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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It Was a Night Like Any Other Night

Ron Weinland's book "2008 God's Final Witness" has some interesting material which I recently noticed. On page 21, Weinland states:

In addition, at the very end-time, God will give His two witnesses great power to accomplish the work He has for them to do. These two (and others who know them) know exactly the day when Jesus Christ will return. These two will know positively when God gives them this power, and from that time they know that exactly three and one-half years remain.

So back on April 17th during his first timeline, or actually on sunset of the day before, did Ron and Laura "know positively" that they acquired witness powers as they "began their jobs" as the two witnesses?

Ron sure acted like they had, because in the sermon delivered the following Saturday, April 19, he pontificated:
My first exercise in use of power, that God has granted me in Revelation 11, is to you -- you mockers. To you who mock and ridicule God and his prophets. Truly. It begins with you, first and foremost. You will be the first to experience some of the things that begin to take place. You don’t have to wait long. For those who mock from this day forward, by what you say against God’s people, by what you say against the truths of God, by what you say against God's prophets, you will suffer from sickness that will eat you from the inside out. And you will die. Your death will not be quick.”

Weinland was interviewed a couple of weeks later (May 2, 2008) on a radio station about this transition and he (RW) gave this interesting response when queried by the interviewer Mike McConnell (MM).

MM: So uh the night before I mean when the trumpet was about to sound on April the seventeenth did you get a good night’s sleep? The night of the sixteenth into the seventeenth? Or were you too full of anticipation?

RW: [long pause] It was like any other night.

MM: Any other night. OK. Well Ron, we’re gonna talk again, I’d say somewhere around the middle of July how about that?

RW: That sounds great. (This however was his last radio interview with anyone. He reneged on this promise and similar promises to other radio hosts to return and discuss how well his prophecies had been fulfilled.)

Did Weinland delude himself into thinking he'd acquired great witness powers? After all, the biblical day actually begins at sunset on the day before the Roman calendar date. Or as he said in the interview did he realize that nothing had happened and was continuing the charade?

When he repeated this acquisition of witness powers on sunset of the evening prior to December 14, did he feel any different than he did at sunset on April 16th? Will he feel any different when he goes through it a third time, possibly later in this year?

And will his witness powers have more efficacy during his third timeline? Doesn't seem that he has them this time, after all it's the eighth week since he reissued his death curse against me.

(Thanks to Weinland Watch for the quotes from Ron's sermon and interview, and also the title of this post. I thought it was worth recycling with the added quote from Weinland's book. Both for the benefit of those who've started following the Insane Liar recently, and those who might've forgotten this earlier interview.)


Dennis said...

I know it must feel like keeping track of flies on manure Mike, but you always do a good job at keeping track of that which should give anyone pause before buying into Ron's delusions. Good job

xHWA said...

Here's a depressing quote for everyone!

"The Worldwide Church of God's apocalyptic predictions, of course, are not unique in the field of religion. The Montanists set a date for the return of Christ in the second half of the second century. The Anabaptists predicted the return of Christ in 1533. Prevalent among European Jews was the belief that the Messiah would come in the year 1648. The Millerites expected the second coming of Christ in 1843. The Worldwide Church of God expected to flee in 1972, with the Second Coming in 1975 (Sept. 6th, to be exact). And the same thing happened when all these dates failed: the delay of the second advent failed to put an end to any of these movements; quite to the contrary it gave them new life and vitality. The failure was always followed by greater efforts to expand their work. "

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...


I find your comparison quite apt. Ron equates my site with a cesspool when his is the stinking mess. Hopefully more who are considering following the false prophet will check for other views.


Unfortunately true. Seems to me that you might have entered Armstrongism after 1975? Were you even aware of the failed 1975 prophecy?

I on the other hand left Armstrongism before 1972. Rest of my family stayed in.

jack635 said...

"it's the eighth week since he reissued his death curse against me.

I get the impression he doesn't like you Mike. Don't fret over it though. I'm sure you will be getting many emails of thanks from former members of PKG over the next year.

There will be those who will continue to follow Ron. There will always be some who need to be led by anyone.

xHWA said...


Yes, I was entering when HWA passed away. I came in late because my mother, who is Roman Catholic, insisted I be a Catholic. My father taught me the mystical ways of the WCG as I grew up, though. I was very much indoctrinated long before I started attending.

I was not made aware of the 1972 failure for some years. When I heard about it and looked in to it, I think it was more of a thing I would mention if I wanted to show how HWA was infallible as opposed to seeing it as a major failure. And it was a major, major failure. I only accepted that truth some years afterwards... toss in a few other major realizations and here I am.

Purple Hymnal said...

More comments from members who joined or were born post-75, can be found on the WW post, The 1975 That Never Was.

I first discovered '75 in Prophecy existed in 2006, on the Painful Truth website. Prior to that, having been a lifelong member of the church, I had never heard of 1975 in Prophecy at all.

The converted parent joined in 1976.

stephanie said...

I'm curious...has "For the Truth" ever responded to any of our blogs to him/her?

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

"For the Truth" made two different comments in reply to my last post.

Pretty much all he/she did was parrot back Weinland's latest version of his BS.

Jack: not counting on getting many letters of thanks from PKG members. I imagine most of them are like "For the Truth". They pray for my death while pretending to pity me for my lack of understanding. Those who've turned over their life savings to the False Prophet will find it particularly hard to leave him.

Stephanie said...

Ok, So he/she really hasn't responded. All of us have had alot to say.