in the ministry have
already led away Christ's sheep? Is this process over? Are we to close our eyes and
simply believe God has now made all hearts right?
Ronald Weinland, "News Watch", May 1998

Recently, Weinland's position on church government is that good church members are to follow church government (Ron) even if it (he) is wrong. He often gives the example of Herbert W Armstrong's (HWA) change of Pentecost observance from Monday to Sunday. It seems that if someone had observed Pentecost on Sunday prior to HWA changing it from Monday they would have been sinning. And now he's assumed the same mantle as HWA. Weinland was an ordained minister under HWA, but I suspect that if you had asked him about Weinland the response would have been "Ron who???"

It's now 18 days since the Spokesman Witness exercised his renewed powers to pronounce a death curse on me. I still have not died speedily from the inside.


Anonymous said...

You know, all these blogs about Weinland still feed his ego. I think they are important, but for someone like Weinland who has such a distorted view of himself and reality, even negative press gives him a sense of importance. In many respects it validates his life and work right now.
Just my two cents.

xHWA said...

Thanks, Mike! Glad to help in the cause.

You're right, anon. It feeds his ego, and it gives him cannon fodder.
But everyone needs something in the old gizzard if we plan on projectile vomiting. And I'm glad to fill RW up so long as people recognize his verbal diarrhea for what it is when it shoots out of his face like always does.

I still don't feel comfortable with attacking him. I see what I posted as more of a public service than an attack. He said one thing vehemently 10 years ago. He says the direct opposite now. One of the two Weinlands was so completely dead wrong. Yet at both periods, he claimed he was right, he claimed he was working under inspiration, he claimed everyone else was wrong, etc. This is no different than with Armstrong. And I deeply feel people need to be made aware of that.

Dennis said...

"You know, all these blogs about Weinland still feed his ego. I think they are important, but for someone like Weinland who has such a distorted view of himself and reality, even negative press gives him a sense of importance. In many respects it validates his life and work right now."

It's a phenomenon of some types of mental illnesses or narcissistic perspectives I think. Stan Rader once said in my presence that he didn't care what anyone said about him, as long as they spelled his name right.

I never forgot that. It's a kind of person.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

I think that Anon is correct about these blogs feeding his ego. Since there are many sites critical of HWA, then having his own web critics puts him next to HWA in his own eyes. And I'll agree with that -- HWA was a false prophet too even though he didn't say "I am a Prophet of the God of Abraham" like Weinland did.

But my blog is not intended for or against Weinland's benefit. Its intent is to help keep some people from being sucked into the pit of Weinlandism.

Byker Bob said...

It's funny. I left WCG in 1975, and had never heard of Ron Weinland prior to his massive exposure on these blogs.

I'm glad the blogs are here, mind you, because I feel that they are probably a way of reaching at least some of the victims who don't even know that they are victims.

Given the concept of tithing, all a charlatan needs is about 100 followers to enjoy a $200,000/year income. That is enough to live fairly well, feign some sort of end time work, and become either notorious, or well known.


Stephanie said...

From one who got sucked in for a very short time; these blogs have helped me see who RW truly is. I think those of us that have listened to him where searching for something; an answer, if you will about our purpose here. RW speaks so well (easy to listen to) and quotes scripture and gives answers. I think that's how he continues to thrive. My heart goes out to those that still believe in him. How unhappy they have to be. I spent the better part of my day watching the world news and hearing nothing but how hateful our world is to each other. This only confirmed what RW was saying. But this is not new news. This world has been this way for centuries. My friend and Pastor (who my husband brought in for intervention form RW) said: We are all going to die, it's a given. All we can do is treat others with the love and respect that we would want in return.