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Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's Deja Vu All Over Again -- Three More Weeks

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Detroit for the sermon on Saturday. The title of his sermon was "Three More Weeks, Phase 2 (Deja Vu)" Seems that Weinland uses the term "phase" instead of "timeline" as "Three More Weeks" was the title of his March 29 sermon in the first timeline.

He claims that his church grew 300% in the last year, and will grow 3000% in the next. Yet more sheep to shear. He told them that they should hold cash as they might not be able to get their money out of the bank. Just hope they aren't burglarized.

Weinland emphasized that the First Trumpet might not be physical, and that he hopes it's quickly followed by the Second Trumpet. But he's already set them up to allow up to a year for the Second Trumpet to happen. More time to shear the sheep before they wake up.

The Insane Liar had an answer to the lack of shock and horror on November 14 when the Seventh Seal was ReOpened, per page 23 of his book: "I know the exact day the Sixth Seal was opened, and the world will be shocked and in horror on the day that the Seventh Seal is opened." Here is the explanation:"We had some in the church who read that literally, physically. It is not literal physically. It is prophetic. …. Just because something is stated in a specific way like this doesn’t mean it starts on that day. It is the result of what will take place throughout 3 and ½ years." How lame. If it doesn't happen as he prophesied he calls it "prophetic" and not literal.

How can we tell what in his book was "prophetic" and what is literal? Actually that's easy -- it's all "prophetic". Or "spiritual".


info007 said...

I have followed , from Portugal, all your work to unmask of Ron as a false prophet. You have made an excellent work. Thank you for your effort to clarify and warn people about the hoax. I will continue to follow very carefully for your excellent posts . Excuse my poor english .

Byker Bob said...

Is anything that Weinland is saying able to even be understood or interpreted by humans any more? Any message that he might have had has long since lost it's coherence.

I'm reminded of a Peter Sellers flick years and years ago, called "The Party". In the opening scenes, we see a Middle Eastern setting, apparently a war is ongoing. Suddenly the camera pans in on the bugler for one of the Arab armies. He begins playing a horribly distorted call, which goes on and on and on, until his own troops begin firing upon him. As our tragic and demented bugler is cut down by their bullets, he continues to play right up until his death.

If God were behind Weinland, stuff would have happened by now. I'd recommend that his troops cut him off. If they feel the necessity to tithe, why not send their tithes to someone who is truly doing good, like the Billy Graham organization or Dr. Charles Stanley?


Dill Weed said...

The problem Ron poses is a self-limiting one. He has tied himself to predictions with time limits. He’ll be able to, as he has, claim his predictions ‘are happening spiritually’. That buys him a little more time.
As more time passes and more ‘prophecies’ fail, the less credbility Ron will have even with his most ardent supporters. The accumulated failures of his claims and ‘prophecies’ to date have decimated his credibility with objective obervers.
The more Ron speaks the tighter he draws his own noose. Particularly, with as many observers documenting what he says versus what happens. Kudos to all those who are doing this. Don’t doubt the good effect you are having. Keep it up!!
One wonders how a person could come to believe they are one of the Two Witnesses of Revalation. Mental illness? Such a claim – leaves me incredulous. But, like so many here, I say prove it. Is that too much to expect? For such an extradordinary claim, I think not.
Is is wrong to enjoy it when Ron’ ‘prophecies’ fail? Or to laugh when Ron explains why? Is is it wrong to laugh with glee when Ron changes his timeline? Well, I’ll let you be the judge of that. Because, I, for one, am greatly enjoying the show. I really am. As far as I am concerned, the more we hear from Ron the better.
Remember he cinches the rope around his neck tighter every time he opens his mouth. So, I say…
Ron, prove that you and your wife are the Two Witnesses of Revelation. Prove it. I am willing to overlook your previously failed ‘prophecies’ and give you a clean slate!!
Ron with your God granted miracle working ability and the charge from God to warn the world of the coming End and the power God granted you and your wife to punish unbelievers as often and how you wish, it shouldn’t be much of a problems for you to, say, get on 60 minutes. That might be a good place to start your God given ministry.
Ron, I look forward to the beginning of your ministry. Prophecy for us, Ron. Prophecy.

Dill Weed

angel said...

The Bible is pretty clear that a false prophet, and Ron has already proved himself to be one, is no one we need to fear because he wasn't speaking for God. The fact that Ron has failed to repent of being presumptuous puts him in danger of God's wrath and judgment for being a false prophet, so it's not likely that God would use him now, even if he did repent, which he shows no sign of doing.

Anyone who was following Ron for anything close to the right reason should have long ago dropped him like a bad habit - to continue buying his excuses makes you wonder who is crazier - him or them?

Anonymous said...

I disagree with some of the things said here about Ronald Weinland.

He is not insane. He thinks quite rationally and he has a keen, and logical mind.

He shows all the thinking patterns and skills of a crook. I used to think that he believes what he says, but I have now come to think that its all a sham from day one. He is nothing more than a thief and liar. He will say ANYTHING to get people to buy into his Church so they can pay him tithes. He is just a liar and nothing more.

Even his Biblical scholarship is weak. He knows barely enough to continue to perprtrate his lying scheme and confound a few weak minded and uneducated people.

Mike (EkimKS) said...

To Anon 7:12:

Let me say that I agree to your disagreement.

I have updated my post to add a hyper link to "Insane Liar" point to an earlier post that explains the term. The term arises from a definition supplied by the Insane Liar himself in his first "Three More Weeks" sermon on March 29.

Anonymous said...


Purple Hymnal said...

Disagree with Anonymous, "Jim Jones #2" --- Weinland wants his sheeple alive, and paying into his retirement fund, for as long as possible.

If the Two Witlesses really were looking to recreate Jonestown, they would have done it when the first timeline tanked. If they actually believed the sh&t they're spewing.

But they don't. It's a shell game. Always has been, always will be, right on in to timeline #3.