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Monday, May 12, 2008

A Plague on the Internet Bedevils Ron Weinland

(Click here for a post on the following week's sermon including his explanation for the loss of the Internet feed.)

Ron was in Columbia, MO last Saturday (May 10) and was about 10 minutes late getting started. Apparently some of his flock had problems connecting to the Internet feed, but all of the demons who cared to listen had no problems connecting. It was rather funny listening to Weinland attempting to give technical support advice, he's no better at that than he is at providing accurate prophesies.

About an hour and forty minutes after he started the Internet feed was lost to demons and non-demons alike. That was particularly ironic because during the opening prayer God was asked to watch over the Internet hookup.

One piece of disturbing news was the recent baptism of 17 people. Apparently there are still some fish to be caught despite the failed prophecies. Also he claims that only three people have asked for refunds as he promised last week, all of them ex-members. Probably anyone who did would be an ex-member if they weren't before.

At one point the False Prophet yells at the "crazies" listening to him. He went on to characterize the "crazies" as disgruntled disfellowshipped ex-members who are eaten up inside, who should go out and get a life. Ron, I'm not eaten up inside, not from that nor from your death curse on me. For the record, none of the blogging critics are ex-members of COG-PKG, the closest is Truth Seeker at As Bereans Did. Truth Seeker says that he listened to Ron for awhile but then rejected him for other false teaching. The closest generalization to his blogging critics is that we all have a WCG background of some sort who recognize Ron as a particularly toxic mini-Herb. Ron, before you bandy about words like "crazies" when referring to others, read Matthew 7:3.

The rest of his sermon was reading from the last chapter of his book, part 6, and he's not done yet. At one point he used the word "uniplural". Somehow I'd never heard this oxymoronic term before, if it was mentioned during the sermons I was forced to attend I had managed to zone out during that time. The first thing that came to mind was a guy named Legion -- no, don't post a comment explaining the difference to me -- that really is what I thought at the time.

No new prophecies this week, but then he hasn't had any since he started his job as the Spokesman Witness. Nor did we hear from Silent Witness Laura Weinland.


Weinland Watch said...

Here's the audio about those three requests for money back.

Just love the elders laughing in the background. Guaranteed THEY'RE not tithing in place of paying rent and mortgage payments, because "the end started on April 17th".

duped no more said...

Thanks ww. for putting that up. I started to listen to the Sermon to hear of any new disasters he has brought upon us, but couldn't stand to hear his voice.
That cackling in the background from the elders and other members makes the church sound even more like a joke.
I wonder if Ron caused that earthquake today? If he did he better get his atlas out, apparently he isn't aware of where usa is.
It is hard to put this to rest becuase know it is getting even funnier. He laughs about getting sued, but believe me i know we will have the last laugh. And it won't be that far away. I told ya, wait until June and July. He is getting a BANG!!!!
talk with you later..X now T

HardTimesoftheGentiles said...

Ronald would have been better off as witness to the gentiles who seem to be suffering the trumpets, plagues and thunders a wee bit more than the still Lost Tribes of Israel.

There would have been no connection but it would have been impressive.

Ekimks (Mike) said...

Maybe where wRONg went wrong was the identity of the lost ten tribes of Israel. The U.S. and Canada are not, but apparently Myanmar and China are.

Weinland Watch said...

LOL what about that tribe in India that believes it's Manasseh? Maybe Witless Weinland is ahead of the curve. Or not.

Anonymous said...

Ron W maybe laughing for now, but his time is coming. It seems someone is numbering the days and gunning for Ron. Lets see if fire comes from his mouth to protect him in the future. Marked man he is.

Ekimks (Mike) said...

I hope the "gunning for Ron" is a figure of speech rather than a threat. Better to leave this sort of thing to a higher authority, whether civil or otherwise.

My desired outcome is expressed in my "Ron It's Time" post.

Ekimks (Mike) said...

Further commenting on this post has been disabled. So there'll be nothing more to see here.

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