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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Refail Ron, Weinland's Third Thunder

False Prophet Ronald Weinland wrote the following on page 97 of his fiction epic "2008 God's Final Witness":
"The Third Thunder is the growing destructiveness from weather."
And on page 115:
"During the Sixth Seal, all Seven Thunders will be getting progressively louder."

According to Weinland, the Sixth Seal started on September 11, 2001. And it ends when the Seventh Seal opens. Weinland has set two dates for the Seventh Seal opening: (1) March 18, 2008 and (2) November 14, 2008 -- this coming Friday. The second date was set after the Great Tribulation failed to materialise in accordance with Weinland's first timeline.

Whichever of these two dates you want to look at, the Third Thunder prophecy failed even before the beginning of the year. In his book written in 2006, the Insane Liar mentioned Hurricane Katrina as the costliest natural disaster in US history. If the Third Thunder was getting progressively louder, the disaster bill would be higher in each succeeding year.

Yet when I visited the National Climatic Data Center for statistics on the disaster bill, I found the following chart:

Ronald Weinland's Failed 3rd ThunderLooking at the blue and red lines, the damage cost decreased in 2006 and decreased further in 2007. Looking at the red line which adjusts for inflation, the damage costs in 2006 and 2007 were lower than that for 2001 when the Sixth Seal supposedly opened.

So much for a progressively louder thunder. This one failed even before the beginning of 2008. And it failed before the beginning of 2007, when Weinland asked his followers to dig deep to support his apocalyptic fantasies. Too bad they didn't study his book carefully and look for verification before turning over their life savings to a false prophet.

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