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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So Exactly What Time Does the End Begin?

Assuming the Israelis didn't figure out that yet another candidate for the Kfar Shaul Mental Hospital was coming and Ronald Weinland was allowed off the airplane in Israel, then he will start his job as one of the two witnesses and spokesman for both on Jerusalem time on the 17th.

But exactly what part of the day is that? Does the "17th" for Ronny begin on sunset the evening before, on the 16th? If so, sunset in Jerusalem is about 7:08 PM local time. Jerusalem is on daylight savings time or GMT +3 hours. Here in the US, we're also on DST. Eastern standard time is GMT -4 hours or 7 hours behind Jerusalem.

So the end could begin here in the US as soon as tomorrow afternoon, Wed the 16th at 12:08 PM EDT, 9:08 AM PDT. We demons who have been fulfilling prophecy by mocking him could start our fiery ends at that time. Unless Ronnie's powers don't work long distance or it actually has to be after sunset at our location.

But if Ronnie meant sundown on the 17th, we'll have another day. Perhaps by 11:59:59 PM on the 17th in Jerusalem (5 PM EDT / 2 PM PDT) we can breathe a bit easier.


Omaha SEO said...

A relative of mine received Ronnie's second book and mentioned his "prophecies" - after finding several of his interviews posted on the net, I was interested in who is bankrolling this guy. Intimidated followers and people who have not developed an unwaivering understanding of salvation by grace through faith alone.

I looked earnestly to find his message of salvation in his second book - it is buried at the end and is vague at best about maintaining unity of mind with God until He comes. No one has achieved this - not even Ron Weinland.

I spent time reading his book because if one of my relatives who is a believer came across him, no doubt others will/have too. I wanted to be educated.

Thank you for your blog and following these failed "prophecies."

Anonymous said...

hey... I just found your site after a very specific and unusual (for me) search.

My boyfriend has started listening to this crackpot's sermons, apparently, and I'm guessing not for entertainment purposes. His grandmother was a member of the church that PKG came from, and I get the impression that when she's not telling him about how him being gay makes Jesus cry she's scaring the shit out of him with this tripe...

So, basically, ARGH!

I'll be following your blog... keep it up.

Ekimks said...

Please check out the sites linked on the main page of this blog, if you haven't already. The Shadows of WCG blog has an excellent post a week or so old about more of the silent thunders, that prove Weinland to already be a false prophet. That is if your boyfriend is willing to listen to reason. Besides which I doubt Weinland will be any more tolerant than his grandmother.