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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ron Weinland Contradicts Himself in Less than 30 Minutes of Non Silence

Something was nagging me in the back of my mind about last Saturday's non-sermon. I reviewed the audio that I recorded and here's what I found at the timestamps in the file:

At about 74:15:
"Just because there's been a sealing that's taken place even for those who're going to be part of the great resurrection here, doesn't mean that your training is over ....

At about 103:20 (reading from "2008 GFW", middle of page 115):
"The final sequence of events that leads up to the opening of the Seventh Seal needs to be briefly reviewed. By the time this final seal is opened, all 144,000 whom God has called over six millennia will be fully trained to rule in His Kingdom. This Kingdom will be established when Jesus Christ returns with the 144,000 on the last day of the final three and one-half years of man’s self-rule. The remaining few, who were yet to be added to this total count of 144,000, and are alive at this end-time, will be sealed (completed their training) by the time this last seal is opened. This final sealing will occur during the time of the Sixth Seal.

From the COG-PKG website "The sealing of the 144,000 that will make up the Government of God at Christ's return in 2011 took place on the 2nd of February, 2008"

Let's review. The 144,000 which includes members of COG-PKG were sealed on Feb 2, 2008 and at that time were fully trained. But somehow less than 4 months later they need further training.

A minor point to be sure relative to Ron's failed prophecies. But it does illustrate that the false prophet is making it up as he goes along and having trouble keeping his lies straight.


Seeker Of Truth said...

Nice Work! No. Excellent Work!
Here is ANOTHER contradiction, but guess who will ignore or make excuses?
Go re-read the book 2008 GFW!

Frankie Fender said...

I have read both of Ron's books and listened to all of his recent "sermons". Even in the most recent ones, he specifically indicates that he is not contradicting ANYTHING he has previously written. And WHAT he has written is that the United States will cease to be a world power by mid-2008. During an earlier radio interview he stated that if we got into mid 2008 and this has not yet happened, that he would declare himself a "false prophet". He has not done so. I fully believe that Jesus will return someday and that the Mayan calendar end at the 2011/2012 timeframe is "interesting" but thus far, this is mostly speculation and i am quite sure that Jesus will not return on any date that any human has previously announced. Ron, although quite possibly a man of God, discredits God (and himself) by his false doctrine and turns more people away from a God they should be running toward. I'm quite sure that Satan likes Ron's work in this regard and thus Ron is doing more damage than good. -FF