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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Refail Ron on TV Tonight in Australia

While the program has aired, it is available for those in Australia to download. Or try this direct link. Already seen the program? Please leave a comment with your impressions.

Those outside of Australia have accessed to the transcript online. Follow this link to my commentary and a link to the transcript.

Although False Prophet Ronald Weinland's appearance on the Australian TV program "Compass" is not available elsewhere, there is a promotion video available online to those outside of Australia. Be patient through the brief advertisement and the two talking heads. There are a couple of clips of the False Prophet about 50 seconds into the piece.

My impression from the promo is that Ron will not come out well in the piece on "Compass".

If you are in Australia, please tune in to ABC this evening and then leave a comment summarizing tonight's treatment of Weinland.

1 comment:

jack635 said...

Well done Mike.
I occaisionally wonder if you used to work for the CIA.