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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ronald Weinland: "I Don't Know"

False Prophet Ronald Weinland gave yesterday's sermon from the Detroit/Toledo area. He may be taking his post-feast vacation a bit later this year as Matthews is coming to the US a week early for the elders conference to deliver the sermon next Saturday. Ron must have booked his travel as he definitely will be in London on the 29th and in Belgium/Netherlands the first weekend of December.

The False Prophet will be on ABC later this month, on the Compass program on November 23. The "A" in "ABC" stands for Australian, not American. This program may have been recorded back in January or February on Weinland's first trip of the year down under. It appears that the ABC doesn't get Ron, as they describe him as Pentecostal. Any Australian readers are invited to watch the program in 3 weeks and report on how Ron is treated.

This was the second of his "Resolve with Zeal" series. He again beat his members with the stick of no guarantee that any besides the Two Witlesses were actually sealed, to be wary of being Laodicean.

The focus returned to prophecy, with the reopening of the 7th seal on November 14 less than 2 weeks from now. He did some backpedaling on "no new president will take office in January" claiming that this was not a prophecy.

The blame is shifted to the members, that they expect him to be a fortune teller -- that's not his job. The members are set up for the failure of the second timeline with the statement that the 2nd trumpet may not blow for a year, with the challenge that they wouldn't have enough faith to stay with him. They were reminded that half of COG-PKG would have left if Ron had not "been permitted by God" to reveal the 50th "truth" in June instead of having to wait until the Feast of Trumpets. Ron forgives those of his members who talked about him and the failures of his first timeline, but they were actually speaking against God. Will COG-PKG members pass the tests to come? (The tests being the refailure of Weinland's prophecies.)

The message of fear was reiterated with the billions to die in the next few years. Ron continues to use fear, challenge, and blame to keep his members in line and sending in their tithes, including 3/4 of their second tithe. Yet another year of reaping tithes.


Mike (EkimKS) said...

Russell Earl Kelly said:
Friend, May I offer an alternative interpretation of Malachi for your study.

Something wrong with that sentence. If it's a question, then it would be ended with a question mark. But since you gave your interpretation after all, it wasn't a question either, so the words are wrong.

I'm going to take the version that changes the changes the period to a question mark. And the answer is NO!!! We don't need a complicated biblical study to justify not giving money to a false prophet.

And it's off topic besides. Therefore it's gone. Keep your comments on topic and don't preach.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering --- is "Russell Earl" any relation to that OTHER Rotten Ron, "Ronald Kelly"??

Byker Bob said...

Usually when someone opens with Malachi, it's a pretty good bet that they are some of Flurry's people.

Good call, Mike. We've already heard enough teaching from false prophets. Also, there are no longer any Levites. The quickest way of identifying charlatans is that they are the people who find it necessary to go around ordaining themselves as apostles, or prophets, and often call themselves Levites.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike for keeping us updated on the RW nut case!

Those poor people! Wasting their time and money on a nut!

Most of them deep in their heart know better, but are frozen in fear. I can relate.

Thankfully, I'm free!

Anonymous said...

"Usually when someone opens with Malachi, it's a pretty good bet that they are some of Flurry's people."

Funny, I hadn't heard anything through the grapevine about Kelly's family going with PCG. Huh. The more you know......

Mike (EkimKS) said...

A simple Google search on "Russell Earl Kelly" will show that he's not in PCG.

As far as being related to Ronald Kelly, I rather doubt it since Kelly is a fairly common name.

Anonymous said...

Not that common in the church, from what I can recall.

Given his "prophetic intentions", I'd bet any money he's related in some way to the other Rotten Ron.

Mike (EkimKS) said...

I couldn't find any "prophetic intentions" from Russell Kelly. Could you point them out?