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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weinland Tends the Flock

Recent commenter "Washtay" has shared with me the interaction he's had with False Prophet Ronald Weinland. Initially, he asked Ron what he would say to a radio interviewer asking about the failure of his prophecy regarding no inauguration of a president last month. Here is Ron's response to Washtay [with my comments/edits].

Hello [Washtay],

Indeed I can appreciate your frustration, but I cannot help you with the confusion you are experiencing. [Of course you can't help, Ron -- you're the cause of the confusion.] It is a spiritual matter. [Yes Ron, we know. Everything's "spiritual".] These things have been addressed in sermons. The 50th Truth did change the timing of everything and God allowed it to be so. [50th Truth? Hah! You made it up based on counts between different dates in desperation when your first timeline failed.] Everything that was stated in interviews was based on lack of that truth. [No, your statements were based on your fantasies.] If you cannot accept that then there is nothing I can do to help you. It is frustrating to some degree, but new truth is always exciting as well, and it also reveals errors in past understanding. [Got that backwards, Ron. First we had the error revealed, then the "truth" was rolled out.] When God reveals new truth to us, it always opens up more doors of greater understanding and excitement for His plan and purpose that is being worked out. [ "His" plan? No, your plan which you make up as you go along. What's your current plan "B"?]

Not knowing the 50th Truth and all that it changed in no way affects my job as a prophet or takes away from that job in any manner. [I agree with that. Can't take away or affect something that doesn't exist. Ron, you were never commissioned as a prophet, except by yourself.] It is a matter of God's own choosing as to when He reveals truth and what he allows us to believe and even live incorrectly (ie Pentecost being observed for decades on a Monday rather than Sunday).[No, not God's choosing. A man's. First it was HWA, now it's REW.]

I cannot give to you what only God can give because your inability to "see" and understand what I have given in sermons over the past several months is a spiritual matter and can only be revealed and seen spiritually. [Inability to see? Yes, in the sense that if you clean your glasses you won't be seeing dirt instead of your surroundings.] If these things you mention trouble you and you believe that I am not God's true prophet, then you really have no other choice before God (if you are going to be true to Him for what you believe) but to remove yourself from fellowship. [Actually, I agree (mostly).] How can you listen to a false prophet teach you each Sabbath and still be true to God? [Good question.] You ask me how I can justify comments made in the past, especially on national radio. Candidly, I am not justify[ing] anything I have stated incorrectly, but I have delivered to all the truth in the matter and explained fully "why" these changes have occurred. [For sure you haven't justified anything to a radio host -- you simply haven't returned as you promised them. What you have delivered is a fresh crock of garbage to replace the garbage that had rotted and started to stink (worse).]

You mentioned how you came to know the truth. Was it from and was it through God's true Church and His true ministry or wasn't it? Only you can answer that for yourself. [It's my observation that the best lies rest on a solid foundation of truth.] Indeed I do feel for those who are having battles, but that also is part of God's design in our lives as true character and true humility do not come without such fiery trials that test us. [Now don't be blaming this conflict on God. It's all on you, Ron.]

It has always, and I repeat, ALWAYS been my experience as a minister that if individuals are not able to "hear" God then it is the result of some sin in their life that is not being fully repented of and of course that becomes hypocrisy, deeper pride, and living in a way that is against God's spirit and against Christ. I know and you know that you have not been open with me concerning some of this sin that is in your life. Perhaps rather than focusing on me and your ideas that I am "justifying" myself, maybe you should instead be looking inward. [So here we have it. One of Weinland's favorite techniques -- blame the member. Since we're all human and have failings, then any questioning of Ron is the result of some "sin" that the member has. Washtay, wise choice if you haven't been open with this exploiter.]

You do have great conflict that you and only you can resolve. It is a spiritual matter and only you can work this out between you and God. [Yes, Washtay does have a conflict. But it's not between him and God. It's between him and the delusions that you've force-fed him.]

Most sincerely [ Sincerely, huh?],

Ronald Weinland

Somewhat a contrast between Armstrongism and Catholicism. If you confess your sins to a priest, he has you say a few "Hail Mary's" and you're absolved until you commit a fresh batch of sins. An Armstrongite minister offers no forgiveness. Instead your sins are used as a weapon against you, even if you haven't confessed them in detail. And should you be foolish enough to confess them in detail, you're bound to hear more about it. A priest is prohibited from sharing your confession, an Armstrongite will use it against you.

Members are blamed when they fail to "see" Ron's fantasies as "truth". And as a commenter on another post pointed out, they've been set up to be blamed when the "thunders" don't materialize. If only they'd prayed harder.

I have more material from this exchange, but I think this is plenty to chew on right now.


xHWA said...

As a recipient of a Weinland email myself, I tried to tell Washtay what Ron would say in reply. I hope my message got to Washtay in time.

BTW... I wasn't disappointed. Ron is the same yesterday, today and forever -- messed up.

Anonymous said...

"So here we have it. One of Weinland's favorite techniques."

One of the church's favourite techniques as well. That's pretty much textbook ministry, right there, that email is practically a pre-flight (disfellowshipment) checklist. Check, check, check.

Read Lifton!!

Anonymous said...

Weinland doesn't want to be accountable for anything he says. According to the Bible that he preaches from, he is a false prophet. The thing is, will his followers follow God on this or continue to follow a man?
If you follow Ron, then you are as a sheep being led to the slaughter.

xHWA said...

"According to the Bible that he preaches from, he is a false prophet."

Darned right!!

"will his followers follow God on this or continue to follow a man?"

Follow a man. No doubt in my mind.

In the March 1993 Philadelphia Trumpet, the end-time Elisha for to come said this:

"Of course, there are different groups of lukewarm and dead churches. But Mr. Armstrong ALWAYS PREACHED THAT GOD WORKS THROUGH ONLY ONE MAN AND ONE CHURCH! The rest are deceived....
This leader I quoted earlier [Meredith] is teaching a satanic doctrine! IT IS VERY UNBIBLICAL TO SAY THERE ARE BRANCHES OF GOD'S TRUE CHURCH!....

Where did I get this new revelation? As Paul said, it was "NOT AFTER MAN." It came from God! Members of God's Church who can't see that revelation are BLIND!....

-Gerald Flurry, "Philadelphia Trumpet", March 1993, p. 28

If that doesn't speak volumes about the Armstrongist mindset and following a man, I'm not sure what will. And RW is right there on top of the same steaming pile, humping away at the leg of his real god - Mammon.

Deb said...

I can empathize with Washtay, as I was drawn into RW's web of lies back in the beginning of 2008. Thankfully by March 22/08 I saw Ron's 'true colours' and exited fellowship and stopped tithing.

A couple of things need to be re-emphasized re: Ronald Weinland. He has had many an opportunity to admit his errors, yet he continues to deflect them to whom 'he calls God' & to those who continue to hang on RW's every word. No matter how sound an argument is placed before him, he is NOT going to admit he is wrong. He cannot afford to lose face and lose the $$$ income, and adoration he is receiving from his followers. This is his bread & butter. His trips around the world. His beautiful home. His EGO trip.

Ronald is not truthful and is NOT true to his word. As his own words spelled out in his "IF by Pentecost" speech, HE DID NOT ADMIT TO BEING A FALSE PROPHET. Prior to Pentecost, in response to Ronald's promise to return $$$ contributions, I sent a written request to have the $$$ which I had sent to COG-PKG refunded. It DID NOT happen.

Much of what Ronald Weinland speaks & teaches is from his own imagination. He fabricated the 7 thunders - He made it up - Of course they are not going to materialize. In the same way, he made up the first timeline, and then the second timeline and before long will probably make up a third timeline.

My own conclusions about Ronald include that I doubt he even really believes in 'God'- He doesn't have a conscience - He easily goes out on a limb as 'God's spokesman' since he doesn't believe there will be any retribution for his actions.

I hope these few words get through to any who might still be 'sitting on the fence' about believing in Ronald Weinland.

Thanx, Mike, for continuing to shine the light of truth on this situation.

Sincerely, Deb

Anonymous said...


What kind of relationship did you have with Weinland? Were you an elder or just a member? Did you attend his sermons regularly? I am surprised that Ron would not have spoken with you in person or over the phone. Ron always expressed that he would much rather pick up the phone and converse, instead of writing a letter. It appears that you had somewhat of a relationship with Ron, because he did take the time to write a lengthy letter. On the other hand, if a person was not paying tithes appropriately, then he would be angry and upset and would address the issue directly with the individual. I assume most people, if they were in this position, would avoid Ron and not be present in an area where he was giving his weekly sermon. Do you know how Ron would have known whether an individual was actually paying the appropriate amount of tithe? Ron would always make reference that a specific person was not paying his tithes appropriately and that he needed to address the issue? At one point, many years ago in a sermon, he would state that if you did not pay the appropriate tithe to God, then you would be barred from attending Sabbath services and being a member in good standing. Consequently, Weinland would state "...that you would be on the outside looking in."

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Washtay's tussle with Ron did not involve either of Weinland's two stated biggest sins: tithing and sabbath-keeping.

But it had everything to do with the very biggest sin -- failing to totally believe Ron's every utterance. I mean that is, his latest utterance since it likely contradicts another utterance he made a few months ago.

More details in my next post.