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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Those Who Do Not Remember The Past Are Condemned to Repeat It

The title to this post is also an epitaph to the 918 people who died as the results of the words of a charismatic leader 30 years ago today in Jonestown, Gayana. Nine members of Congressman Jim Ryan's investigating team and accompanying journalists were murdered on the instructions of Jim Jones, and also 909 committed suicide on his instructions, although it is debated that some of this number were also murdered. Whether suicide or murder, most of those who died in Jonestown were as the result of the ingestion of Grape Flavor Aid laced with cyanide. The title of this post was text on a billboard that presided over the gruesome scene of the dead bodies of Jones' followers.

Since Flavor Aid is similar to the more commonly known Kool Aid, the phrase "Don't Drink the Kool Aid" entered the American lexicon as a caution to avoid getting sucked into the mindset of some charismatic leader.

Since the inception of this blog in April, 2008, it has been devoted to debunking the False Prophet Ronald Weinland. While this false prophet has shown no signs of calling for the suicide of his followers, he has been destructive to them nevertheless. To the older people with assets needed for their golden age, he has induced them to give it up for the false promise of being part of the 144,0o0. And to the younger people with their lives ahead of them, he has induced them to give it up for the fear of the Great Tribulation followed by the false promise of the Millenium.

Meanwhile the Spokesman Witness and the Silent Witness soak up the tithes of the gullible with a nervous eye on the investigation of the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division. I can only hope the IRS CID will be soon successful in diverting the Insane Liar from negatively effecting the lives of yet more followers. In the interim, I can only hope that I can help divert potential victims such as this one.

Those older COG-PKG members who came through Herbert Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God have themselves to blame. They didn't learn from their history with False Prophet Herbert Armstrong and are repeating it with False Prophet Ronald Weinland.

Don't Drink the Flavor Aid!!!!


Dill Weed said...

The best thing about this whole thing is that...

Ron has really painted himself into a corner claiming he and his wife are The Two Witnesses!!! The shelf life of this lie won't be too long and it will be impossible for Ron to explain (attempt to spiritualize away, probably) his way out of it.

Either way, there's some good entertainment here and in the near future. I love reading whatever Ron writes. I just get to giggling and laughing. But, seriously he has painted himself and his wife into a corner of a burning house. (snicker)

What are some of the things ole Ronny will have to do and quickly too. Let's see, I hope to get them all.

He'll have to declare the beginning of his Witnessing, Prophesying, and Punishing (Ministry), a period of 1260 days.

And this isn't just lackadasical Witnessing, not speaking from a platform to a congregation, or tapes of him speaking. NO... FOR PEOPLE TO CELEBRATE AND GIVE GIFTS UPON THE TWO WITNESSES DEATHS... Ron's message is going to be condeming and inflammatory. And what eles?

WELL, how about prophesying? Yep, that's one of the Two Witness dutie, too.

Ron's taken a couple of shots at that, too. Ron, we're hanging on your words, carefull that you don't hang yourself with your words.

Well, you have claimed to be one of The Witnesses, so preach and prophesy away. We're listening with baited breath.

BUT, thats not all. RON AND HIS WIFE WILL BE ABLE TO...if anyone is wanting to injure them (PREHAPS LOCK THEM IN FEDERAL PRISON- THEREBY STOPPING THEM FROM PREACHING), issue fire from their mouths devouring their enemies. Hopefully, this would exclude skeptics like me. Believe me, I'll be one of the first to snap to when Ron and his wife breath fire, turn water into blood, and stop rain, and bring plagues upon the earth through God's pwer.

Any one wanting to injure them, in that way they must be killed. (This would seem to be caused by the MESSAGE THEY PREACH, NO?) Perhaps, the Anti-Christ will send people to kill Ron and his Wife? But, we haven't heard from the Anti-Christ yet have we?

Well, Ron and his wife are not as we have seen defenseless. Ron and his wife will be able to stop it from raining anywhere in the world. WOW! That might be what pisses some people off.

Hold on now, I'm not the one claiming to be one of the TWO WINESSES SENT BY GOD.

Ron and his Wife will also be able to smite the land with plagues AS OFTEN AS THEY WISH.

This will be very impressive and will occur in the one thousand two hundred and sixty days of their ministry!

According to Ron, we're moving into that period we may even perhaps already be in it!!! Whoo-Hoo!!!

Ron and his wife are going to do some pretty spectacular things too as we move toward Christ's Return.

I, for one, am looking forward to Ron vindicating himself, showing himself to be a TRUE PROPHET OF GOD.

Of course, his followers also look forward to this because they have put their money where their faith is. And Ron has, before God and man claimed he and his wife are God's Two Witnesses of Revelation!!!!

Well, Ron, we're watching. We're waiting. The clock you set is ticking.

Dill Weed

Anonymous said...

In a sick and perverted way, Ronald Weinland tells his followers it is THEIR FAULT for trusting his timeline(s). He sells his propoganda in books and radio interviews, then chastises anyone who believe it and dares to question him when he is wrong! What a loser.

You can bet he will do the same come 1/1/09 when there is no trace of the great tribulation. He will undoubtedly ignore and excuse himself while continuing to ridicule and shame his followers. All this while his woefully insecure followers continue to send him their own money.

Given the past 7 months of Ron Weinland's outright lies and deception, I don't underestimate the abject stupidity of the people who continue to follow him. They are as guilty as he is, since they do not truly heed the biblical admonitions of rejecting false prophets. They choose to remain happily ignorant.

I say, let them all continue in their sin and reap what they sow, which will come upon then sooner rather than later.

Jack635 said...

The weak minded who follow Ronald Weinland and his end-time prophecies are not stupid. They are just weak minded, and perhaps have a need to be yelled at. Ronald Weinland is guilty of robbing the weak minded.

This blog is a great place for people to learn the truth about the Church of God - Preparing for the Kingdom and avoid ruining their lives. The truth cannot be hidden.

As for Dec 14th, there will be shock and horror in the minds of their congregation's children when they realize Santa Claus won't be coming to their house in ten days.

Dill Weed said...

How will the ministry of The Two Witnessess of Revelation play out?
What will it look like?
How will it go?
What can we expect?
I believe these questions deserve serious consideration.
The divinely empowered Two Witnessess of Revelation, Ron and Laura Weinland will have a powerful enemy in the Anti-Christ. They will probably have to immolate some of his minions.
This will put them in direct conflict with the Ruler of the World. The Anti-Christ will have a massive militrary force not to mention secret military forces to make people take his Mark and to enforce the No Buy No Sell requirement he will place on all mankind. Not to mention his requirement to be worshipped and if not, off with your head policy.
Certainly, Ron and Laura will warn against taking the Mark of The Beast. They will probably use some of their God given powers to aid Christians survival. They will undermine the Anti-Christ simply by helping Christians to survive.
When word gets out that there are fire beathing Witnesses there’s bound to be some publicity. I see a 60 Minutes interview, Sunday Talk shows, and probably some prime time specials, too. Not to mention tabloid TV like Inside Edition, etc – you really can’t avoid them just ask most celebrities.
They’ll do some of their Witnessessing in the streets of Jerusalem. I’m thinking we’ll probably be able to see them anytime on cable TV. There will be constant news updates, too featuring droughts they’ve caused, waters they’ve turned to blood and plagues they’ve inflicted – not too mention the suffering (Oh, the humanity!!) and anger. This will certainly cause them to be hated.
Ron and his wife will be urging people to repent, condemning them if they don’t and punishing with their God granted power to Stop The Rain and Bring Plagues as they wish.
The Two Witnesses of Revelation have gotten themselves a public relations man in Johnny Harrell.
Johnny, looks like your gonna have your hands full doing The Lord’s Work. You are trully blessed.

Dill Weed

Anonymous said...

"The weak minded who follow Ronald Weinland and his end-time prophecies are not stupid."

Trust me, they are stupid. Weak minded, stupid, same thing.

Anonymous said...

I think that most who are hooked into the false system of Armstrongism, are unable to free themselves(ie, one lady sent me an email stating that she was afraid that if Weinland & his wife were the Two Witnesses, that she might lose her life if she did not do what he said)
Of course to me, that is laughable,but also sad, because his predictions have failed, and who knows what the seven thunders said, since John as instructed not to write what they said in Rev.10:4?
But I can remember being in that captivity and afraid that if I did not do what Herbert Armstrong said, that I would lose my salvation.
Of course I was freed, thanks to God, after He began to show the world the truth about the ministry through men like yourself. That is why that it is good that these sites are exposing the past system, because it will help to free the people who are brainwashed by the merchandizers and sheep traffickers.
thanks much!

Anonymous said...

You are right in saying that the followers of RW who were once followers of HWA didn't learn from their past. Maybe in the 1950's through the 1980's people had somewhat of an excuse for believing a man....(only if you need to have an excuse).

But now, in the age of the Internet, where finding information is only a click away.... There are NO excuses! People CHOOSE not to investigate and research. They CHOOSE to be ignorant. Probably because facing a life dedicated to a false teacher is too painful.

The people following RW, LCG, UGC and the rest of the 400 splinters, REALLY LOVE the "blind" comfort zone. I know...I came from this place.

It's so much easier to lay in the bed at night and sigh and think, "whew, I made it through another day following the guy that God is working through. That guy has got a connection I don't have and I don't need cause I'm just gonna follow him and not think. I don't need to do anything more than what that guy tells me each Sabbath. The bible is clear, if he is teaching something wrong, God won't hold me responsible, he'll hold that guy responsible. It's not so bad. If I'm not living what God would want, that guy will pay...yeah, he'll pay big. But I won't pay so it doesn't matter. I'm just gonna do what he says and let his neck be on the line. But I'm going to sleep now cause I did what that guy told me and I'm okay with God because I don't have to figure it all out, I just got to follow that guy." snore...snore...snore.

What a wasted life.... I'm glad I'm out. I don't have it all figured out...But I don't follow any man anymore.

Didn't Christ leave the Holy Spirit for ALL of us?? If you believe he did, what was His purpose in doing so? I don't think Christ left us ALL the Holy Spirit so we'd just follow some "guy" and The Holy Spirit NOT have an active roll in our lives. What do we need "men" leader's for then? They are nice to have around...sometimes...and but they aren't necessary to salvation, to spiritual growth (unless you grow from the conflict and aggrivation they bring)or anything else comparable to what the Holy Spirit can accomplish in our individual lives.

Sorry long post!

jack635 said...

Mike, that's a very powerful picture. The sign above the empty chair is eerily truthful.