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Monday, November 10, 2008

False Prophet Ronald Weinland on AOL

False Prophet Ronald Weinland stated recently that he was going to resume advertising on Google. But attempts to find sponsored links for his "the-end.com" website from different Google search terms were fruitless.

Checking Alexa showed that something is going on. Traffic to Weinland's website decreased dramatically in June when he changed to the second timeline and cut his advertising budget. But suddenly in early October it picked up again.

It seems that Weinland is going after another demographic -- that of AOLers. A visit to AOL Search and trying out some keywords resulted in sponsored links to Weinland's website for his book.

Interestingly, a search on the keywords "False Prophet Ronald Weinland" resulted in a hit, as shown here. Searches for "2012" and "economic collapse" also return sponsored links.

I'm surprised that the volume from AOL is nearly as high now as it was from his Google campaign earlier in the year. Please keep your eyes open to see if there are other sources referring links to "the-end.com".

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike:

Good to see that you are continuing with updates on ILFPRW (Insane Lying False Prophet Ron Weinland) - Since many of the other blog sites have cooled down for now, these AOLers will need to have a current resource to bring sanity, truth & balance to counter the lies & false fear mongering that they would be exposed to in Ron Weinland's recent change of campaign -

Let us not forget that these "Thunders" have been named & claimed by none other than Ronald himself - supposedly as proofs that he is "The Spokesman of the God of Abraham..." - He has manufactured these Thunders out of thin air and without any substantiating proof - He puts them forth, with slight of hand, as if he can back them up with passages from the Bible and his own "prophetic language" -

As we witnessed in April 2008 with the failures of Ron's first timeline, and as we are witnessing again with the failures of Ron's second timeline, the Thunders are non-existent-

I'm hoping that those who are exposed to him through AOL will see that there are archives of information already available by those who, like yourself, have been keeping abreast of Ron's campaign since last Spring 2008 -

Thank you for all your efforts