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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Silent Witness Search Results

I thought it interesting to see the results of a Google search on the Silent Witness Laura Weinland (who by the way happens to be the wife of the Spokesman Witness Ronald Weinland). Search results on "Laura Weinland" were:
#1: genealogy.com, which has a Google Page Rank of 5
#2: WeinlandWatch which has been at this game long enough to have a Google Page Rank of 3
#3: Yours Truly "Don't Drink the Flavor Aid" which just this week made it out of the Google sandbox and into the index, and doesn't have a page rank yet.
#4 & 5: Shadows of WCG

(Click inside the picture to get a bigger version, or try the search on Google for yourself)

Where does Laura's mention on Ronnie's own site show up in the search results? Answer: #7. It's truly amazing to understand how insignificant of an actor she is in this little drama, when a search for her turns up mentions on 3 different websites critical of Wacky Weinland before it returns a hit on his own site. My read of Revelation chapter 11 does not indicate that one of the Two Witnesses is more important than the other.

Rumor has it that False Prophet Ron is going to make a repeat appearance on Cincinnati radio station WLW's Mike McConnell show Friday morning (9 AM - Noon EST). I wonder if she'll get any exposure there, or even a mention.

I expect McConnell will ask him about the lack of significant events, and that we'll hear more of "45 to 90 days" (but now 76 days or less) and "God progressively reveals". I doubt we'll hear him doing "his job" and revealing any new prophesies, nor do I think he'll come up with a new curse for his mockers on McConnell's program. I wonder if he'll give McConnell any leeway if he says anything slightly mocking.


Gary said...
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Weinland Watch said...

Weinland did insinuate that McConnell may have mocked him earlier, but McConnell deftly sidestepped that, likely in order to keep his employers out of libel-land. The whole interview went pretty much as we had surmised, and yes, Weinland will be back on the program in mid- to late July. Transcript and link(s) to the file can be found here. Here is a taste:

MM: So uh the night before I mean when the trumpet was about to sound on April the seventeenth did you get a good night’s sleep? The night of the sixteenth into the seventeenth?

RW: [pause]

MM: Or were you too full of anticipation?

RW: [long pause] It was like any other night.

Weinland Watch said...

Hmmmmmm just noticed that picture of those search results:

"www.lauraweinland.com has been registered by DomainIt".

Think the silent witness has been cyber-squatted? Or will she come online sometime before Weinland's promise of mid- to late July expires?

Ekimks (Mike) said...

Interesting. Looking further through the search results turns up laura-weinland .org .net and .com which are also reserved through domain-it.

I don't think there are too many people with her name, so it's quite possible that they are domainit's client. Meaning they expected her to get some fame/notoriety/whatever.

Would tend to support the hypothesis that they're drinking their own flavor-aid.

Gary said...
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