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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The True Prophet, Ronnie: "It Doesn't Matter Anymore"

Here's the True Ronnie Prophet to entertain us demons with a little Buddy Holly tune while we wait for the False Prophet Ronnie or maybe even the Silent Witness to actually start their jobs and come up with a more exciting prophecy than we heard last Saturday. Or maybe a new curse on his mockers.

I thought the title of the song appropriate since it doesn't matter anymore, as the Seven Silent Thunders have already proven Weinland false.

Ronnie Prophet is a country and gospel singer from Canada, and lately Branson MO. Ronnie Prophet and the False Prophet Ronnie do have something in common: Walkin' in Jerusalem. Which in the case of the True Ronnie is the name of a song he's performed and in the case of the False Prophet all we have to go on is his word that he did it, and what's that worth? Answer: about the same as the grave markers for Rod Meredith, Gerald Flurry, David Pack, and two others whose deaths were predicted to precede the opening of the Seventh Seal on March 18th.

1 comment:

Weinland Watch said...

Ames and Ritenbaugh. Those were the other two. And I find it absolutely hilarious that ALL of the men "so named" by Witless Weinland, specifically made it a point to give publicly-available sermons over the Passover weekend.

You missed Ronnie! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!