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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today is the Big Day

Update April 17, 8:55 PM Jerusalem time: Still no word from the two witlesses in Jerusalem. Meanwhile, the Shadows of WCG has a post about this morning's event with the pope -- no indication that Satan is working through the pope or otherwise influencing him. In fact J has an interesting comparison between Weinland and the pope. We return you now to your previously posted post.

Just woke up and looked over the web to see if anything "significant" happened. Shadows of WCG already has a post up -- nothing so far. The only thing I have to add is this article in the Jerusalem Post that shows a picture of the Temple Mount with police patrolling nearby. Just hope they'll be on the lookout for the Two Witnesses one of which is the Spokesman for Both, in addition to the expected Palestinian terrorists.

While Ron hasn't stated a schedule for the day, the pope has. So when will he be influenced powerfully? Will it be during the mass at National's Park between 9:30 AM and noon? Or will it be during the evening at the CUA or adjacent pope John Paul II Cultural Center? Will he be the one given special powers? Will those powers allow him to fly faster than a speeding bullet, leap tall buildings with a single bound, or exert more power than a locomotive?

And will Ronnie demonstrate his new powers, or will he just lie low at a hotel with an Internet connection until Saturday's sermon to his sheep?

The day isn't over yet -- there are about 3 1/2 hours to sundown in Jerusalem and even longer in the US. So let's keep our eyes open and try to see if we can guess what news item Ronnie will try to spin in to being the start of the first trumpet.


DennisDiehl said...

Well, according to RW's last interview, these are Trumpets that we can't hear just as the silence in heaven is not something we can experience here on earth. Does that silence in heaven still prove there are no women in heaven? oh well...

So don't be too sure that the destruction and carnage will actually be that which you can experience with the mind or the five senses. It could be "spiritual" and "secret"

Remember the Adventists, rather than say, "darn we flubbed Jesus coming back in 1844," transmuted it into a secret coming TO his people to be followed by an open one FOR his people.

Sheesh...all this stuff DID and WILL happen right on schedule...we humans just can't perceive it in the flesh. Anyone knows that if you are truly spirutually minded! :)

So look at the poor trees today. One third of them are spiritually dead and wilted. And a third of the fish are out have scales on their eyes..which is why they can't see where they are going!

Ekimks said...

I believe that some will go through the tribulation. Those of Ronnie's followers who cleaned out their 401k's and sent the proceeds to line his pockets. Those of his followers who will be evicted for stopping the rent or mortgage payments

Anonymous said...

I assume you saw RW's announcement of the Second Witness: http://www.ronaldweinland.com/

I also found this story about Earthquakes in the midwest this morning to be of interest: http://cbs2chicago.com/local/earthquake.downstate.illinois.2.702914.html

Ekimks said...

So we have an earthquake that happened after April 17th. Oh wait, it was still the 17th in Hawaii. But it was still after March 18th, when all of the thunders were to have sounded.

Any unusual earthquake activity in New Jersey this morning?

Anonymous said...

I am still scratching my head?

The delusional Weinland appointed (oops, I mean God appointed) his wife Laura as the second witness to be clothed in sackcloth and call fire down from Heaven?

What happened to the traditional WCG teaching that does not permit woman to preach? So, if I understand the wacko Weinland correctly, it's NOT OK for women to preach in Sabbath Services, but it IS OK for a woman to be one of the final two end time witneses as long as she sleeps with the other witness?

This is getting very weird. I hope nobody is forking over their 401Ks and IRAs to this scam artist.