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Friday, February 6, 2009

Weinland Vs Washtay: The Knockout

This post is a continuation of Washtay's story from the last post . I may have the order of these emails a bit out of sequence. Washtay, please let me know if this is the case.

Washtay responds to Ron's suspension notice. As before, emails are in italics along with [my comments]

Mr. Weinland,

As I said to you a couple of times, I have been doing considerable thinking and praying over this matter. This has been spiritual torment for me since I felt that all I had believed in just fell to my feet and I was left to sort out the shards of broken me.

I know that not all of what I believe is from you, THANK GOD. My wife asked me about the Sabbath. This, in her mind, is the main staple of my faith (and it is but she doesn't realize the importance of it or the equal importance of the Holy Days or clean and unclean meats) and so she asked me if I would still not work on Friday nights and Saturdays. Obviously she is eager for me to be able to make more money again. Nonetheless, right away I told her that the Sabbath and the Holy Days and clean and unclean meats are something I WILL NOT give up. I will hold to that as a truth from God and allow Him to guide me as He will. I told her that I did not get that truth from you but from God. I am thankful for those truths and will always owe all I have in life (and life itself) to my awesome Creator. You asked me if my calling was from God and to the true church (not in so many words) or not.

To answer this is not as simple as one may expect. Yes, I do believe that it was God who called me. Yes, I believe that He answered those many, many prayers I had when I asked him where to go, how to worship Him. I do not just believe, I know He did. The difficult part of the answer lies in not whether or not He called me but why and to whom? Upon reading a scripture in 1 Kings I began to think it may be possible in God's ultimate plan to test someone who comes to Him with pleas to determine whether or not that said person will follow Him (their God) or a person (a mere man).
1 Kings 22:19-23 depicts a point in time where God actually used a false prophet to do His work. He not only USED a false prophet but He allowed them to be MADE into false prophets by lying spirits(undoubtedly this was Lucifer).

Paul and the other Apostles, as well as Jesus himself, have a very strong admonition toward anyone who may teach a different Christ than that which was already given for them by Jesus. They say anyone doing so shall be accursed. Obviously they would be speaking of a false prophet as well if one claims to be a prophet and teaches a different Christ than they did. You began teaching a different Christ than what Paul or the other apostles (or Jesus) spoke of in the Bible by saying that Jesus had a beginning through Mary and no beginning before that. You were able to explain it away by saying that God is giving new truth. I ask you - How would God give new truth about His Son when He directed His Apostles and His Son Himself to say that anyone teaching a different Christ is not true!!!??? Does this mean then that Paul was a false teacher? Or does it mean that Jesus could be a false teacher? Or is God Himself incorrect in His own thinking? Or does this mean as it is stated by Jesus and the Apostles that ANYONE who teaches differently than what is already taught in the Bible (specifically about Jesus since God gave and kept His truths about His Son fully in tact) is wrong? This question is rhetorical, by the way.

I was so troubled by all of this and after long deliberation I realized I had little reason to be searching for an answer as I had the answer all along. I was just scared to admit that I also had been so wrong by believing you for all of this time. I know that God says if a prophesy does not come true in the time it is said to be (when spoken in God's name) the prophet is not a prophet of God and did speak presumptuously. You contradicted God Himself when you said in your sermon that you did not speak presumptuously and need not repent. Mr. Weinland, with what else is said in those scriptures, I would not want your fate! May God have mercy on your soul!

Obviously, from what is said in this letter, I MUST remove myself from YOUR organization as it is not God's. It is God and His teachings I must seek. Please make no generic comments about how much pity you feel for those who go out and think they will find truth in the world after they had the truth, on my behalf. Spare it because the truth is what I already have with what I now practice - it just cannot be with you or any of the scattered churches as far as I know - or with traditional Christianity - or Judaism - or Islam - or any belief in this world. It is with God. It will be with God until He (if He does) directs me elsewhere. I will no longer search for religion from this point. I will merely pray and ask for guidance and help and lay my burdens upon my Creator.



After further consideration, Washtay wrote:

Mr. Weinland,

I am at a more even keel at this point since I have rid myself of that initial anger I had when I wrote you last. I do absolutely apologize for how I wrote the last two times. I know it was uncalled for and immature.

In response to your letter here (which played a part in making me angry to begin with) I do actually get that you did give some answers in your sermons. I have always been the one to help the others in my area to remember what details as far as dates, facts, etc. were in certain sermons since I was the young one who could remember. I am not saying that in a haughty way - it is just how it is. I knew quite well which of the questions I asked had already been answered in sermons but like a good lawyer; when presenting an argument you never ask a question you do not already know the answer to.

On that topic, you never did answer this question: How can a prophet (let alone one of the two witnesses of God) give a prophesy and go on to [promise to] admit to being a false prophet if said things do not pan out at a very specific date and then go back on that word?

I do not expect to get an answer to this question after the reply I gave before. I just wanted to make it clear that you indeed had not actually answered the questions I had but continued to patronize me and revert to that age-old comment of understanding my spirit - as if I was possessed. That type of patronizing only fuels fires[,] just for your future knowledge. Counseling people is not your strong point so I hope you take that to heart as it is intended in a very constructive way.


Weinland was not impressed. He responded:

Hello [Washtay],

As per your last few e-mails, you are wrong again! If you do not understand that everything has changed due to the difference in eight months that God has revealed in the 50th Truth, then I cannot give this to you, as this understanding must come from God. You are critical, judgmental, and very far from God spiritually. You seem to have a high estimation of your spiritual insight and knowledge, but your past e-mails have made it clear that you very far from the trunk of the tree. [ So much wrong here. God did not reveal the "50th Truth", it's a total fabrication of Ron. Yes, in Ron's eyes you are far from God (Ron) spiritually. Ron is the one who overestimates his spiritual position.]

Again, you are a disfellowshipped member and you have no part with us at this time (unless you come to complete repentance). If you do repent, you can contact us via e-mail, but from this point forward we are cutting off all communication with you unless and until you do repent. [Got to cut Washtay off before he opens someone else's eyes.]


Ronald Weinland

In last Saturday's sermon, Ron mentioned someone "stirred up" in an email conversation. According to him, he knew the spirit behind the letter. And the response to Ron's first letter was a "little bit worse", but the third letter was "totally off the wall". Ron has low standards for "totally off the wall", I guess any criticism qualifies. In the sermon, he repeated the blame game, that it's sin in your life that will separate you from Ron.

Mr. Weinland,

I got the message in the announcements portion of the sermon yesterday. I understand that it is always considered a bad thing for the congregation to question things when they are not perceived as correct. I also do not like it when my children question the authority my wife and I have in our household and I admonish them to follow first and then the answer most often will be presented to them. Often, simply doing the task told to do will provide the answer of, why do I need to do this? It is so often that people are impatient for answers to things for which they simply need to wait, listen, and allow time for the reason to be presented.

With this said, I would totally understand you’re upset if this is what I had done. However, it is not. I had never questioned anything previously and never would question what I am told to do/follow by God. I do not presume to know what God knows or to know better than He. I was not questioning His truths. I was actually going by His own word in the Bible where He gives an outline as to how we know whether a prophecy comes from Him or it doesn't.

The timeline change I was not okay with at first but I did not want to question that which God had established, therefore, I continued on with what we believe. Then when the seventh seal was "opened" (November 14th) and what you wrote in the book was not what was reality in the world, I wondered silently. When the elections took place I twitched nervously and hoped for something to take place which would prevent the day of the inauguration. When the inauguration took place, I truly had(have) a problem.

Of course, you know what scriptures I am referring to in this. They are in Deuteronomy and in Matthew. I think it is not right for you to talk about removing me from fellowship just because I state a place in the Bible that shows there are discrepancies with that which you have stated. I think, instead, you could address those issues as they are issues of great importance. I believed that God could (possibly/maybe, again I can never know with certainty what is in God's mind except for that which He states in His word) allow you to have the wrong timing as a way of cleansing the fellowship of those who are in with false intentions. From what God states in His word, I cannot make myself convinced that He would allow you to state on national/international radio right after announcing yourself to be a prophet that there would be no new president take office in 2009 because the country would be "down the tubes by that time" if it was not going to come to be. That would be God setting His own prophet up for a fall. According to His own word, He does not allow that. In fact, never before have any of the prophets of God had that happen in Bible record.

I feel that a person must bring to the table any issues they have problems with when their problems are scripturally based and not based on their own thinking. My problem here is scripturally based - it is according to God's word. To try and remove me from fellowship when I bring this type of issue up would be a public declaration on your part that you know there are problems with your own words.

As I stated to you previously, I am in a time of prayer and am working on allowing God's answers in my mind rather than my own thinking.


Washtay has a follow-on message to those still in COG-PKG.

To all those who heard Ron's sermon on 1-31-09. Do you realize how he did not mention my name or even say that this person he is speaking of is, in fact, disfellowshipped? This is because he knows I have a power over him and can prove his falsehood!!! He knows this and is a little fearful. I want this message to get out as much as possible before the next Sabbath service so that out of all that hear him, some will have heard the truth about him and shrug him off!!!

Washtay has revealed himself as "Mike A" in a comment to the previous post in this series. That should identify him to COG-PKG members in his local area. Mike, thanks for sharing your story. I hope your message will get through to others still trapped by the false prophet's lies. But in reading through your emails here, your journey did not happen overnight. Hopefully more will have their eyes opened so that they can see past Ron's deception but it will take awhile. As for yourself, continue to question. Question everything.


Dennis said...

This has been a fascinating exchange between "Minister" and member. Ron Weinland is on "I'm the minister" autopilot parroting phrases and misconceptions he has held in his mind for decades. He knows not how to actually discuss things with others. He is stuck pulling out the control, fear, guilt and shame cards.

Ron has revealed himself to be quite shallow and Washtay has deprived him of his narcissistic supply now. Therefore, he does not need him around.

God on you Washtay! You sound like a very gentle and caring person. You get pushed to finally examine yourself and say what you really feel and let it go. Then you apologize for being rude. I have done the same at times so I feel I know how you think a bit. Don't apologize anymore. Think for yourself and be yourself. That's your purpose now.

It is obviously on Ron's mind since he mentioned it in a sermon, which is unethical. The reason he mentioned it is that he knows others feel the same and Washtay will "lead them astray" He is doing damage control and sending the message "how stupid" so others won't think to be so stupid themselves. He's worried about this.

Of course, these kinds of things will built up in his church and make him angry. He will then go back to Jerusalem and smite the earth with drought and death to vent. After three and half years, he'll die of fatigue and premature aging, and Jesus will say, "Ron who?"

Anonymous said...

What Weinland does is nothing short of spiritual bullying. I hope more and more of his followers start to question Ron like Washtray did. That way, the true heart and spiritual rottenness of Ron Weinland will be made manifest to everyone.
Washtray certainly sounded like an abused person who was afraid to leave the abuser. This is typical of the authoritarian stanglehold mentality of ministers in most COGs. Weinland's ministry is a sham and he has to intimidate, manipulate, and demean to retain control.
Get out folks, the exit door is right in front of you. Choose to run or choose to stay in the burning building. The choice is yours.

Mary Lane said...

This poor guy is becoming a victim of his own set ideas that we have to live by the temple rituals and Old Covenant handwritten rules, which Paul clearly says were nailed to the cross in Col.2:14-17,and the Spiritual 'Temple' is now Christ(John 2:19-21)
There is obviously no physical temple now, which means no need for tithes,or laws of clean and unclean,or keeping the Sabbath as a day(we enter the Spiritual Rest in Christ instead-Heb.4:5-6)
Unfortunately, he is easy prey for the merchandizers and false prophets, unless he begins to look at what God says about false prophets(ie, Deut.18:20-22)

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Actually he has already been a victim. I just hope that Washtay/Mike doesn't repeat this with another false prophet. Somehow I think he's learned a difficult lesson and will not going down this path with another false prophet.

Washtay, please check out my reply to your PM's.

Stephanie...Had just about enough of Him said...

Mr. Weinland,

As I am writing this, I am listening to your sermon….2/7/09. God revealing certain “things” to “us”, I’m sure you mean your church. You talk about “the church” planning for the holidays….I don’t understand…..why would church have to plan for holidays??? Aren’t they a given…..according to what you have preached to your church? You also speak about God revealing things to your church through you. I have listened to, many, many of your sermons, and God, according to you, revealed the truth. Now God has changed his mind? I think you are listening to the news, and reading a lot of information, just like the rest of us are, and you are playing on this, AND in God’s name. That disturbs me! I DO believe in God. My God has love and mercy, because he created us WITH faults, and forgave us with those. As long as we keep love in our hearts…..
Your message leaves all of that out. You condemn your church for thinking on their own, and new people listen to this. I pray for you, with all my heart. I still don’t understand how someone, as a human being can take advantage of people when they are looking for some sort of hope. God forgive you for what you are doing.

A Former Follower

xHWA said...

Let's take a closer look at what the One Witnesses says:

"I cannot give this to you spiritually anyway"... "It is not between you and me"
False humility, but the only truth here. If not Ron, then who?

"If you want to be a student before God and take these things to Him"
A student before God?... hmmmm... let's see about that.

"I am telling you"... "my correction".... "I have already answered"... "I cannot help you"... "I have already given answers"... "statements that I haven't made"... "my time"... "what is stated in [my] sermons"... "I am asking you"...

And again he says:
"interpret God's word on your own" [in other words, 'you can't do it without without me']

God, eh? Then why talk about himself so much? Heh. In one place he says "I can't give to you" and turns right around and says "I have already given you". Well, which is it?

A petty liar and hypocrite is always trapped in his own words. Ron is not particularly intelligent. He fumbles around like a petty thief. See, he doesn't catch people because he's particularly crafty, he's just charismatic, and he relies on people selling themselves on his fear and doubt. They are self-deluded - he need only keep them that way. As soon as they wake up to the filth that's in his pretty little package, he's once again without much ammunition. If he didn't have other minds working on his interpretation issues, it would have been plain to all his followers that his pants are around his ankles long ago.
This reminds me of a great quote, "Mediocrity knows nothing greater than itself." He's an imbecil, and a one-act circus. He is a fallen man, twice dead, a whitewashed tomb, and I feel so very sad for him because the end of him is going to be so much worse than the money he enjoys now. He should make friends with the money while he has it, when it's gone they will welcome him into an everlasting home [the grave] (LUKE 16: 9). The weeping and gnashing of teeth is especially reserved for him. He has earned his double portion of condemnation as well as his many stripes, and he will not escape.

jack635 said...

"All who came before me are thieves and robbers."

Ronald Weinland is a spiritual rapist.