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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Refail Ron, Weinland's First Thunder

On page 115 of "2008 God's Final Witness", False Prophet Ronald Weinland prophesied:

"During the Sixth Seal, all Seven Thunders will be getting progressively louder. Before the Seventh (and final) Seal is opened, the Seven Thunders will become so pronounced that the validity of everything written about them in the previous chapter should roar loudly in the ears of anyone who is willing to admit the truth."

According to Weinland, the Sixth Seal was opened when the World Trade Center was destroyed on September 11, 2001. Also according to Weinland, the Seventh Seal opens in just over a week, on November 14. Actually it reopens since the Seventh Seal was first opened by Weinland on March 18th.

What does "progressively louder" mean? It could only mean that each peal of thunder is louder or more intense that was the previous. So if a thunder sounded loudly several years ago and then softer after that, then it's not getting progressively louder

Weinland's Fourth Thunder is Global Economic Upheaval. With the events of the past few weeks, we'll give him that one. Does that mean that we should recognize Ronald Weinland as a true prophet of God? Only if everything he's prophesied has come true. Including all the remaining six thunders.

On pages 92-93 of "2008 God's Final Witness", Weinland prophelied"
"Since 9/11, we have seen more rumblings from the “terror of war.” There are continuous rumblings on a lesser scale as al-Qaeda operatives strike at various times and places in the
world. However, as time passes, they will strike with far greater power than 9/11. At this time, the beginning rumblings of war are coming from Iran and will lead into greater global terror."

While there has been terrorism since 9/11, there has been no event comparable to 9/11, much less an event with "far greater power". For a time terrorism against US citizens increased as Bush mismanaged his inappropriate war in Iraq and our soldiers that he put in harm's way suffered as a result. But even that has decreased since he has listened to new advisors and managed the war better. Al-Qaeda is boxed up and is not able to repeat what it did on 9/11. Even if this is wrong and within the next week precipitate another event that overshadows 9/11, it's still a failure. Progressively getting louder doesn't mean one peal at the beginning of the Sixth Seal and another loud peal at the end with a few softer peals in between.

If Iran is indeed attempting to develop nuclear weapons, they're not there yet. While there were accusations of Iranian involvement in the Iraqi insurgence, they've hardly inflicted global terror.

So we have to give Ron a fail on the First Thunder. Actually we have to give him a Refail, since the Seventh Seal was originally opened on March 18th, and November 14th is a Rescheduled date due to failures of other post-Seventh Seal prophecies.

Refail Ron. The only ones with ears to hear this one are afflicted with tinnitus.

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Purple Hymnal said...

I think what you're losing sight of, is all of these thunders were supposed to have sounded loudly before March 18th, 2008 --- the first time "the seventh seal was opened".