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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Could "W" Have Something There?

Ronald Weinland fortune cookieNormally when performing Google searches over the past several weeks, I've noticed that depending on the search terms a sponsored link for Weinland's book would show up. During wRonG's Jerusalem trip I would search the Jerusalem Post site to see if they took note of him, and no, nothing would show up except for a sponsored link for the False Prophet's book.

But now these actions do not show any sponsored links. Did wRonG forget to renew the contract? Or did he cancel an existing contract as soon as he returned to the 'States? Or was it planned all along? Does this somehow relate to "W"'s revelations?

Or could it be merely a symptom just for me as I start dying my slow painful death from the inside out? Stay tuned as we see what is revealed. After all, "It's a process".

Update: Must have been a temporary glitch, because I'm starting to see the sponsored links again. Guess the game isn't over yet.


Weinland Watch said...

J mentioned that the Google hits have decreased as well. Is this still the case?

Truth Seeker said...

Weinland probably times his trip last week to coincide with the Israeli military maneuvers. Those maneuvers were (supposedly) a dry-run for a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iranian nuclear installations. Some even thought they might be the strike itself....and maybe Ron as among them.

Yesterday, Israeli PM Olmert started talking a softer line against Iran. Now he's saying there is a lower level of threat as the international community is engaging with Iran over its nuclear program. He says the chances of success are good.

So what's that all about? Maybe the maneuvers went well and Israel is lying low. Maybe they went badly and Israel needs more time. Maybe other countries asked Israel if they were really stupid enough to launch a nuclear strike against Iran...and told them to back off. Maybe Israel knows Iran isn't building nukes at all...just power plants...and uses the Iranian threat for political purposes as and when it suits? Maybe the Bush Admnistration does the same thing. After all, Iran is trying to operate an oil Bourse (trading market) in Euros.....not US dollars. It that was allowed to become successful, t could undermine the status of the US dollar globally, but particularly in the oil trade. An excellent reason to try to isolate Iran.

The US elections are now only 6 months away. A magic threshold of sorts. Can't go into an important election with oil prices sky-high and the middle east glowing softly in the aftermath of a nuclear attack and any resulting conflict.

Peace should reign for the next six months.....unless George W bush really is an end-time nutter himself and sees the months ahead as his last best chance to end the world and make himself the new Messiah....bringer of Armageddon. I wouldn't put it past the man.

But Ron's hoped for war didn't happen. Poor Ron. But "Yippee" for everyone else on the face of the Earth.

Ekimks (Mike) said...

Our false prophet will seize on any event he can, such as the mild earthquake in Illinois. Never mind that it was well after the supposed opening of the 7th seal.

There will be a drought somewhere, and he will spin that into loss of 1/3 of all vegetation to match his prophecy of the First Trumpet. Will be kind of hard to spin nuclear explosions unless one actually happens somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Maybe RW just hadn't paid his 'google bill' yet, and was waiting on the special offerings from 1st Day of Unleavened Bread???

Can't help but wonder if the tithes being sent in have decreased resulting from the failure of end-time prophecies??

I know he's not getting any more of my hard earned dollars.

Weinland Watch said...

"I know he's not getting any more of my hard earned dollars."

Good for you! :-)