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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Three More Weeks

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Bowling Green, KY yesterday. The first part of the sermon was plagued with interference, perhaps from Ron's cell phone. The Silent Witness had to speak up so the situation could be corrected. Usually it's someone else's cell phone that causes interruptions.

Weinland again read his long list of travel destinations through Pentecost.

Acknowledging that the HWA article he started reading last weekend was in the Feb 1972 "Tomorrow's World" and not the "Good News", Ron continued on reading about Hoeh's 19-year time cycle theory. I'm still looking for him to weave 19-year time cyles into an explanation for the failures of his prophecies.

Weinland talked about HWA's constant message that the end was 5 to 10 years away, how as a result people were reluctant to have children, and every time buying a car thinking it would be the last one. Weinland thinks that's good, I strongly disagree.

Repeating his "where eagles (vultures) gather" theme, he mentioned the many stirred up people picking on his tiny church. Ron, there aren't enough "stirred up" people picking on you but there are far too many people in your tiny church on whom you are picking. By the way, who are all these many people who are picking on you?

The last part of his sermon was spent reading selected news articles on the economy. Ron gives credit to the two-day fast and members prayers and petitions for bringing the stock market down this week. It's all about the dollar.

"Three More Weeks" is the title of this post and also that of a sermon Weinland gave March 29 in which he promised to stop preaching and acknowledge he was a false prophet if his prophesies didn't materialize by the end of July. Three weeks from yesterday is March 14, which is 90 days after December 14 when Ron and Laura rebegan their jobs as the Two Witnesses in the second timeline. In his first timeline, Weinland prophesied that nuclear explosions would happen within 45 to 90 days after the first time they began as the Two Witnesses back in April, or by July 16th.

In some circles within COG-PKG it was expected that the Second Trumpet (nuclear explosions) would occur within 45 to 90 days in the second timeline. From the pulpit, Ron has moved expectations out beyond that. I guess we'll see, in three more weeks.

And now over 9 weeks since Weinland re-pronounced his death curse on me.


Mary Lane said...

I love it when the false prophets prophesy a downfall in American economy! Remember when HWA did this in regards to what would happen to America by the '70s? how we would lose our wealth, and would have crop failures,etc.
The 70s turned out to be very prosperous years. I look for the stocks to go back to normal or better, thanks to the false prophets of this country.
But I am sure God will give the Ron and his crew of minions enough rope to hang themselves, and then they will either have to admit they are wrong or roll up their britches legs and run off screaming.

Anonymous said...

I am an ex-HWA follower (from the time I was young). This "sky is falling", end-of-the-world doom and gloom propaganda definitely has an audience. I know, I was part of it. There was something enticing about thinking I had some special knowledge or think that I was somehow being called at the end time for something special. Everyone wants to be special, I did, even Ron Weinland. Ron's problem is that he so desperately wants to be special, that he thinks he is convinced that he thinks he is a prophet from God. From an early age, Ron was sucked into believing the "end of the world" theology. Eventually, he became disillusioned over HWA's death and the death of the special feeling he had from childhood through young adulthood.

Since he couldn't cope, he created a world of his own, albeit delusional, thinking that he has a special pipeline to God giving him a prophetic message (which is mostly just rehashed Armstrongism with a few extra teachings thrown in).

The end result? Well, look at 2008. Obviously, he was not accurate on anything he wrote in his books. He spoke with such convincing fervor, and I believe that he truly believed what he was saying. Of course, he still carries that same need to feel special, and that translates into an almost total denial of reality.

His followers must also have the same types of yearnings that I used to have to feel special: to matter and to make a difference. Their "guts" tell them that something is about to happen, so they stay vigilant. If Weinland is wrong, then their god is wrong.

But, here's the crux of the matter for me, and I had to learn this the hard way since I was a part of the HWA movement. When I learned about who the real Jesus was, and what His plan was really about, I stopped worrying about the end of the world. That's it. Jesus told me to not worry, even HE doesn't even know when the end will come. When the light bulb went off in my head, and I truly turned in faith to Jesus, my worries about life after death ceased. Really. I became helpless and I stopped trying to climb the ladder of works to prove I was "worthy" for His kingdom. If it can happen to me, it can happen to Weinland's followers too.

I know, to some of you this will sound too much like traditional Christianity. Stuff that you rejected for your current religious life. Man how I scoffed at traditional Christianity! But I can tell you now, that I bear testimony in my bones what Christ can do-- to put the salve on your eyes and help you see the Gospel, the real reason that he came to die.
Thanks to the blog owner for not deleting my comment.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

To Anon 5:37 I'll allow simple statements of belief, but I have to say that yours came close to preaching.

As far as Weinland's involvement with Armstrongism, it didn't begin until he was almost 20. He hasn't mentioned much about his life prior to that, other than he was a typical wild teen.

I doubt that HWA's death disillusioned him, but he had to come up with explanations for HWA's failures.

jack635 said...

And he's gonna have to come up with explanations for his own failures. The continuing changes to his timeline are soon going to wash out with his followers.

Anonymous said...

Citizen X has a great post today. I think that the masses are now questioning their Khan. Wait until March and the ensuing revolution and Ron Weinland will finally, hopefully, be put into the annals of false prophecy. Too bad we don't follow the OT scriptures concerning such a man.

jack635 said...


"No one is to stone anyone until I blow this whistle!"

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

I think that a few will question Weinland and then recognize that he's a false prophet. But I also think that most will continue to follow him, particularly those who were part of "the scattering" in the vain hope that they really are sealed as part of the 144,000.

As far as Citizen X, if Weinland were to announce a third timeline, or even come out with an emphatic statement that the 45-90 day window doesn't apply, then Citizen X will give him another chance.

jack635 said...

10-4 Mike
Even though Citizen X has set a date to proclaim RW prophet or phoney, I agree he could just close the current post(or delete it like he did with DW's comments) and carry on with another topic that is pro-Weinland, complete with excuses and explanations.

But it doesn't hurt to hope for what's best.

Richard said...

If you believe in 19-year time cycles, I have to ask: what happened in 1991?

The retaking of Kuwait occurred in January-February. Then.... well, what exactly?