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Friday, April 18, 2008

"I Never Said Most of the Things I Said"*

Our newly minted Witness and Spokesman for the Two Witnesses has posted the sermon for passover tonight, available as a download . I've just sampled pieces of it and came across the following at 1:20:30 (or 80:30) into the file. I've transcribed what Ronnie said mixed with what he really meant:

... so often things don't happen the way we think or read into a particular matter ....... We hear to a certain level --
ou didn't understand what I said before.
...reminds me of the sermon we're going to have this sabbath, that people hear to a certain level and people tend to read into it . .
I'll fix you tomorrow.
.. they just didn't understand, and that's the way it is even if we've been around the church for a long time, sometimes, and we continue on through faith and the confidence and boldness we have through faith ... sometimes when people are younger that battles a little harder, and a little more difficult ...
It doesn't matter whether or not you've been in the church a long time
....it's easy sometimes to read into things that people think they've heard and they don't understand ... god'll show and god will give in his full timing ... as he leads and guides and directs us ...
I'm about to revise prophecy.
.. if we keep focused as god's people and we remain close to god ... and we seek help to understand ... how god reveals and gives things to us, we'll have peace of mind ...
Don't upset yourself by trying to analyze things.
... even when others are around who mock and make fun of, even as they did Jesus Christ .... mocking him over and over again -
Jesus was mocked and so am I ... I'm just like Jesus !!!!
- they didn't know what they were doing, they didn't grasp it.

Oh yes we do. We know exactly what we're doing. You're not going to be able to play the shell game with us as you do with your gullible flock. And we'll continue to help you feel Jesus-like. Hasta Manana.

* (The title to the post is an appropriate quote from the great philosopher Yogi Berra.)

If anyone else cares to listen to the rest of it, please let me know if there's anything else along this line that I missed.

See my next post for some comments on Rotten Ronnies Saturday sermon with more of his antics.


Anonymous said...

At the end of the service, as was customary in WCG Passover services, a hymn was sung. For the first time I felt real FEAR when I realized Weinland was going to sing all four verses of "In thy Loving Kindness, Lord" all by himself! The second witness could have helped out! C'mon, helpmate!

Weinland Watch said...

Did he seriously sing In Thy Loving Kindness Lord all by himself?!

And I thought when he broke into an a capella "Your Cheating Heart" last week it was bad.

Was Witless even in key? How did he handle the high notes?!

I always hated that song. It represents milieu control at its worst. :-(

Ekimks (Mike) said...

Yes he did. All 4 verses no less. I don't remember this song, but then again I don't remember the purple song book. IIRC, it was gray when I was force to attend.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - I understand Passover is to be about Jesus Christ - doing in remembrance of Him - again it's about Ronald - who is 'pretty sensitive' about the mocking - it stings him - he is on the defence

Anonymous said...

Note the softer, gentler, tones in his voice this time around....

Weinland Watch said...

All four verses?!

Was he at least in tune?

Weinland Watch said...

Passover in WCG terms is at least supposed to play connect-the-dots between the OT and NT, i.e., the Judeo "paschal lamb" was a foreshadowing of the Christian crucifixion sacrifice of the christ figure in the NT.

Weinland is unitarian though, so that resulted in the weirdest pre-Passover sermon I have ever had the misfortune to sit through.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mike,
I have a question for the "believers in Ron".
Can you people honestly say you will leave PKG in 45-90 days if nothing happens?
I guess i have another questions.
Why do you pray for destruction to people? Do you honestly feel that is God's love.What about your families? You don't care. Don't you know God blessed you with your families so why would he want Ron as a prohet to take you away from them? Please get your heads out of the sand and open your eyes. You say you can hear but you can't think for yourselves or see a thing. Don't say i don't understand because i was one of you once.
By the way Mike. Ron says ya can't say crap,. that is a swear word.

I know you guys are sweet and some are smart, but when it comes to the church you really have your heads up Ron's butt.

How can you say things have happened, get real, please!!
Sorry mike, i had more than one question.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike didn't leave a nickname on my last comment. Pinky.
I forgot to add i think the members, maybe 75 percent are too scared to leave. I know for a FACT some of them do not believe everything Ron says. They only stay along to keep peace in there homes and pray the spouse won't leave with the kids. The 4 musketeers are causing confusion to families. I was always told Satan is confusion so there you have it, Ron is working with Satan. I stake my life on it.
Also the brethren are so close they couldn't imagine not being together. It would be devastating for them. What would they have? They are just plain scared. Pathetic isn't it. RON and wifey, I mock you both. You are false. You are evil.

Anonymous said...

Pinky again.
Another thing i thought of one summer 3 yeas ago (this summer) Ron ask if we were willing to give us all our money if he ask. I guess trying to ask our we that faithful to him. Right there i had this red flag go up. Didn't any of you think that was preparing for something?? Don't you think that was odd. I didn't read that in the Bible. 10 percent yes. But not what Ron wants.
OK mike you got me on a roll here. haha These things from he sermons are coming back as a nightmare. Well i guess you could call it a nightmare. I was in one.

People who are for Ron may say, "you are mean Pinky. You are hateful. blah blah blah. Before you judge me on that, you better think what he is doing by destroying God's children and the families God had given us...
So please spare me the crap of justifying what satan is doing.

Ekimks (Mike) said...

Pinky, would the "4 musketeers" be Weinland, Harrell, Matthews, and Wrozeck?

A couple of curious questions: How long have you been out? And are you still in contact with some of Weinland's flock?