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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weinland Sells Fear

Alexa compiles statistics on website traffic. Here is their estimate of the traffic history for Weinland's "the-end.com" website which he uses to promote his books.
Beginning in October of 2007, Weinland increased the budget for Google Adwords but then cut the budget in June, 2008 when he announced the failure of his first timeline. But shortly after the beginning of his second timeline on Sept 30, he again increased his ad budget.

The way that Google ads work is that when certain search terms or "keywords" are typed into the search engine, a sponsored link is presented and if someone clicks on the link their browser is referred to the advertiser's web site and Google bills the advertiser. I found a web site that tracks key words and here are the top 5 referring keywords to "the-end.com" since Weinland increased his Google ad budget.

Note that the top keyword is 2012. Small wonder, since Weinland is paying a high enough rate-per-click that the sponsored link is at the top of the ordinary hits from the search engine, as shown below. If he had bid a lower amount the sponsored link would have appeared to the right of the normal search results.

What is the significance of "2012"? A visit to the Wikipedia article on 2012 reveals a number of apocalyptic predictions not arising from anything biblical. For example, the Mayan calendar ends in December of 2012. Of the top 5 keywords that direct traffic to "the-end.com", the only one that's biblical is "antichrist". The other 4 of the top 5 keywords represent over 20% of the referred web traffic.

Weinland is falling behind in maintaining his shifting prophecies. In last Saturday's sermon he implied that the Fifth Trumpet which brings about America's downfall could be delayed by two years, yet his sponsored link states that it will happen this year.

Weinland is not trying to warn the world. His ad campaign is designed to target those with an apocalyptic mindset as described on Foresight of Hindsight. Weinland is marketing fear to those most likely to buy it.

It's now 25 days since the Spokesman Witness placed his death curse on me, yet still I haven't died speedily from the inside. It's also now only 6 days until the inauguration of the next president and the next Weinland failed prophecy.


Anonymous said...

It's nice seeing my mother's second tithe being put to good use.


Stephanie said...

Unfortunately, I was one of those doing a Google search in Sept....keyword, Nostradamus. Can't even begin to say why I did that...maybe the ecomony, our business was not doing well, whatever. I got "sucked in" (sucker), as some of the bloggers here like to say. I'm not even sure what to liken RW to. I think because he does read scripture and says (he thinks he knows) what the Bible is trying to say has a huge play on why he has followers. At least that was it for me.
I thank GOD that I have a great support system; thanks to my husband, my Pastor and Mike. It really, really bothers me that so many people out there are believing him! Had I not had my friends and loved ones there for me, I might still be listening to this false prophet.

Richard said...

What's the web site tracking the keywords? That might be helpful with some online things I do.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Richard, try this: compete

Anne said...

My husband gto sucked in nov of 2007. I would never believe this would happen and I fear he will never "come back".

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

November of 2007. That's when Weinland was beginning to throw lots of money into Google.

Anne, I'm sorry to hear what has happened to your family. I've dealt with Weinland's followers on this blog, and judging from that it must be extra difficult when it's someone you love. I hope Weinland's little empire unravels soon.