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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ron Weinland Finishes "2008 God's Final Witness"

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An in-depth review of "2008 -- God's Final Witness" is located at this link.

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False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Los Angeles today. He spent most of the sermon finishing up the last few pages of his book "2008 God's Final Witness". At one point he got lost reading from his own book, and restarted after instructing his son to edit out that part.

During the announcement period he mentioned 13 baptisms, and later commented on the number of people in their teens and 20s being attracted. I suspect it's disaffected youth being hooked by Google Ad words such as "stock market crash".

He made much of the Vatican astronomer Jose Funes who stated in an interview that belief in aliens is not incompatible with Catholicism as evidence that the pope is being influenced. He tied this in with the British release of UFO data and an interview on Larry King. Has anyone seen that the pope has endorsed this? (Weinland Watch has a post with more details on the RCC and aliens.) Any other news from the Vatican that Ron could have used?

He talked briefly about the events in China and Myanmar, and how people don't recognize the significance. (Another take on this point here.) Also that people who point out that the dollar is not worthless are economic morons. He repeated his assertion that a new president will not take office next January, even if the election is possible. Seems that he may not have turned on the autoresponder as these came via email. Maybe the traffic isn't so huge to handle after all.

His explanation for the loss of the Internet audio feed last week was storms in Missouri, or possibly static electricity. But too make sure there was no problem today, he gave the prayer this week to ask god to make sure there were no problems.

He mentioned that he is considering an interview with the History Channel. I doubt that they'll devote an entire program to his wacky notions, but probably will use a few sound bites in a program about false prophets through history.

Next week Ron plans to go through the James Whale interview, seems some are having issues with it. Hmm. A bit of dissention in the ranks?

And still nothing from the Silent Witness Laura Weinland, or any indication when we might see blood in downtown Cincinnati's Fountain Square.

(Turns out that the false prophet had not finished "2008 GFW" after all, having skipped Chapter 5. So the following Saturday he started Chapter 5 along with some damage control)


Weinland Watch said...

Yup. It's definitely the aliens.

Russell Miller said...

Aww, man. And here I am, in LA, and had no place to go...

Anonymous said...

As for the astronomer, I wonder if RW is confusing astronomy with astrology.
Wow, the largest spriritual/religious organization on the face of the earth contemplating whether there is life on other planets. Sounds rational to me. Is God too small that he cannot have other life elsewhere? I appplaud the Catholic church for doing this because it shows they have learned something since Galileo.

Richard said...

I mentioned Ron Weinland indirectly during a TV newscast today -- in a story on how astrologers and psychics are predicting who the next President.

Of course, I mentioned his claim there will be none. That brought a call after the news from a concerned woman. I filled her in on Mr. Weinland's predictions, including how some haven't happened.

Her conclusion: "Only God know the hour." Another one who seems to know better than the prophey.

Weinland Watch said...

Good for you Richard! You should put a clip of it up on YouTube! :-)

Darrell Potts said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Darrell Potts said...

I first wrote a long post and decided it was in appropriate, I"M SORRY!!

Long story short: it is the end of the world and many false prophets will come, although I cant disprove this man. I have ordered a copy of his book today and will return after I have made a valid assumption :P

Ekimks (Mike) said...

Darrell, from your interest in Weinland's book I suspect that you may have read about it in a Google Ad. If this was a result of a Google search I'm interested in the search terms you used, and if on someone's web site I'd like to know the URL.

Darrell, please read the other posts on my blog. Also read the other blogs I link. Weinland's book does not have exact dates for the prophecies, but Weinland has given those dates in sermons and other Internet sites.

According to him, the 7th seal opened on March 18th. Was the world in shock and horror on that date? And the 1st trumpet supposedly blew on April 17th. Anything special about that day that you remember? And by last Sunday (June 8), a lot of vegetation was to be dead with clear indication that 1/3 of all vegetation would die. If not he would stop preaching. Neither of these happened -- so Weinland is a liar in addition to being a false prophet.

Darrell, I sense that you're still struggling with some issues and getting involved with Weinland can only make it harder for you. Please believe me, Weinland is bad news. I highly recommend that you stay away from him.

Anonymous said...

Wether or not people will believe that Ronald & Laura Weinland are prophets sent by God,is obviously between them & God in believing what the Church of God PKG teaches concerning the truths of God.
Since the 17th of April there have been numerous accounts of the thunders mentioned in 2008 God's Final Witness rumbling throughout the world.
& I personally believe that as time progresses these catastrophic events will become more & more pronounced......Now wether or not people believe these events have any relation with Biblical Prophecy is again between them & God.
Time will certainly tell if we have indeed entered into the end time.Won't it?

Ekimks (Mike) said...

If people believe that Weinland was sent by god, then they haven't read his book and compared it with reality. Check out the fifth and sixth thunders described on pages 101 to 111 of his book. None of the specific ministers he mentioned have died. There is no growing recognition that Weinland is god's prophet, exactly the opposite. Every single one of the thunders was to sounding loudly before the 7th seal was opened on March 18th (page 115 of "2008 GFW").

Time will tell whether or not there is an end time and if so whether we are in it.

Time has already told that Ron Weinland is a false prophet.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Earlier tonight I came across that free download of RW's second book. I started reading it - it was a bad translation to dutch, I found some capital spelling errors - and I got to ... page 21. To be honnest I had already skipped a few paragraphs by then.

My first thougth : one has to be out of his/her mind to take that BS for true!
my second thought : what's his motivation? (How does he make money with it if he gives the book away for free?)

That is how clear it is to (any?) rational human that his message is a hoax. After having read about the 10% contribution to his church, his tax problems and off-shore bank accounts, I got convinced that we're not dealing with a dillusional person here, but with someone who is ripping off people, being fully aware of it. To me it's a criminal, even though, technically he may not be breaking any law, what he does is a crime against humanity.

I was just curious to know how other people respond to it, so that's how I ended up on this blog (and others). I'm glad to be able to post my opinion.

Claes Zorba

Darrell Potts said...

Sorry it took so long to come back here to post a comment. I read some of this guy's book.

Ron Weinland is a false prophet. Sorry Ron but it's the truth, you need to repent about your lies and hypocrisy. Ron never answers my emails which shows he doesn't obey God's command to communicate (1 Timothy 6:18). Ron Weinland said something along the lines of America getting nuked with a suitcase nuke, that never happened.

God have mercy on you Ron, I hope you repent and GIVE ALL YOUR RICHES TO THE POOR with the hope of being forgiven for a great multitude of sins.

Anonymous said...

The two prophets mentioned in revalations would be "clothed in sackcloth". One should take this prophesy literally and figurativly. I.e. Clothed in rags (a suit and tie is diffantly not rags) and as Jesus had said "The body is more than a garment" and the mentioning of "wedding clothes" which in my mind should be interperated as the body. In other words the two final prophets would be clothed in rags and like Job have terrible phyiscal ailments. Does mister weinland have either of these? Evidence would point to no.

blueangel said...

Also the "seven thunders" are not to written. "seal up what the seven thunders have uttered and write them not" So how could a book possibly state truely what the seven thunders uttered? There are a few points that i agree with in his book though. Mostly that pride is what will eventually bring the downfall of Human kind. Also the false belief of "independence". We as human beings are intrinsicaly dependant on every other and as well as every energy/matter of the entire uni/mutiverse don't you think we should start acting that way?

Anonymous said...

Wow. A co-worker did a google search for end-time info and found a site that offered a free book. She brought it to work today and asked my opinion. I looked at it and felt it was not a good read for her. We googled the author, Ronald Weinland, and she agreed to give it to me to read over and mark any areas of concern. I started at 7 and now it is midnight- just finished the book. I can't recall ever reading such amazing blasphemy!
I am stunned. This man needs serious help. Leaves me sad for him and a bit angry at the lies he speaks. I do NOT think anyone should read his material at all. He is a false prophet if ever there was one. I find it hard to believe that people listen to him at all.