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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Look's Like Ron's Going to Continue the Charade

A new set of posts appeared today on the blog of False Prophet Ronald Weinland: (my comments in [bold])

May 8, 2008 Laura and I are going to resume making Sabbath visits for as long as we are able to do so. Before the Passover season, it was not yet clear whether we would be able to continue this program, but now it is evident we will have some more time to make such visits. [Amazingly some people are still following wRONg despite the complete failures of his prophecies to this point (besides that mocking thing).] Generally we are not going to make such plans very far in advance for the U.S., and from time to time we may have to make last minute changes. [Ya never know -- the wheels could come off wRONg's delusions/con at any moment, so he'll have to see how long he can play the game.]
Over the coming months, planning visits to specific areas will become more difficult as destructive events strike in different locations. As we look to God to lead us in our planning, we are going to continue sending elders to locations where growing numbers of people are seeking baptism and fellowship with God’s Church. [So the false profit's Google Adwords campaign is still hooking a few suckers who may have 401(k) plans to plunder. Do the growing number of people being sucked into his fantasy exceed those who are coming to their senses and leaving? What is his turnover rate?] We are going to focus on serving those whom God is calling as long as we are able to accomplish such work. [If they're still paying tithes, he's going to cultivate them so they continue to produce.] and as we move forward through the Four Trumpets that will sound first, we will have to be very flexible in how this is accomplished. [He's continuing to move the emphasis to the Fifth Trumpet.]

As God reveals the work His two witnesses are to accomplish, we will keep you posted in as timely fashion as we are able. [After he reads today's headlines, he'll put something up on his blog if he can figure out how that darn Internet thingy works. Every 3 weeks or so that is, which is enough to fulfill the scripture that both witnesses prophesy daily] God has not yet revealed all that we are to accomplish or the areas in which such things will be done. [Gotta give him a chance. After all, ya can't read tomorrow's paper until tomorrow, right?] That will be a progressive revelation to His two end-time witness, whose job formally begins on April 17th.
May 10 Columbia, MO
May 17 Los Angeles, CA
May 31 Forsythe, GA
June 7 & 8 Orlando, FL
[The date and place at which Ron will not be true to his word.]

< /quoted nonsense with comments >

Interesting that his post was dated May 8 even though it was still the 7th throughout the US when I saw it.

So, surprise -- he's not ready to repent, and truly wear the sackcloth of humility. How long will it be before wRONg relents and admits he's a false prophet? How long before he let's his people go?

Probably in October of 2011 he'll still be grasping at straws. Christ's return will have been spiritual. And well before that we'll have spiritual "nukular" explosions in US cities.


Perplexed said...

When we tire of RW's mistaken calling, I'd like someone to research how it is that Randal Pack, son of Dave, has gone in two years from a complete understanding of his father's narcissism to an ordained minister under his father making big bucks.

Explain this to me. Is this payoff for silence and joining the family enterprize? I feel obligated not to share what I know but I know something changed.

Perplexed said...

Perhaps Ron can become a farting prophet on Youtube.


Perplexed said...

Sorry, too long youtube finder thingy....look up "farthing preachers) Tilton is the best

Ekimks (Mike) said...

I'm not interested in Ron becoming a farting preacher. I'd rather he became a greeter at Walmart, or got a job which includes the phrase "Would you like fries with that?" Or anything humble that does not involve messing with the heads of vulnerable people.

dnm said...

Mike, sorry you won't be able to see Ron as a greeter. He has too much money put away for that. ALOT!!!