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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Do You Yahoo?? No Salvation for You!!!

As I mentioned in my last post, I've noticed the sponsored links from Google searches for Weinland's website. In the screen capture below, the hit for "Endtime Ministries" and the Wikipedia entry are normal search results, and all the others are sponsored links. Google has been paid to place these sponsored links based on the particular word or words being searched. I believe that Google collects even more money if the link is followed. And I imagine the "headline" treatment with the sponsored link highlighted in yellow above the normal search results costs Weinland even more.

I tried out a few different search terms to see what would generate a sponsored link for the-end.com. Here are a few search terms that did: "herbert armstrong", "two witnesses" (headlined), "end time" (headlined), "revelation", "pope", "prophet", "prophecy", "armageddon", "bible", "jesus", "jesus christ", "christ", "god", "2008", "antichrist', "anti-christ", "mark of the beast", "great tribulation".

Some search terms that did not generate a sponsored link were
"sabbath", "tithe", "satan", "agape", "biblical truth".

IIRC, in the past "Ronald Weinland" would generate a sponsored link. I remember for sure that a search on the Jerusalem Post site would generate a sponsored link for the-end.com. Perhaps they've removed those words from the sponsored link campaign because he's discredited among those searching for him by name.

It's clear from these results what the False Prophet's target demographic: Armstrongites predisposed to this stuff, and those interested in Revelation and armageddon. And even if you do, if you use another search engine like Yahoo you won't be led to the truth (gag), because wRonG doesn't advertise there.

Can you think of any search terms I didn't try. Try them yourself, and please pass along the results. For now I leave you with this totally appropriate result.


Weinland Watch said...

Hm, looks like two of the sponsored links are for PCG and RCG; the rest are all PKG, all the time.

No more sponsored links under Rotten Ron's moniker? "Plan B" is looking ever more likely by the day.

J said...

It's funny, I attempted searches and did not get ONE response from any of the sponsored links at all, using Google! go figure!

Perhaps it is demographic?

Ekimks (Mike) said...

I'm a bit puzzled. I've heard there is some variability in Google results as they have different servers.

If you don't get the same results, try a different server, for example www.google.ca (instead of .com). Or www.google.co.uk.

Anonymous said...

Weinland pays nothing to have the ad shown. He only pays if someone clicks on it.

Anonymous said...


Ekimks (Mike) said...

I'm just curious: do you know that posting in all CAPITAL LETTERS is regarded as shouting on the Internet, and also regarded as rude?

Today's sermon was not a rerun. I have my suspicions as to why you said it was .... but just will say: get a clue.