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Friday, November 14, 2008

Refail Ron, Weinland's ReFailed Reopening of the Seventh Seal

While November the 14th still has a little bit of time in the US, the 1290 day is essentially over throughout the inhabited world with sunset having occurred an hour ago in Hawaii. I just rechecked news websites, and found no stories that would put the few remaining islands between Hawaii and the International Dateline in shock and horror, much less the whole world.

False Prophet Ronald Weinland will probably explain it way the same way he did for the same lack of an an event on the first opening of the Seventh Seal on March 18. In his sermon of March 22, he asked mockingly "Did I say anything was going to happen on the 18th? It's a spiritual thing. I thought I made that abundantly clear."

Typical of the Insane Liar. If something that he prophesied didn't happen, it was spiritual. And if something bad happens that he didn't prophesy, it's a spiritual battle. It's all spiritual.


Richard said...

If he moves the goal posts any more, they're going to collapse on him. (If they haven't already.)

Dill Weed said...

Just another spade full of dirt out of his 'prophetic' grave.

Soon December 14th will pass, Obama will be inaugrated, spring 2009 will come followed by summer...

Ron will sure have to do some fancy dancing. Then suppose he or his wife gets ill and has to go into the hospital. Would God allow that?

Saw an interesting chronology for End time events over at Rapture Ready (not promoting the site). I'm just an End Times watcher.


Ron has The Two Witlesses appearing a little early. LOL

Well, he's good for a luagh or two.

DIll Weed

Dill Weed said...

Confirming The Sequence Of End Times Events Kelley

That's the article.

Dill Weed

Anonymous said...

How does Ronald spin his failed timeline 2? Does he make claim that the 50th truth isn't a truth after all and reverts back to Christ returning on Trumpets, so he will have grounds to start timeline 3 preparations? Weinland is very much a convoluted thinker and believes that everyone has short-term memory loss. Deluded Ron – you have become confused in your own deluded head!

Mike (EkimKS) said...

Never underestimate the capability of a Ron follower to rationalize away reality Vs what the Insane Liar has previously predicted. Look up the term cognitive dissonance and read the Wikipedia article.

Anonymous said...

Oh, ILFPRW knows what he's doing (in his own insanity, that is). He is a typical narcissist, one of the worst kind. And as long as people read his lies and insanity, he will feed on them. He is downright evil. No conscience. No love. Just a manipulative, lying, scheming, hateful, self-absorbed, self-centered, money-grubbing, guilt-inducing narcissist.

Anonymous said...

After listening to Ronnie's sermon on Saturday, I found it odd that he didn't even mention that the 14th of November was a very special day and represented the 30 minutes of silence in heaven that is found in Revelation. The only thing that he did mention was that there was 1289 days until Christ returns. I found it extremely odd that he did not mention that in 30 days, on December 14, he and the Mrs. will be once again the 2 witnesses, along with those special powers that can turn water into blood. Maybe he is not saying anything because he would like to test his new powers prior to announcing his witness-ship. (Back in April he got his foot caught in his mouth and needed a crowbar to pry it out.) Nowadays, Weinland doesn't have too many critics - the blogs are slow. So, I guess he doesn't have to curse his critics, until after his powers have been confirmed, but I'll guess that he will once again be disappointed when his God does not grant him and his wife the power to be his actual witnesses.

Anonymous said...

It would be priceless to be able to witness, Ronnie's expression as he is standing over the kitchen sink commanding that the water be turned to blood on the eve of the 14 of December - looking to his God for confirmation about his true identity. That would be a candid moment and would definitely put end to his illness.

Dill Weed said...

Well... a couple of things

What happens if one of them dies?

And what happens when nothing happens between now and 2012? LOL

The Anti-Christ is supposed to make a 7 year treaty with Israel then break it 3 1/2 yrs in... which means the Anti-Christ has got to be on the scene for a full 7years before Christ returns. Unless I've missed it - he's not on the scene and no treaty has been signed.

Some believe the church will be raptured out before the Trib, some mid Trib and THAT ain't happened yet.

The Return of Christ appears to be at least 7 years away. Sigh

Ron may be able to explain away his prophetic failures but I would like to see him undo his claim to being one of the Two Witnesses.

Ron, we're waiting. Incidently, so are you followers who will eventually start to question your failed 'prophecies'.

I think some of your upcoming sermons are going to be quite entertaining.

Dill Weed

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
It would be priceless to be able to WITNESS, Ronnie's expression as he is standing over

[cue snare drum rim shot]
Ba da dum, psss.

Nice pun!

Mike (EkimKS) said...

To anonymous 2:59:
ILFPRW is quite practiced at the attempt of his witness powers. On the eve of April 17 while in Jerusalem on his first timeline, he had the opportunity to test his witness powers in the manner you describe. Perhaps he didn't try this test, because the only public exercise of his Witness powers was to pronounce a curse on his mockers who were to die a slow painful death from the inside out.

Even so I continue to blog on his antics and mock them with no evidence of internal disease. As do others.

To Dill Weed:

You've provided some interesting comments on my blog recently. But I have to respond that while you've recognize Weinland as a false prophet, you seen to be looking for a true prophet. Hope you're not holding your breath waiting for one to appear. And that you've not contributed $$$ to another false prophet.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it would be priceless to see his expression, but something within me says that Weinland already knows that he is not who he claims to be. In his last sermon he tries to muster the zeal of others, but lacks the zeal that he himself promotes. This was evident in the fact that he didn’t reiterate the importance of the 1290 day of the Daniel 12 prophecy, and the 30 minutes of silence in heaven that equates to 30 days between 1290 and day 1260; the beginning of the great tribulation and start of the witnessing of the 2 witnesses. These are important dates and he failed to talk about any of these events. If Ronnie really had the zeal that he promotes of others, then he would have set an example and sold his home and liquidated his entire estate, giving any and all money to his end-time efforts. He does promote this from his elders and faithful followers. He should be living in an apartment that does not require much living expenses, but Ronnie continues to do just the opposite and lives very lavishly.

Anonymous said...

I guess RW doesn't want us looking up all those "living" people who were supposed to drop dead in early 2008! It isn't hard to predict the death of 80+ year old men who won't name him as HWA successor! But what about the famous athletes and "other" religious leaders?! I haven't heard about any shocking deaths of well known entertainers....

When the POPE made a trip to DC and NYC, RW was on a high I don't think meth could have touched! He REALLY thought the Pope was going to turn his head all the way around on his body and his mouth would make some predicted statement about Europe taking over the US. When the US dollar was steadily declining...RW was REALLY on cloud nine!

How sick is that?!

I'm no prophet but I predict we'll still be here in 2012 listening to more politicians tell us what they can "do for us" if we elect them to the presidency.

Anonymous said...

Tic Tock, Tic Tock - Ronnie's "2008 God's Final Witness" is rapidly coming to an end! Should Ron retitle his book? If God turns his back on Ron on December 14th, and does not provide him with those witness powers, will Ron finally call it quits and claim that he was indeed a false prophet?

Mike (EkimKS) said...

To anonymous 7:26: It's been suggested that ILFPRW is a narcissist. Possibly true, and in any case I doubt he'll willingly give up the wealth that he's accumulated.

To anonymous 7:41: I'll go with your prophecy, but I think it will start in 2010, if not sooner. Presidential campaigns are getting longer -- perhaps soon to exceed 4 years.

To anonymous 10:14: Don't hold your breath waiting for ILFPRW to acknowledge that he's a false prophet. If the IRS CID doesn't put him away, he'll still be prophesying come June of 2012.

Anonymous said...

its the 14th of december and im quite annoyed nothing has happened. I have been raving on about this since i heard and read his book etc Mde a lune out of myself

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