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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ronald Weinland's Failed Prophecies: The Sixth Thunder

If Ronald Weinland does turn out to be one of the Two Witness and Spokesman for Both no less, then this may be my last post if he assumes his role and the associated powers at sundown Jerusalem time as I discussed in my previous post and takes the time to bring his wrath down on his demonic critics.

On page 109 of Ronald Weinland's book "2008—GOD’S FINAL WITNESS"
#6 The Sixth Thunder is the growing revelation of God’s end-time witnesses. That revelation is that I am the spokesman of God’s two end-time prophets—the spokesman of His two end-time witnesses. This thunder will grow louder as the events described in the previous thunders continue to unfold with ever increasing intensity, proving the validity of what has been written and that what I am saying is true. Radio and television interviews will become more the norm as curiosity, news, controversy, and fear increase in proportion to the growing intensity of these thunders.

This is quite false as evidenced on Weinland's own site which lists a number of radio interviews that Weinland has given, including a number that he gave in 2007 and one in 2008. Looking through the list shows these to be on different talk shows including some small christian radio stations. I've listened to a couple of recent interviews. The hosts did not exhibit any fear or discuss any knowledge of "thunders". It would be somewhat generous to characterize their attitude as curious. My impression was that they had Weinland on for the entertainment value, and that the "thunders" did not "roar loudly in the ears" of the host.

As far as television interview -- not a one. I'd think that if he had there'd be a copy on Youtube. A search of Youtube videos did turn up this recently submitted video discussion of Weinland.
Similarly a search of Google news turns up only one hit, and that doesn't look like an exhaustive and fearful interview with "Rev. Ronald Weinland".

Rumor has it that Weinland made it into Israel. My guess is that he'll rent a conference room at a Jerusalem hotel and send out a press release inviting the media to his press conference announcing the start of his job as one of the Two Witnesses and Spokesman for Both. Unless he's a bit more mysterious about the topic of his press conference none of the media will show. Except perhaps from the Kfar Shaul Newspaper. So then what will he do? Will he doff his sackcloth of humility, don actual sackcloth garments and head for the temple mount?

Ronny, there is one reporter who would like to ask you a few questions. Contact him here.

Update: April 16, 8:55 PM Jerusalem time. Well after sundown in Jerusalem, and back in the US I'm still alive, and there's still no word on Google news or CNN about any activity regarding Weinland. We'll just have to be patient and wait awhile longer.

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