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Sunday, April 27, 2008

"If you don't know where you are going, you will wind up somewhere else."*

* Words of wisdom from Yogi Berra.

WeinlandWatch and Shadows Of WCG have some excellent posts about the latest contradictions that False Prophet Ronald Weinland has put out. After a week of silence, he reappeared to give his normal sermon yesterday (albeit 5 minutes late) from Detroit.

WeinlandWatch and Shadows have more complete transcripts of the announcements Weinland gave yesterday on their blogs (thanks to one J for the recording and a second J for the transcription, and to WeinlandWatch for making it available for download). Please read it at their blogs. But I am repeating a few sentences below for my comments.

And I made comments in times past wouldn’t it be a wonderful blessing if we didn’t start out that way. (Referring to massive destruction.)… The longer it is until the fifth trumpet blows, which as everyone understands is when the ten nations come together in Europe, the more that’s postponed, the longer it is, in our thinking anyway, those things have already been mapped out long ago, it’s just that we don’t know what they are specifically, that the longer that is, the better it is.

WeinlandWatch has a post on his blog discussing a possible Plan B. This statement from the false prophet suggest to me that wRonG Weinland is setting his flock up for another delay. Together with his mention about the possibility that some will be able to observe the Feast of Tabernacles in the fall, somehow he’s trying to shift emphasis from the First and Second Trumpets past the Third and Fourth all the way to the Fifth Trumpet. I think he's going to spin this as long as he can, and that there is no Plan B.

WeinlandWatch and Shadows did not cover some interesting material from letters that Weinland read. Beginning around 19 minutes into the recording, reading from a letter from one of his new victims: “Every time people try to debate with me, it feels like my faith only becomes stronger. … as I watch the news, I wonder why people just can’t see it. …. I had to admit on Thursday I was waiting for something physical to happen as I watched the news, but what I didn’t realize until a little later on that day was that something was happening in a very powerful way It seems like people are worshipping the pope more than they are god.” (Ron: “Very insightful”) “… but I know the mocking will surely come to an end. ..ironic that the Catholic Church have warned people of the beast … and the number 666 on the forehead and the hands …

Expanding on my previous post about Weinland’s Sponsored Link campaign, “666” and “mark of the beast” are search terms for which Google will serve up a sponsored link. This is an indication of the demographic that Weinland is pursuing. And this letter demonstrates that’s the type he’s getting. The reason there are spammers is that there are enough idiots with email accounts who think the male enhancements promoted will really work, and Weinland is similarly successful because there are enough doomers on the Internet predisposed to accept his wacky message that he can catch a few fish even with a leaky net. He announced 40 recent baptisms.

From the letter “…. I love god’s plan and it’s so vivid and clear in my mind … I know people hate god because if I tell them about his plans, they will reject it… I just wanted to know if god has revealed to both witnesses the timing of the events that will occur regarding the death of 1/3 of all plant life, animals and tens of thousands of people in the first trumpet?

wRonG Weinland stops reading the letter and says (sneeringly) “ Nooo. (pauses) I don’t like this position a whole lot either, but it’s one we’ll all have to live with and deal with as we go through this first trumpet. The second one’s going to be very obvious …

From the letter: “Will the two witnesses make a television appearance at some point?

WRonG’s answer: “Don’t know when. Obviously will be later on.

On page 109 of “2008 God’s Final Witness” he had written: “Radio and television interviews will become more the norm as curiosity, news, controversy, and fear increase in proportion to the growing intensity of these thunders.” This was to have occurred in the context of the “Sixth Thunder of the Sixth Seal” prior to the opening of the Seventh Seal on March 18. Google searches do not turn up any mention of any television interviews. No copies of any appear on YouTube. If the “two witnesses” ever appear on television, it will be perhaps a 10 second mention in a program covering various kooks and crazies.

At about 28 minutes into the recording, the First Witness took time to address his critics:
I know there are some people out there today who are listening to me today that would like me to say some other things concerning last sabbath. I hate to disappoint you because some people are just looking for the wrong reasons, listening to the wrong reasons, I hope you enjoy this sermon today and you’ll enjoy the one next sabbath as well. (chuckles) Stay tuned. It’s amazing how people are stirred up out there…. It’s like vultures that come together … it’s like they want to come there to pick at … Why would they care? I’m not going out there and looking at different sites, and I don’t have one care or concern about what anybody out there says in any group. … some of the things I said specifically about those who are mockers and what was going to happen to them.
He goes on to imply that “other groups” are trying to get together and discuss things, and rejects them outright. Although one of the competing groups seems to be monitoring the situation, I am not personally aware that they are preaching sermons or otherwise campaigning, other than Bob Thiel who regularly blogs criticisms of Weinland but takes care to avoid mocking him. If he could be referring to someone besides those of us in the blogosphere, I'd like to hear about it.

So after a week with no prophesies from First Witness Weinland (or the Second Witness either), his only new revelation is that neither the First Trumpet nor the Second Trumpet will prevent getting together for Pentecost on June 8. He’s going to spin this as long he can. And who knows, maybe the donkey will learn to talk.

My prediction is that Weinland will, according to his words of March 29, show himself to be insane by not declaring himself to be a false prophet. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


Weinland Watch said...

Also listen closely to the first fifteen minutes of the sermon, with regards to those "forty" baptisms; if you add up the numbers Weinland gave, you only get thirty-four.

Either the Witless Wonder is really bad at math, he decided it would sound better rounded up, or there are six "spiritually" baptized members of the CoG-PKG walking around where none but those "with the eyes to see" can see them.

Ekimks (Mike) said...

Actually, I hate to say it but I think the figure of 40 is correct. He rattled off the count, so I typed the figures into Excel as I was preparing my post this morning and came up with the same amount.

Another possibility is that my brain is damaged from listening to him too much. :(

Weinland Watch said...

Yes I would entirely agree that too much Weinland can be toxic to one’s cerebral cortex! :-)

The numbers are indeed too high. I have to wonder why they have jumped, from thirteen the previous week, to forty this week?

Still, on a global scale, it’s a drop in the bucket. For those forty the church has gained, there is no telling how many people who’ve been with PKG for the seven years, will TRULY have “the ears to hear” the two audio clips above, and vote with their feet.

And lest we forget, as recently as four months ago, Weinland was predicting “millions and millions” to be baptized (which post has since been removed from his website conveniently). Forty = “millions and millions”? Not hardly.

DennisDiehl said...

Ron Weinland noted:

"It’s like vultures that come together … it’s like they want to come there to pick at … Why would they care? I’m not going out there and looking at different sites, and I don’t have one care or concern about what anybody out there says in any group."

It's quite normal for birds of prey to be attracted to dead stuff just lying there. Why waste good meat and not gain a little nourishment and wisdom from scarfing it up. It's what birds do! Besides, "Wherever the dead body is, there will the eagles come together." Matt 24:28

So Weinland Watch is not only Biblical, it's found in Matthew 24!

Ron cares nothing of what others think in very same way that Dave Pack doesn't care about numbers.

incredulous said...

I find it humorous that Weinland would say that he has no care or concern about what anybody out there says in any group. If that's the case, then why does he spend 75% of his sermon cursing his mockers? Why does he spend so much time talking about his critics?

And why do we care? We care because his insanity is affecting and infecting those "newly baptized members" who have been snared by his tangled web of lies and deceit. We know what is in store for them because we've been there. That's why we care. Why would we want to see them go through what we did? To do that would be insanity in itself.

Anonymous said...

I keep wondering about the comments about it being nice for destruction to be delayed as long as possible. Isn't that contradictory if God's plan calls for it? It gives me the suspicion that Weinland isn't waiting as eagerly as he once seemed for God's kingdom.

Incredulous said...

That's a coverup. It didn't happen so he's got to say SOMETHING.

Weinland Watch said...

It's 1975 all over again!