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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ron Weinland in Damage Control Mode

Last week Ron was mistaken about finishing his book "2008 GFW" because he'd missed covering chapter 5, "The Final Three & One-Half Years". So he started into that chapter, but actually spent most of the "sermon" in damage control mode. It seems that his members are reading blogs on the Internet and getting pressure from relatives. Weinland Watch has a post summarizing Robert Lifton's book on thought reform which is interesting reading.

He reiterated his theories about the Roman Catholic Church and aliens. He criticizes a few who have left his flock as having only joined out of fear. But fear is what he's selling, with Google Adwords such as "stock market crash" (click on the link and see if Google doesn't serve up a sponsored link for the-end.com, also read the headline for the link).

He went on to criticize the critics on the Internet as perverts distorting facts, and that Johnny Harrell and Wayne Matthews had been unfairly attacked. The only discussion I've ever read about his "evangelists" was written in a clearly speculative tone, seeking information, and providing updates as they came along. If there's anything else out there on this subject, please point me to it.

To those Weinland followers who are reading this blog I say: don't believe everything you read here and on other blogs or forums-- check it out for yourself. I'll also say that you should hold us AND Weinland to the same credibility standards. If a critic points out a contradiction in Weinland's statements, read it from the original for yourself and evaluate it critically. And if Ron tells you something, you should evaluate it critically and see if it's really true -- is it supported by other facts?

When he read the part from his book about the pronounced Seven Thunders he said that only the members are able to see the truth. He pointed to the current economic difficulties. Sure there are problems, but it's a little after April 17th and my dollars will still buy food.

Toward the end of the "sermon", he moved the First Trumpet out to overlap the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. He also made a statement about nukes by the end of July. So he's moving the goal post yet again.

While reading the book he reached the bottom of page 115. After an aside, he resumed reading from his book at the bottom of page 117. This allowed him to avoid addressing this statement. "Also, by this moment in time, there will be a strong, rapidly growing recognition within the United States that I am who I say I am—one of God’s end-time witnesses and His prophet." And this one: "The First Trumpet blast will occur quickly after the Seventh Seal
of Revelation is opened by Jesus Christ." I wonder if the False Prophet will back up next week and cover this material.

There is a recording of the Internet feed from yesterday available for download here. It includes a few minutes before the sermon starts. It also includes the opening and closing prayers and a 15-second gap that don't show up in the version now available for download from the COG-PKG site. I have a few notes from the sermon with approximate timestamps (some players such as Windows Media Player may not show the current time.)

5:45 opening prayer by (garbled name)
6:30 prays that Internet run smoothly (Guess we need Ron to give the prayer to make it stick)
8:07 6 baptisms
8:25 Prophesied End Time book available for order
9:30 Jeremy got married, moving to Germany, Ron giving reception at his house
12:20 Final 3 1/2 Years Pt. 1
27:50 RCC & the Aliens
28:50 Interview with Australian TV in August
31:00 People will be scared spitless
49:00 People joined due to fear, people have left
65:20 next phase of first trumpet
69:50 2nd trumpet end of July, repeats March 29 promise
71:30 spiritual
72:15 RW feels your pain
93:45 Ron would throw himself on mercy seat of god, and seek repentence
94:00 PKG would continue, Johnny & Wayne would be busy running the church
95:20 Criticises his mockers, HWA still hated 22 years later
96:08 lost audio for about 15 seconds
97:05 somebody criticized Harrell, distorted lies, big fat liars
97:45 looking for info on Wayne
98:3 followers special
98:55 letter from follower to brother
99:40 HWA still hated 22 years later, trying to immunize people against criticism on the internet
101:10 critics are perverts distorting facts
102:3 sick sick sick minds of critics
103:15 resumes reading from page 115, middle of page
104:10 "Before the Seventh (and final) Seal is opened, the Seven Thunders will become so pronounced that the validity of everything written about them in the previous chapter should roar loudly in the ears of anyone who is willing to admit the truth."
only members can see the truth, mentions economy
107:3 people want to be able to commit adultery, people occupied with sex
116:1 skips ahead in book to bottom of page 117, extends First Trumpet into other trumpets
118.2 1st trumpet progressively revealed

(and a follow-on post about a contradiction)


Weinland Watch said...

"If there's anything else out there on this subject, please point me to it."

The most up-to-date information, citing all sources and corroborating research, is in The Two Witnesses discussion forum, hosted by Shadows of WCG.

Hearsay and allegations are always marked clearly as such. Personal sources are never identified, because of Weinland's litigious actions in the past, particularly when he split from the Church of God Toledo.

Anonymous said...

Good job Mike.

Guess RW decided he wasn't able to talk around the blunders he made on the latest James Whale radio interview - The 2 Mike McConnell interviews have been swept completely under the proverbial rug.

For RW to go back to the book, and to those sections specifically, indicates to me that he is being questioned by his "followers" about the inconsistencies. Good catch on the 'parts he conveniently skipped over'.

RW hopes his continuing verbal scourges against "we critics" will take the heat off him and put it on us - however, most reasonably intelligent folks would recognize that ploy. A true 'man of God' would not have the need to be returning to that same old hateful rhetoric week after week. (i.e. love your enemies, bless them that curse you, etc.)

CW(contributing writer) said...

"I'll also say that you should hold us AND Weinland to the same credibility standards"
Exactly....In response to the accusation of being the evil "you don't know who they are", that you're believing, The above quote is the simple cure.

Weinland Watch said...

AS has also pointed out that this may be a grave tactical error on Weinland's part; going back through the remarks made about the sermon during the chat, it does sound like these points are being brought up by members of the church to Weinland and/or his elders ("w" said on the IW forum that allegedly there is one elder who is starting to have doubts).

So members of the church are not allowing the milieu control to completely restrict their freedom of thought. This is a good thing.