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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Round 2, Weinland Vs Washtay

The exchange between Washtay and Weinland continues from my last post. Again, quotes are in italics with [my comments].

Washtay replies to Weinland's tap dance given in my last post:

Mr. Weinland,

What you said is true as far as me not having been open at all times. I was open as much as I needed to be, however. I have and am dealing with issues in my life and in my personality that are not desirable in the least. My human nature is a horrible thing and I do not like it. It is ever present and I am always trying to shun it from myself.

However, that is not the topic that I brought to you. I feel that you sidestepped the question I asked you. I asked you how you would deal with the interviewers demanding an answer to the fact that we have a president when you said we would not? Would you change the subject? Would you avoid the subject? Or would you justify it in some manner?

Furthermore, how would you approach the question (if raised by anyone) that page 115 in the 2008 book states that before the opening of the seventh seal, the seven thunders (indicating all of them) will become so pronounced that the validity of everything written about them should roar loudly to anyone willing to listen? I do realize that this is limited to those who can hear/see by God's Spirit. What I do not understand is that since the seventh seal is opened and you mentioned just a short time back that we are only now about to enter into the 5th trumpet, how is it that the seven thunders are roaring loudly? Not all of them have even started; though the seventh seal has opened.

[I think Washtay meant "5th Thunder" instead of "5th Trumpet". With all the various "Sevens", it can be confusing and I've heard Ron misstate a "Seven" as well.

Washtay would be pointing out that the 5th Thunder has not even begun to sound, even though the 7th Seal has opened, which contradicts Weinland's book which says that all 7 Thunders would be sounding loudly before the 7th Seal opened. And not one at a time in sequence as Weinland has explained.]

You are right in saying that I have great conflict. You were incorrect in saying that only I can resolve this. One thing I appreciate is the analogy of being before the Nile. I am now, like never before, standing before the Nile with no way but across and only God can get me through this conflict. I hope to come out of this conflict stronger and with a good report of God's work in me.



Good for you, Washtay. Not buying the same old blather.

Weinland responds:

Hello [Washtay],

You don't seem to get what I am telling you and I am not surprised. You are going to great lengths to justify yourself and that is not necessary.
[Wait a minute!!! Washtay's not the one going to great lengths to justify himself -- you are. He's just asking an uncomfortable question.] You are fully wrong when you think that my correction to you has anything to do with being upset at you for questioning anything. Questions are fine, but I have already answered this in the past, as I told you. If you are not able to "hear" then I cannot help you. [Ron can't "help" those who can no longer swallow his lame excuses for his failures.]

As I have already said, I have already given answers in the sermons and announcements in the past. If you do not understand what is being said and you don't "get it" then it is because of that which is spiritual in your life (the lack of it). You need to look inward and repent of what ever sins you have been holding onto and not fully addressing in your life. This is keeping you from grasping what others so clearly see, but you do not.
[Weinland repeats his "blame the member" tactic.]

That which happens in cases like yours is that you begin to interpret God's word on your own and believe you are right in what you are saying, yet you are fully wrong. I can not give this to you by any kind of statements that I haven't made already.
[Shame on you Washtay. Only Weinland is qualified to interpret God's word.]

Because of my time being such as it is this week (and last) I simply do not have the time at the moment to spend more time with you on this matter, and I cannot give this to you spiritually anyway, it is between you and God. It is not between you and me. If you cannot receive what is stated in sermons and announcements (which has to do with God leading and teaching us and YOU) then I cannot give to you what God has already given to the Church. If you want to rely upon your own interpretations, that is your choice. If you want to be a student before God and take these things to Him, with repentance in your life for what you are doing, then perhaps you will come to clearly "SEE" what others see.
[Washtay, are you going to quit thinking for yourself or not?]

Simply put for now, because of your continuation in all this I am asking you to remove yourself from the fellowship for now and keep this upcoming Sabbath on your own.
[Time to protect the remaining sheep.] After the fast, I will contact you by phone and discuss all this with you. You can send me your phone number and the best times to reach you, if indeed you do want to be in fellowship with the Church, as you are not to return until I have counseled you on the matter. [Washtay is not disfellowshipped at this point, just suspended temporarily.]

Ronald Weinland

The exchange concludes in the following post.


xHWA said...

I read Ron's boiler plate response with it's misdirection and blame the victim and "spirit" blah, blah, blah and I just can't believe he's pulling that same old scam on people. It's the exact same thing that he wrote to me 9 years ago.

He's like a smarmy, weasely carny straight from the midway when the festival rolls into town, but each year you know it's the exact same run down games and rides that were there when you were a kid.

He reminds me of that quirky teacher from every high school.. the one with the bad haircut and print short-sleeve button up shirt with a necktie that no one liked and everyone used to call something like "duck butt" behind his back. And no matter how much time goes by, he's still there working at the school. Only now he's got even less hair.

Maybe it was all that time he spent working with portable toilets that's affected his thinking. He's even more full of S. than those porta-potties.

Dennis said...

Ron's comments are chilling to me having seen and heard this bullshit thrown at members who didn't quite see life through the filter of the minister's mind before.

His way of thinking is defective, crude, devious and avoidant. Some form of mental illness or personality disorder at best.

He will get worse as time goes on until there is an implosion of some sort. The question is how many will get hurt by the debris.

Deb said...

That latest exchange really demonstrates the "cultish" behaviour on Ron's part - First to say "You don't get it" - (cuz there is nothing to get) - the elusiveness of the "special knowledge & understanding" - and then to "shun" you.

I agree with Dennis that Ronald has a mental health issue & I agree with xHWA that Ronald has a BIG CON going on.

My concern is that there are people with vulnerabilities (we all have them) out there who can be conned into thinking that Ronald has the answers. This latest exchange clearly demonstrates HE DOES NOT.

Thank you, Washtay for allowing this to be printed for everyone to see - & thanx Mike for keeping that light shining on the truth.


Anonymous said...

I like how Mr. Weinland chose again to not answer the direct question asked of him, but simply commented on "the inability to see" therefore "I don't need to answer the question." -- Logically speaking, if you COULD see, then the question wouldn't be asked. I find myself in the same scenario right now where I'm trying to find the TRUTH in all things...whether it is in scripture or on websites that interpret scripture...or my own thoughts. I only want the TRUTH. Naturally, all students of any topic need to ask questions to achieve a greater understanding. Mr. Weinland seems like, "I've already answered all possible questions spread throughout all my sermons. Go find it." Or, rather he's saying "just trust me." -- That's my two cents. Marc Ryan

Stephanie said...

I have known people that when you confront them with your concerns regarding them, they just turn it around and point it back to you. They are strong minded people that known if you question, then your mind is open, and they hope that turning it back to you will make you look at yourself again and question yourself. That is exactly what RW is doing that to Washtay.
The best thing for him/her to do is walk away. Don't bother asking or trying to get RW to justify anything, he will always bring it back the "questioner."
Washtay will be frustrated because he/she knows their concerns are valid. And they are looking for RW to agree with their concerns. He's never going to do that.

I can get staying in communcation with RW, because frankly, there are folks out there that have to hear this. This man is a "silver tongued devil." to the enth degree!

Mike, thanks for giving me a place to vent!

Mike A (Washtay) said...

I am now writing with my real name because I no longer need to protect my identity. I also want to publicly denounce Ron so that as many people as possible can get away from him. Namely, those friends of mine I left behind.
Washtay is an Algonquin word meaning 'good'. My name is Mike A.
If and when Ron reads this, he will know who I am and I am glad.
I want all who read this and agree with all posts on this site and others to not just read and move on. Do all you can to spread the word about Ron. Do it in a constructive and intelligent way, however. We don't need people thinking we are crazy. That will only make Ron look more appealing to others.

Mike A said...

One more thing came to my mind in terms of the thunders sounding. One of those thunders was for the two witnesses growing in popularity around the world - popularity as far as the world knowing who they are-not 'popularity'.
About this, Ron said he would be on tv some time soon. That was back in 2007.
The only interview he had that could have gotten him onto tv so far was in Australia and it portrayed Ron as a deluded man with a mental illness. It also only aired in Australia - nowhere else.
He has not been on tv since and he can no longer do radio interviews because the hosts are waiting for him so they can declare that he is a false prophet.
To sum it all up...it is near the end of the road for Ron. I am interested in how he will try to keep afloat through all of this and for how long.

Stephanie said...

As we all are...Mike A :-) I am very curious how RW will play his whole "boondoggle" out.!

xHWA said...

like a trapped rat and the water rises....

xHWA said...

I am extremely glad to hear you're out of there, Mike A!

Anonymous said...

I agree the RW has a an extreme mental illness or illnesses. I can say with confidence that one of those illnesses is an extreme case of malignant narcissism. You can Google it and come up with all kinds of information about malignant narcissism and he fits it on all counts, in my opinion. The only thing you can do with a person like that is to get away from them, far, far away...as far away as you can, and stay away. They are, as the name accurately says, highly malignant.

Thank you, Mike A., for your input. It is needed.

Mike A said...

You are welcome Anon.
Your input is as well as your - and other people's - help in getting the word out to all in your email inbox, in your neighborhoods with whom you speak regularly, in any of your social circles, but especially in your own families that this man is not to be believed, let alone followed. You do not want those you care for to fall into this snare, believe me! Do it for yourselves as well as others.

Mike A said...

I am listening to Ron right now and he is saying that the financial problems are thunders right now - even though the economy was supposed to be destroyed twice by now. I wonder how long these people in his church are going to believe this!

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

I wonder how long these people in his church are going to believe this!

Do you think that most of those who bought the 50th "truth" and timeline change will also buy the 51st "truth" (whatever that turns out to be) and the change to the 3rd timeline?

Mike A said...

For the purpose of debate I will say that I do not believe Ron will have a 51st truth.
This 50th truth gives him credibility in itself (so he thinks). Fifty is a spiritual number; 51 would just be ridiculous and Ron knows this. He has done a great job of playing the number game.
Notice how his other 49 truths are all divisible by 7 - 7 times 7 = 49
He wants all to believe that this is God's plan.
I say that if it was God's plan then Armstrong's original 18 truths would be divisible by 7 as well! God doesn't hang things up in the middle and wait for the other half of a plan. If it was God's plan to be by sevens, then so would Armstrong's list of truths be. Armstrong's would have had to end with either 14 or 21.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Mike A:

What do you think is Ron's backup plan for when this second timeline fails?

Maybe a revision to his 50th "truth". Christ will return on Pentecost but he got the year wrong?

Mike A said...

Though I stated this to you via email, I thought I would post it here as well for the purpose of others seeing it though I have additional thoughts from when I answered your question earlier.
You asked...
Mike A:
What do you think is Ron's backup plan for when this second timeline fails?
Maybe a revision to his 50th "truth". Christ will return on Pentecost but he got the year wrong?
I do not believe Ron will be able to go that long. I do think he will ride this up until it begins to look as if his organization is crumbling. At that point I tend to think he and his wife will meet up with their son who has already moved to Germany. This, in my opinion, is why Jeremy has become fluent in German. Weinland is German and with a name like that he will be readily accepted there. This was actually stated to me by Laura while at the Feast of 2006. There has to be money stashed there already.
No one can convince me that a man so cunning as Ron would have only one account in one country! How much has he funneled into Germany disguised as money for Jeremy's college expenses? This is something to think about. He must be giving money to Jeremy to live on since he is not working except for the work he has done for the church. In which case, that money would also not be under investigation since it is simply Jeremy's wages as the COG-PKG's webmaster-of sorts.
Interestingly enough, Jeremy's studies there in Germany was in computer programming. Since this is needed by the church, this makes his college expenses a legitimate church expense that would not need to come out of Ron's accounts. How convienent is that? I cannot prove this is the case but it seems to make sense.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

I've mentioned the possibility of Weinland ending up in Germany.

I understood Jeremy has education in graphic arts and German but graduated from a college here in the US. Is he pursuing a graduate degree of some kind in Germany?

Perhaps Ron's IRS problems will adapt his plans. Jeremy moved to Germany in May/June, and I think it was several weeks later before Ron found out that he was under a criminal investigation. Not up on international law, but I rather suspect Germany would extradite him to face any charges the IRS might present.

Mike A said...

I will admit, and as you know from our earlier chat, I did a lot of speculating on the subject of Jeremy. I was probably wrong. But hey, Ron says the mark of a good follower of Christ is one who can admit to being wrong LOL.
In all seriousness, I was only speculating and should not have presented that as something I knew as a fact. I could not remember when Jeremy had moved there or if his schooling was here or in Germany. I did actually think it was in Germany though so I guess I was wrong in all accounts.