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Sunday, February 15, 2009

If These Are the Golden Years, Where's the Gold?

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Detroit yesterday. During the announcement portion of the services, he read off a long list of travel destinations most of which are posted on his web site. Weinland has listed domestic travel plans all the way into May. For Pentecost (May 31) he plans to go to the Netherlands or Belgium and the following weekend to the UK. So much for the Great Tribulation. He also stated that the Feast of Tabernacles would be observed in the same format as last year. So much for Weinland's emphatic statement in Oct 21st's Last Great Day sermon that there would not be a gathering for the Feast of Tabernacles this year, not even half of one.

Weinland read a "personal" from Herbert Armstrong written at the point of the failure of his prophecy for the beginning of the Great Tribulation in 1972. Ron, you need to get your facts straight. This was not in the Feb. 1972 issue of the "Good News". In fact there is no such issue, but there is a "Jan/Feb 1972" issue which does not have anything by Armstrong in it. The HWA personal he read was published in the Feb. 1972 issue of "Tomorrow's World" which only had two more issues after that. That makes sense, because you can't have the Millennium without the Great Tribulation first.

Armstrong claimed that he did not prophesy. While HWA, unlike Weinland, did not claim to be a "prophet of the God of Abraham", he did claim to be an apostle of God and he did prophesy. He disclaimed that the date in his booklet "1975 in Prophecy" was a firm date, saying that it was playing against media predictions of the time for a technical utopia. Let's get a bit further into "1975 in Prophecy" and read this excerpt (1956 Edition, page 10):

HWA might have thrown a weasel word or two in there. But these were overshadowed by the emphatic statements along with the end-time theme promoted in other literature such as his coworker letters.

In part of HWA's personal he discussed how he had been willing to admit error, and this is the mark of a true church. Weinland spent some time emphasizing this. Since Weinland has "admitted to errors" so many times he is truer than true.

I think this is preparing the PKG members to admit the errors of the 2nd timeline and accept the third. Two weeks after the "Great Fast" to humble the church so they could beseech God to intensify the thunders, Ron states that if there's no big thunder for a full year, "so what".

He stopped reading when the issue of 19-year time cycles came up. Supposedly the 1972 Great Tribulation was related to the end of two 19-year time cycles after HWA started his operation in 1934. I would point out that next January will be two 19-year time cycles since the start of the 1972 Great Tribulation. Perhaps Ron will somehow weave this into his next timeline.

The title of this post comes from a question from Ron he intended to be rhetorical. But it deserves an answer. The answer for too many older PKG members formerly in WCG (the "scattering") is that Ron got the gold. And possibly still has it -- I am highly skeptical of his claims that he's "drained the funds" including his Swiss bank account and "put it all into the Googling system". Weinland has demonstrated that he is not a man of his word. He did not hold true to the word he gave in his "If By Pentecost" declaration to stop preaching and acknowledge that he was a false prophet. He did not hold true to the promises he made in radio interviews that he wouldn't come up with new explanations when his prophecies failed. Yet here we are into his second timeline, and 8 weeks since he reissued his death curse against me. No, I'm inclined to believe that he still has significant funds tucked away in anticipation of the need for a personal exit.


Anonymous said...

Once a liar, always a liar. How can you know when Ron is lying? His lips are moving.
But, I will give him this- he has learned from the great charlatan- HWA, about just ducking but not running when you are wrong. That way, he doesn't have to let go of the pot of gold he's collected and is still collecting.

Ponder this ye followers of Weinland: 1 John 1: 1-3
"Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world."

Ron Weinland does not acknowledge Jesus came in the flesh (i.e. that Jesus is the Word made flesh), instead preaches that Jesus was a created being. This is the spirit of the antichrist. According to this scripture, Ron Weinland has the spirit of the antichrist.

Anonymous said...

That should be 1 John 4:1-3. My mistake.

Anonymous said...

Well, Ron does still hold firm that Christ will return on Pentecost 2012. He claims this is absolute in his last sermon. I guess the 19 year time cycles are going to have some prophetic meaning. I wonder how Ron will spin January 7, 2010 as a significant date, considering this will be the 4th 19 year time cycle since HWA began his ministry in 1934. All of Weinland’s previous dates have failed. According to HWA personal, all of those other 19 year time cycle anniversaries had physical significance and something physical occurred on those exact dates. I still can't remember what happened on the 3rd, 19 year time cycle on January 7, 1991. Can someone help with the recollection of the important physical events that occurred on this exact day? I am sure Ronnie can give us the importance of this day. It’s probably spiritual, but if the past pattern is consistent it should have been a physical event inside the church. Weinland's story is becoming more convoluted by each and every passing day.

Anonymous said...

You know, I wonder what Ron does the 99% of the time that he isn't preaching. I bet he just makes trips to the bank each day to deposit the tithe checks. Or, maybe he gets his witness wife to do that.

jack635 said...

These are the golden years for Ronald Weinland. I'm sure he has a lot of gold.

Anonymous said...

Had it not been for Ron Weinland making a big squawk the last couple of years about 2008 reducing the United States to rubble, he would have been a nobody on the COG scene.
He has yet to repent of being a false prophet like he said he would do. That should tell you something about his character.

angel said...

I just had to share this. Over on the Weinland Witness, “sojourner”, “mal” and “carmel” are challenging RW with reasonable questions, which as we know are not allowed. “South Africa”, an RW follower, suggested asking God if RW is His end-time prophet and telling the truth, to which sojourner responded that he/she acted on that suggestion and the verses God gave were Deut. 18:21-22. Yay, sojourner!

“think-differently”, the blog watchdog, is about to get them booted off that site, so pray that those reading that exchange come to their senses and realize what’s going on there.

jack635 said...

I read Weinland Witness occaisionally and I agree with angel. Anyone who raises questions about the accuracy of RW gets booted and all evidence of their being there is blotted out. I learned about that blog from Dill Weed and he was booted out for posting the truth about RW's failures.

Anonymous said...

I posted a direct quote of citizen x there in regards to the presidents election dated back to august. This comment i cut and pasted from the weinland witness forum....they did not even post it on the blog jack is refering to.
The weinland witness forum appears to be gone now.

Anonymous said...

August 30, 2008 by Citizen X

We are nearing the end of the year. Israel’s trigger finger grows more itchy by the day. America’s future hangs in the balance. Rogue nations and enemy countries stand at the gates.

And Ronald Weinland’s words remain. The name of his book was “Endtime 2008 - Gods Final Witness”. Regardless of what has happened in the past, this is make or break time.

I had wished to have this resolved by now. However, as I stated before, there is still a possibility that Ronald Weinland is truly a prophet of God. There is a possibility he erred in predicting events prematurely, just as there is a possibility God was using his mistake to test the faith of the people.

Ronald Weinland has declared the final timing of the events prophesied in “The Prophesied End-Time” and “Endtime 2008 - Gods Final Witness”. The events are listed below:

* September 30 - 1335 Days
* November 14 - 1290 Days
* December 14 - 1260 Days

According to this timeline, December 14 is the key date. That is when, according to Ronald Weinland, Great Tribulation begins. He is also standing by his statement that there will be no new president sworn into office. Those are several verifiable predictions.

Anonymous said...

In the context of 'every spirit who that acknowledges....' what interpretation is that? Is 'spirit' pneuma -breath, or character, or disembodied, (probably not) or otherwise? Does that mean anyone who says Jesus Christ is the son of God and came into the flesh to ransom the sins of all mankind is of God, but anyone who can't or doesn't say it is not? Satan is called 'the father of lies' but I don't think that means he's incapable of telling the truth or at least an aspect of the truth. Can't a spirit lie and say that this is true and begin to lie after this point? Legion knew who Jesus was, and acknowledges Him as such 'Jesus, son of the Most High.' I'm not attacking you, I merely ask for clarification because I don't understand. I read both of RW's books and was terrified and felt convicted, and it led me to ask more questions and to truly discern the will of God for my life, and I'm not much closer than I was before. I began to think, 'what's the point of any action, if the world will end in 3years, shouldn't I do good still? But then I thought that if all of the Bible is true, and 'not one jot or one tittle of the law shall pass away' (pardon if misquoted) then loving your neighbor and feeding the poor and clothing the naked shall not become obsolete, while RW claims that we should pray for destruction so that God can humble the world and establish His gov't. I'm all for God establishing a just and honorable order for the world. I'd LOVE to follow someone worth following. I'd like to know what IS TRUE. Any advice on this? Thanks for your input:) -J (PS, apologies in advance for turning this into a truncated 'Dear Abby' column.)

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Ron Weinland has proven himself not of God, in spite of his claims. I say that the most effective lies are built on a solid foundation of truth.

My suggestion is that you stop searching for a man who has the truth. There are plenty of them who claim to have it, but each has a different truth. And most want what's in your wallet.

Instead of searching for a man, search for the truth directly. You're more likely to find it yourself.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Weinland is an extrememly talented author. I have finished the second book and am a little more than 1/2 way through the first. A lot of what he has to say does make you wonder about the particular "version" of Christianity that you have been raised in. (I personally attend a non-denominational church.)
I admittedly confess to have not known much about the Church of God until I read Mr. Weinland’s books. When his “prophesies” and timeline became outdated, I began to openly question his credibility. This led me to the internet, where I’ve been reading blogs and looking at different sites that were both pro and con for Mr. Weinland and Mr. Armstrong. There is where I was able to discover some disturbing things about both men. I truly understand that a person can be openly slandered and lied on, but I am really unable to discover any worthy rebuttals to some of the statements that were presented as fact about both gentlemen.
While I understand that both men are human and not one of us will lead a perfect life as Christ did, BUT once a man is called to a higher plain like Apostle or “End-Time Elijah”, and their minds are opened to the truth about God, the openly public mistakes would all but cease. Then wouldn’t God continue to work through them so they can be that beacon of light for man-kind to see and imitate? (especially if they are part of the sealed 144,000 and will reign on Earth as high priest and kings in God’s kingdom).

Also, it has always perplexed me in their teachings about what exactly is to happen AFTER the 1,000 year reign of Jesus and the 144,000. I understand that Mr. Armstrong teaches (and reiterated by Mr. Weinland) that all of the other human beings that ever lived on Earth will be resurrected (billions as he stated) and they/we will be given a second chance to accept God’s gift of eternal life and be accepted into God’s family. We will then have an opportunity to be Gods ourselves.
(I don’t mean to disagree with anyone’s personal beliefs, but that is very strange. In all honesty, who would want to become God? I was always taught that I have been created and upon the opportunity to make it into the afterlife, will spend my days giving glory to God. I was created to make His praise glorious)
Well what happens then? We will spend the rest of eternity doing what exactly? We are now on God’s level and a part of the spirit realm, so praising Him won’t be necessary.
I understand the order of importance, with God being the father. But did you ever walk around praising your dad? We will all be God, so there won’t be a need to govern or rule over anyone but the angels. I only question this because Mr. Armstrong clearly states that God has given him all of this first hand prophetic knowledge, but he doesn’t complete the story even though he and his wife are the end-time witnesses. Basically, there won’t be any more prophets of God after him. Does anyone have a link or something that I can read up on this for myself? I have read a lot of Mr. Weinland’s work and cannot find it anywhere, but I do admit that I may have missed it along the line somehow.