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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weinland's Elders Enjoying the Good Life

Weinland elders conference Last March 29, False Prophet Ronald Weinland had a conference of all his elders in preparation for his first prophetic timeline. Since they're in the beginning stages of Weinland's second timeline, he called a second elders conference this past weekend. This weekend's elders conference was held at the Embassy Suites in Murfreesboro which is a new hotel in the Nashville area. Giving them a taste of of how Weinland lives in his home, the elders and wives enjoyed the meals, accommodations, and amenities paid for with the lay membership's first tithes and 75% of second tithes. Also, a new elder has joined the ranks, one Ken Zitt in the Cincy area.

In preparation for the millions expected to join the COG-PKG during the coming Great Tribulation, Weinland added another layer of church government. Senior elders are to report to Johnny Harrell, and the remaining US elders are to report to the senior elder over their area. Three were named senior elders: Jim Jamieson in the Northwest, Jimmy Carlisle in Texas, and Stephen Dalrymple over the remainder of the US.

Weinland continued with his "Total Resolve with Zeal" series. He delivered a heaping load of guilt on those who questioned him as God's prophet when the first timeline failed miserably. Seems there was a good deal of questioning and murmuring during the week between June 21 when he rescinded the first timeline and June 28 when he revealed the 50th "truth" and officially revealed the second timeline first revealed on this blog the week before. God showed much grace and mercy by not striking them dead for daring to speak out against "God's prophet". ReFail Ron accused them of being motivated by false pride for being embarrassed for having supported him and his false prophecies.

The Weinlands and the Harrells made a special trip last April for the start of his job as Spokeman Witness. There is no such trip mentioned for the ReStart on December 14. The only trips he has mentioned are Detroit next weekend, the UK on Nov. 29, and Belgium/Netherlands the following weekend on Dec. 6.

The closest the false prophet came to mentioning the 1290 day or ReOpening of the Seventh Seal the day prior was that it (Saturday) was the 1289 day. If there had been an event that put the world in shock and in horror the day before, he'd have been all over it. But since there wasn't, better to pretend it hadn't happened. Best not to wear out the "it's spiritual" explanation.

One can only hope that Weinland's remaining followers will soon find some salve for their eyes so that they can see that they're not following God -- they're following a false prophet who has exploited them. And it is exploitation, whether or not the false prophet believes the nonsense he's spewing.


Dill Weed said...


I'm not looking for a prophet and haven't sent any preacher money.

I am curious about different beliefs about the End Times. I've read widely about the topic.

I want God to get on with it. The Four Horsemen haven't ridden yet b/c the first Horseman is the Anti-Christ.

It seems there will have to be a change in the global order which will present a path to ascendancy for the Anti-Christ to come to power.

The financial and climate crisises may be it. But that still puts Christ's return at least 8 years away assuming the AC appears within a year. Remember, the 7 year peace treaty with Israel which the AC breaks 3 1/2 years in.

I want to see The End. That's all

Dill Weed

jack635 said...

November 14th has come and gone with a minor earthquake in Indonesia that killed at least one person.
That does not count as a sign in my books. Earthquakes happen all the time. The ILFPRW has failed yet again and will continue to fail.
We have been listening to his voice sermons and now we get to see him lie on Sunday 23rd of November on ABC Australia

Anonymous said...

does the fact that he is adding postions in the church to help with all the tithes coming in as soon as the nukes go off mean he actually beleives himself?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
does the fact that he is adding postions in the church to help with all the tithes coming in as soon as the nukes go off mean he actually beleives himself?

Or, Ron is empowering his followers, so they artifically believe that they are valued and worthy of Weinland's and God's grace. It could be only a manipulation strategy for persuading his followers to continue supporting and sending in tithes and offerings for Ron and Laura's retirement.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't doubt the "restructuring" of the "offices" in leadership has something to do with "taxes" and looking more business structured. Not so much like one guy that controls everything and has his hand in the money jar...

Anonymous said...

But...his hand is still in the money jar of course.