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Friday, May 2, 2008

False Prophet Ron Weinland on the Mike McConnell Show

Weinland Watch has a complete transcript and links to audio of Ron Weinland on Cincinnati radio station WLW's Mike McConnell show.

As I expected I heard the normal grasping at straws -- the Reno earthquakes, the tornadoes. I'm surprised he didn't work in the shark attacks too. Mike didn't really ask any tough questions, but it really isn't his job to expose false prophets. Rather, it's his job to entertain his audience and and the end of the interview Ron agreed to return for another interview in July to provide yet more entertainment for demons and others.

At one point they discussed the second trumpet and how it was going to destroy a few cities, but not the entire nation.
RW:" No, by the second trumpet time we only have the first major strikes–what I mean–and I even mentioned there–it appears to be as though it’s going to be something nukular(sic). Uh if if that happens in some of the major cities, obviously, our our whole lifestyle in the United States changes. If it happens in New York, and Chicago, Washington, DC -- things are gonna change major for us here in the United States. But the United States continues on for several months. This doesn’t destroy us. Things continue on–look what happened with Katrina. Did that hurt the rest of the United States? NOOO."

And a bit later on: "We are coming to a point where by the time you get to the fifth trumpet we are going to be destroyed, in essence. We’re not going to have a whole lot left."

I see this as a continuation of a theme he started with last Saturday as I mentioned in a previous post. He's trying to move the goal post all the way to the fifth trumpet, and even introducing the possibility that the second trumpet won't be "nukular" war. What about the third and fourth trumpets? Ronnie boy, if you use up all off the trumpets you won't have any left. That is unless you want to introduce some new ones. How many trumpets will we end up with? How about 111? That's a godly number.


Weinland Watch said...

Weinland also appeared, mid-way through the interview, to contradict what he had said on the earlier program; in the first show, he said:

"Uh there is going to come a time when things do happen in a single day. By the time the second trumpet blows everything is gonna happen in one day the third trumpet blows it’s gonna happen in one day." (RW Mike McConnell show, WLW 700AM May 2, 2008.)

Compare and contrast with:

"Even as I mentioned again on your last program. And the second trumpet is when we’re going to see the devastation of cities on a on a very massive scale. And, candidly, I don’t know when that’s going to happen. Uh at this point here uh again I’ve mentioned even forty-five to ninety days for that."

Weinland Watch said...

Sorry, that last quote was from the McConnell show today.

Anonymous said...

Question ?....Are there any legal remedies to this elaborate fleecing of the gulible God fearing people who are handing their hard earned money to this man...there must be a default remedy in the issuance of a 501c3 tax exemption....

Anonymous said...

After a carefull examination of the paper trail RW has created and with consideration to the assumption that he is an honest man folks could expect a cheerfull return of their tithes along with their tax returns some time after Pentecost...