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Friday, November 7, 2008

Refail Ron, Weinland's Second Thunder

Continuing my series on False Prophet Ronald Weinland's refailed prophecies concerning the Seven Thunders of the Sixth Seal defined in his book "2008 God's Final Witness, I address Weinland's Second Thunder: earthquakes.

On pages 95-96 of his book Weinland defines the Second Thunder and mentions the tsunami of December 2004. Then he went on to state:
"The greatest destruction and loss of life from earthquakes is the direct result of collapsing buildings or the power unleashed in the form of a tsunami. Volcanoes are also associated with
earthquakes. All these things will continue to wreak havoc on man and nature in an ever increasing magnitude as we approach the very end of this age."

There have been destructive earthquakes since the tsunami. The most recent event that comes to mind was the earthquake in China last spring. But nothing of that significance comes to mind since then. Nothing in the headlines that I read.

On page 96 of his book, Weinland continued on to write:
"All Seven Thunders will increase in power and recognition over the next two years (from the date of the first printing of this book) and on into the final three and one-half years of great tribulation."

Not trusting my memory, I went to the US Geological Survey website and downloaded their earthquake data since Nov of 2006, which is shortly before Weinland's tome was published. Using Excel I generated the chart below.

Ronald Weinland's Failed 2nd ThunderThis chart shows a dot for each event, with the horizontal axis being the date and the vertical axis being the magnitude of the earthquake. Each unit of magnitude increases in intensity by a factor of 10. While events of magnitude 5 and higher are shown, earthquakes of magnitude 6 will damage only poorly constructed buildings.

Clicking on the chart should show a larger version. Looking at the data, if there is any kind of trend over the last two years it is that earthquakes have decreased in magnitude, at least the most powerful ones. For sure, there's no increase in the second thunder, no increase in power or recognition.

The US Geological Survey has also compiled statistics on earthquake trends.
Graphs of Worldwide Earthquake Activity.
Statistics of Earthquake Activity, Both for the US and Worldwide.
If you have the impression that earthquake activity has increased....

With less than a week remaining before the second end of the Sixth Seal, we can clearly see that the Second Thunder (Earthquakes) has not been getting progressively louder as Ron prophelied. Yet another failed prophecy.

"Second end of the Sixth Seal?" you might ask. Per Weinland's current timeline, the Sixth Seal ends on November 14 when the Seventh Seal is opened. But the Insane Liar's current timeline is his second timeline. In his first timeline, the Seventh Seal opened on March 18th.

The only ones who have ears to hear this thunder are those who have given their life savings to the False Prophet in the false hope that they will be sealed as part of the 144,000. The actual number of COG-PKG members who have been sealed is a big fat goose egg. Zilch.


Anonymous said...

Your wrong about your earthquake analysis...constant 5 and 6 alot of activity around the world..,The earth is constantly moving inside and is about ready for the big one`s...Pay heed your hatred for this man is obvious yet at least he has the balls to say God`s revealation is about to take place...Do i think he and his wife are the witness`es..."NO"..Yet they will witness what is going to happen as "YOU" and everyone...

Mike (EkimKS) said...

The anonymous one said:
constant 5 and 6

Then you agree with me. The earthquake activity has been constant over the last two years, as opposed to increasing as Weinland predicted in his book.

Thank you for your support.

Dill Weed said...

Whoa! anonymous,

Seems like you must not be following the story as it develops. Ole Ron has not only declared himself a prophet but one of the Two Witnesses.

You state you don't believe he or his wife are the Two Witnesses. That's a good start, but think about it a little more.

The bible says not to fear a prophet whose words don't come true. As Mike has shown this has repeatedly been the case with Ron. Not to mention that Ron has things set up where he's benefititing from the tithes of those unfortunate enough to believe him.

I don't think Mike hates Ron. I think He hates what Ron is doing.

Ron has left himself open for ridicule and more. He manifestly deserves it. To watch the unraveling of Ron's prophecies here is something I really enjoy.

I was raised a JW so I know a thing or two about failed prophecies and weasel worded explanations of 'New Light' and 'Tacking' (somthing JW's would say proves other religons are false, but not them.)

Ron and others have set themselves up for more than searing words.

As for the Apocalypse, the sooner the better.

Dill Weed

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, "the earthquakes as a thunder" were supposed to have increased in intensity, prior to March 18, 2008, when the seventh seal was opened the first time.

Weinland is now on Timeline #2, and all indications appear that he is heading for Timeline #3, come Christmas of this year.

That's right, folks, Witless Weinland's "seals" are getting as much workout as a set of Zip-loc bags!

jack635 said...

"your hatred for this man is obvious"

I have been away for a couple of weeks and I can't believe Dr. Mike would have developed a hatred for ILFPRW in that short period of time. I have never read any comment from him that suggests hatred. Moreso he enlightens people about what Ronald Weinland really is. The only hatred I have read is in the comments of pro Weinlandism against Mike. I am sure after all this time he has a comment proof vest.

Anonymous said...

im still alive,why?

Mike (EkimKS) said...

im still alive,why?

You must not have mocked Weinland loudly enough, or severely enough.

No, that can't be it. I've mocked ILFPRW relentlessly since the redeclaration of his death curse, and I'm still alive.