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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pray For Death

False Prophet Ronald Weinland delivered yesterday's sermon from Cincinnati. This is the weekend of the two-day fast he called earlier in the month. Weinland acknowledged that such a fast is unprecedented in CoG history, both in recent memory and probably for all 7 eras. While one-day fasts (no food or water) have been common in WCG and the various splinters, both on the annual Day of Atonement and other occasions called by a Herblet, a two-day fast (no food or water) is breaking new ground. Despite Weinland's cautions that certain people with health problems were not to attempt it, I fear that some may suffer permanently. Hopefully they will recognize when distress sets in and end their fast by drinking some water.

From comments made by Weinland and from comments by others on this blog and another forum, it appears that there is at least some small movement by members away from Weinland. One who followed Weinland into the second timeline and was willing to accept an 8-month delay for prophecies in "2008 God's Final Witness" drew the line at Weinland's attempt to move out expectations for the Great Tribulation to 2 years. It seems that some are kept in the church by the fear of losing contact with friends and family members.

When discussing his email exchange with a departing member, Weinland sequed into a discussion of people who criticized Herbert Armstrong for his extravagances, such as silver ice buckets. His response: "Armstrong talked quality". Weinland continued on to mention "the stupid thing of the house that's out there on the Internet. $381,000. Whoop-de-doo". This is in reference to other posts on this blog exposing Ron's lifestyle which is decidedly above average. Ron went on to claim that he might be criticized for living somewhere less expensive, and he could have had a more expensive home, and that while everything you have is God's, he only wants 10%. However Ron wants even more, in the past demanding 3/4 of the members' second tithe and whatever nest eggs they have. I don't doubt that he could have afforded an even more expensive home.

Weinland went on to explain the purpose of the fast. He read the following from pages 85-86 of "2008 God's Final Witness".

God wanted the Seven Thunders to remain sealed until this very time as well.

God did all this as part of a process through which He would reveal who one of His end-time witnesses was, the one through whom He would fully reveal all that John had written in the Book of Revelation concerning this end-time. God gave specific end time prophecies to John in a vision. John was to write about what he saw, but most of what he wrote was to remain sealed. God predetermined to reveal the meaning and timing of these major prophetic events through His end-time prophet.

God has a twofold purpose for doing this. First, God is going to make a clear distinction, in His scattered Church, between who His true minister is, through whom He is working, and all other ministers with whom He is not working. This will serve as one final witness to the Church before the devastation of the great tribulation strikes the whole world at the opening of the Seventh Seal.

Ron had a convoluted explanation as to why the last sentence doesn't mean what it says. He did not read the next paragraph or the one after that which reads:
The timing for the Seven Thunders is during the period of the Sixth Seal.

Nor did he read the chapter title which reads:
The Seven Thunders of the 6th Seal

Ron then proceeded for the umpteenth time to summarize the Seven Thunders. The members are to pray for them to get stronger so more will be humbled. They are to pray that the thunders become more intense so that more will be humbled and brought to repentance so that they can be saved when the Great Tribulation finally, finally gets here. Pray for the deaths of Rod Meredith and the other 4 specific ministers so that Ron's prophecy will appear to have been fulfilled. Perhaps even more than a tithe of all the thirds, not just a tithe of one of the thirds, can be saved.

Perhaps some will pray for my death. After all, it's now over 6 weeks since Weinland cursed me to die speedily from the inside. You'd think if it was going to take this long, it would have happened on the 40th day, since 40 is the number of judgment. But we're past that hurdle. Oh well, we've still got the 40-weeks hurdle to get past yet -- but so much for "speedily".


Anonymous said...

Well boys! Old Ronnie is asking his followers to pray for “death” in our world. He desires that those thunders sound mightily, so he can have sound resolve that God is working through him. Ron must not have any of his witness powers. He failed to receive them back in April 2008 and again in December 2008. Once again Ron is asking for his imaginative "thunders" to sound, so he can be convinced. Did anyone know that Ron asked for these "thunders" to sound, especially the death of the leadership in the other COG offshoots, back in December 2006, the last sermon of the year? These thunders were supposed to sound in January of 2007, but January came and went without a "blast," so he had failed in his petition for death. Ronald removed a few sermons from his website, dating December 16, 2006 through January 13, 2007, where he talked about this petition for death. Two years later, Ron renews his petition for death and the advancement of the thunders. Interesting how Ron removes some distasteful information, by removing specific sermons in the past, but leaves the history of his failed prophecies in tack on his website.

Stephanie said...

I'm wonerding what God thinks about "a man of God" telling people to pray for someones death? Just doesn't sound right to me

Anonymous said...

So, I thought he had these death-ray powers already? Maybe he should have started smaller, like on his next door neighbor's pet or something.
One minute he is telling his followers to pray for destruction and death, the next minute he is chastizing them for wanting it to happen (he called them "sick, sick, sick") There was probably a "perverted" or two thrown in there as well.

Oh, and, no Ron, nobody would criticize you for living a more modest lifestyle. Get over that lame argument. The problem with ministers like Ron, they get a taste of the good life and can't quit.

I do smell the beginnings of desperation on his part.

Anonymous said...

You know what's sick and perverted? Ron Weinland asking people to pray for the deaths of others. That's really sick and perverted. Ron is a sick and perverted person.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

To Anon 12:47 PM (1st commenter to this post)

It sounds like you may have copies of some of Ronnie boy's old sermons. I am interested to see what you might have. Please send me an email to ekimks AT gmail DOT com (edit as appropriate as I've scrambled it a bit for the spambots. Look forward to hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

Ronald Weinland has been wrong at every turn! Every prediction that he has made has not come true in any way, shape, or form on or around the time he said it would happen.

He has a ZERO percent success rate as a "prophet".

You would think that he would give it up. He said a long time ago that if he was wrong about certain thing (and he was!) that he would openly declare himself a false prophet.

xHWA said...

Are they literally praying for death?
I've known and accepted for some time now that they are indirectly praying for people to die... but are they now directly praying for people to die?? Does Ron ever say "pray for x, y, z to die"? Or even some related thing?

That's reprehensible!

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

The false prophet didn't say for example "pray for Rod Meredith to die". But IMO he said a "related thing".

He said to pray for an increase in the thunders, and acknowledged that this would mean death including as specifically mentioned in his 1st phase of the 5th thunders.

xHWA said...

Well, a thought just struck me. I wonder how his fast ended up. Was he successful? Did the time frame change?

Reason why I wonder this ...and this may be a stretch... is because Trumpets 2008 to Pentecost 2012 isn't the only time the numbers add up to 1335. It happens again in the first half of this century. In the year 2025, Trumpets is on September 23rd, add 1335 to that and you get Pentecost May 20, 2029. (Certain COGs see Pentecost falling on a different day.)
That's just far enough from now to guarantee Ron Weinland an income for the rest of his life.

I wonder if he has granted himself his reprieve, and if it will stretch to 2029.

Careful said...

The sermons mentioned as being deleted are posted on the church website under sermon archives. Go ahead and listen to them. Also, Ron has not asked church members to pray for the death of people but, on the contrary, for God to keep more people alive during the great tribulation. Don't believe everything you hear. Listen for yourself.

Anonymous said...

"The sermons mentioned as being deleted are posted on the church website under sermon archives. Go ahead and listen to them."

Careful, take another look and you will see that on 12/23/2006; 12/30/06; 1/6/2007; Weinland deleted a sermon series entitled "God's Church an Overview, part 1, 2 and 3. It's not there on Weinland's site. It is in these sermons that Weinland first petitioned god to increase the intensity of the "Thunders" of which was denied by Weinland's god. Careful, ask Weinland why he would want to hide his first failure as a prophet? Why did Ron want to hide the fact that he petitioned his god and was denied? Why did he delete the sermons?

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Careful said:
The sermons mentioned as being deleted are posted on the church website under sermon archives. Go ahead and listen to them.

I beg to differ. They are not there. Or if they are, they're well hidden. Please point them out.

Also, Ron has not asked church members to pray for the death of people but, on the contrary, for God to keep more people alive during the great tribulation.

If you've downloaded the sermon, at about 1:23 he asked his followers to pray for God to stir up war. At about 1:25, he asked them to pray for earthquakes and asked if they could do that knowing it would cause the death of others. At about 1:32 he discusses the deaths of ministers.

But you'll point out that these deaths are "necessary" to save more. The end justifies the means. Tell me that there's no other way to accomplish this.

Don't believe everything you hear. Listen for yourself.
Oh, I did. I sure did.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Careful, another topic. Are you a COG-PKG or one of the many wannabees? Did you fast for two full days this weekend, no food or water?

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

xHWA: Thanks for the research. What is your source for future holy days? I was looking for that info so I could make the same calculations.

In 2025 Ron would be 76, that is if he doesn't die in the streets of Jerusalem before then. Laura won't be a spring chicken either. Maybe by then it will be Jeremy and/or Audra's turn at bat.

As far as his fast haven't noticed anything different. And if anyone prayed for my death, it didn't work.

Anonymous said...

RW prays for God to "do this" and "do that"... Does he think God is his pageboy? These people (Cog's) are REALLY twisted. They pray for God to reveal things to them, but then pray for God to DO THINGS for them. Mostly along the lines of "Zap Zap"... Wouldn't it really be a shocker if all of those prayers for Earthquakes and economic crashes and deaths were all unanswered?????????

It gives me a head and belly ache. How could anybody believe this guy! Or any of the Cog's...

xHWA said...

Hi Mike. Here's what I did..

I used any old COG website with a holy day calendar, like Belleville COG for example.

Then I went to
Giveshare.Org's Holy Day Calendar 2006-2030
BUT notice how giveshare's Pentecost is one day off. So be careful.

Then, I went to:
Date Calendar
Here, you plop down the start date (which I got from the calendars above), enter the days to add or subtract, and it bangs out the target date for you in a flash.

I'll send you the file I made. I am extending it even farther, but I cannot find any holy day calendar that goes out past 2030, so I am calculating Pentecost myself and that is taking a LOT of time.

xHWA said...

"It gives me a head and belly ache. How could anybody believe this guy! Or any of the Cog's..."

Amen anonymous! How indeed. I ask myself that several times a day.

Anonymous said...

So, are Weinland's followers asking God to give Weinland more concrete prophetic insights or are they asking God to start stamping out humankind? Sounds like Weinland is lacking in the prophetic gifts or end-time-witness powers that he claims to have.
How messed up are their lives that people have invested themselves into Weinland's crackpot theories and failed prophecies?

Anonymous said...

I read both of his books. I'm sorry that I wasted my time. I don't think that God's end time witnesses will have to announce who they are. I should have put the book down as soon as I saw the scriptures being bent into his understanding. There is nothing quite as sickening as someone trying to be somebody special in the spiritual world. Oh, that brings me to the subject of who I am. I can't announce it yet, but it's somebody really big with alot of power. LOL

Anonymous said...

I posted the comment about having read his books and being sorry about wasting my time. That troubled me last night. I'm not sorry that I read the books. I don't agree with everything I read, and I am dubious to his claim of fame, but I did find some of what he had to say to be enlightning. I know that judging someone, ridicule and scoffing are not good things. So, with that said, I am sorry that I took that tact. I have my own ego to deal with in such matters. I'm gonna be huge! see lol